4/12/18 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSOP

April 12th 2018

Pexton 200 12pm


Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Crystal Kreklow, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Mike Homer, Tim Lokensgard, Jamie Sheppard, Elizabeth Trandem, Bonnie Wold, John Haller, Michelle Breamer, Mike Goeglein, Nicole Boder




  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. A.     OT/Inverse Numbers: 1st watch 41 staff for 193.75.  2nd 49 for 148.75. 3rd 18 for 83.5
    2. 2.      Searches/Lockdown: Hesse-Concern with how things went. One person on the unit with up to 30 upset clients and one staff isn’t a safe environment. A lot of staff burnout from searching the entire day. People get burnt out after even doing one. Maybe switch out halfway throughout the day. Burnout with pat searches also. Not one main point person to go to. Different supervisors doing things different. Getting different messages. Bonnie-we did get a lot of what was said at our debriefing yesterday. We are compiling information and haven’t looked at the surveys yet. Hopefully we can have that for our next forum. We are trying to learn from this. We will have to figure out how to share all of the information for people who don’t make the forums and if we don’t have all of the information at the forum. Mike G-I think one unit per watch would have been good and manageable. We tried to get 3 done per day to be done within 5 days. It’s not possible to not get burnt out during these things but we can do some things different. Bonnie-On a positive note, we did not have to inverse anyone during the searches. This is astonishing to us. Kudos to everyone. We can definitely improve. We didn’t realize how much property the clients had. It was an eye opener. Hesse-our main concern was one person on the unit. 3rd watch was down to one. Bonnie-I think that only occurred on 1st watch as there was a clinician and staff on the unit during the day, many of us stayed and floated around and were helping too. We will share the results of the survey.
    3. 3.      Management of Movement: Hesse-a lot of concern of memos changing daily and not enough detail. Different direction from memos and ODs and supervisors. Clients are getting upset with us.  Staff are afraid of being unclear and reprimanded for it. Mike G-Wednesday we had a meeting to provide direction and talked about social. If there are more questions after this information comes out, let us know. Only guys with IPPs are called out or restricted. Hesse-we were given direction to keep Shantz and Pexton separate. Tim-we understand we can’t do this completely.
    4. 4.      Security Upgrades-Card Readers/CC Boards/Cameras: Hesse-It’s getting frustrating opening doors constantly and getting scheduled to cover kitchen. CC staff are frustrated with no training on how to operate the boards. Jaime-previous watches may not be sharing the information. Mike G-layout of boards is almost exactly what we currently have. Homer-It’s similar but functions are different. It’s all there but we need to figure out where it is. Mike G-I will work with Jaime. There is a construction meeting at 1pm today. Training is one of the topics we are discussing, I will see if we can get something in writing. We’re still creating as we go so it’s hard, but understand we need training.. Homer-Simon seems to have good knowledge of this. It’s just kind of poking around until you find things. Mike G-kind of learning as we go too. We will talk about the training. Hesse-they took away the PTZ function. Apparently there is a toggle things that will control these? Mike G-yes, there is. Crystal-it’s just a concern that it’s been rolled out without training. Mike G-It’s being implemented/developed – we’re relying on keys right now until this gets done in both buildings. Tim-it’s a 3 week process, and we just finished week 1, we understand it’s frustrating.
    5. 5.      South House: Hesse-Update? Bonnie-I have heard people out there like it. Tim-trying to post permanent spots. Sent an email to Scott and Michelle to have a meeting to discuss rotations, staffing needs, vacation. All of that. Are those 6 expected to cover all shifts? I don’t know. We have run into some issues already. Bonnie – we’re trying to address the issues you may have before we post. Crystal-any security concerns after community notification? Bonnie-175 people showed up. Hesse-heard cars drove by that night. Tim-didn’t hear that but there was an increase in traffic that night. Bonnie-This is the first notification they have had. It was kind of brutal. Staff have resources of what to do if they notice something but no reason to think anything is an issue. Tim-I haven’t heard anything about any concerns. Hesse-There is a fear of when staff are out there they will be reclassified as HST? Tim- I haven’t heard that. I can’t make that call. Liz- though there is an ability for staff or managers to request a reallocation for a filled position, we don’t usually reclassify unless it’s a vacant position. My understanding from Nancy was the intent is for security counselor. That hasn’t changed as far as I know. MSOP intent is to use SC. Bonnie-if it would change, it would be determined before posting. There is no intent to change. Tim-Emails went out to be cross trained. Keep around 4 on each watch cross trained each watch. So there are 6 including the regulars. Depends on what gets decided with vacation and all of that too. Hesse-are people out there only inversed to south house or perimeter as well since inside perimeter can be out there. Tim-We are working our way through that too. Stenger-our view is that if it’s the same work area, then they should be. Hesse-People are frustrated. Tim-You can send them to me. I understand why they are frustrated with it.  Crystal-If it’s a separate location then they would be given mileage. Tim-if we pull them in here, then they would be and that is additional cost so that’s something that will be talked about too.
    6. 6.      Additional Vacation Allotments: Hesse-There are more staff around so we are wondering about more vacation spots. Tim-there is even more overtime. No, sorry.
    7. 7.      LPNs .8 to Full Time: Hesse-Is there only 1 .8? Michelle-3. Hesse-The supplemental in contract says that staff can request to have their status changed if they are being scheduled full time hours. We would try to utilize that language for whoever is interested. Liz-They can request that from me and we can go through the process.
    8. 8.      New Contract-Vac/Comp Bank/OT Bonus: Hesse-The pilot program is gone. People want to know if they can rescind some of their vacation. Liz-we haven’t changed the process. MSOP doesn’t have an issue with allowing, but we have to be consistent with Forensics and we’re currently working through that process. When we have, we will communicate it to you guys. Hesse - OT bonus for LPNs? Liz - That is a DHS decision, they are reviewing currently, I believe there is interesting it but haven’t gotten approval yet, I think it depends on the budget. Hesse – comp bank increase? Liz – Also with DHS, I suggest discussing at the DCT L/M meeting.  Hesse-People are wondering when to adjust their pay check for back pay. Liz-Adam and I have been in contact about this. We were told May but have not received communication on which pay check yet. Hesse - Can it be posted on the home page when we know? Bonnie – Yes.
    9. 9.      NEOs and ODs: Hesse-There have been reports that ODs are pressuring new staff to get off of books as soon as possible. It’s always been to take your time to learn. Mike G-we have communication with ODs about this. We don’t want to schedule them until they are done and not rush them.
    10. 10.  ATLAS App and Vacation/OT: Hesse-Wondering if money can be adjusted for the phone App. Tim-Jodi is pushing that. JR-we brought it to DHS and she makes the decision. They are dealing with improvements with remote access and all of that too. Cates-I have noticed that the info for who requests the vacation time and when they put in for it is such that we don’t know if they were approved before or after someone more senior is denied. No way to see if it is given to most senior per contract. JR-It’s not there for employees to see. Liz-if you feel like there is a contract violation, you can file a grievance to figure out if that is the case. Cates-we used to be able to see the notes. On ATLAS we can see that. This can lead to more grievances. Hesse-Can we let everyone see it so that we can cut down on grievances. JR-they can’t see any notes, only we can. Cates-Jodi knows and is going to look into it. Hesse-it’s not that prevalent here but just for informational purposes.
    11. 11.  OT Texts: Hesse-OT texts still happening. Bonnie-do you know who? Hesse-it’s happening during 2nd watch. Mike G-Last night? Hesse-Yep. Tim-we will take care of it. It will be phone calls. That’s it.
    12. 12.  Hospital Coverage: Hesse-There is concern how it is being handed out for inside 35 miles. Seems people are putting interest but less senior people are getting it unless there are volunteers, seems they are being picked at random. Mike G-much could be determined by cross trained staff and other factors as well. Mike G-I’ll ask about what their process is and where they are at with it.
    13. 13.  Hesse-Troy Weiers is a new steward and may be contacted for investigations



LPN Scheduling: Michelle-We are developing our 10 hour shifts and ready to use that. We informed MNA and will be implementing for afscme as well both part and full time. Everyone is interested. Liz-we are following contract notification requirements with this also. Michelle-we don’t have a date for this yet. Liz-probably 28 days after the schedules that are already out. Offered by seniority with who does what. Michelle-.8 will have combinations of 4 10s and 3-8s.

Bonnie-Forum on Tuesday. Tornado drills tonight.

Meeting adjourned at 1245pm


Facility Search Debriefing Issues Submitted by Jaime Sheppard


Lockdown Searches

Things that went well

  1. Completely removing clients from the unit to allow us to really take our time was huge! This is something we would like to see happen every time a room search is being conducted. 
  2. Scheduling staff to search every other day worked great!  This gave everyone an opportunity to participate, gain experience and knowledge, relearn some things, and allowed everyone a break so they were able to stay focused and not get burnt out by searching every day.
  3. Great teamwork across departments and everyone seemed to pull together well.
  4. Clinical being present to help assist with behaviors and processing a stressful situation. However, after 4:30, it appeared as though behaviors were more escalated and little to no clinical present.  First day many clinicians were present after their shift, but as the week went on, it became increasingly more noticeable that they were not present. 
  5. Supervisors who were present and made themselves available.
  6. Having Steve Sturlaugson present to answer questions.

Things we need to work on

  1. Leaving 1 staff per unit to do over 100 pat downs by themselves is a safety concern.
  2. Communication-Info was not passed onto 3rd watch the same as 2nd watch.
  3. All supervisors need to be on the same page. Too many inconsistencies between supervisors. One unit director wanted us to search one way and another unit director wanted us to search another way.
  4. Were we searching for contraband or making sure clients were in property compliance?  It’s really hard to do both at the same time.                
  5. Tell us what the area of concerns are, what we are looking for, and how you want things done.
  6. Things that would be good to know-How much legal and treatment paperwork can they have, what size canteen bag is allowed, how much canteen is allowed? Maybe have a list of when they are over property limits what types of items should we take and what types of items should we leave if we have to make that call?  For example, some people were taking cheaper items vs. the more expensive items. Some people were taking everything including hygiene items.
  7. Clinical must be present before, during and after their unit is being searched. They need to make themselves available to their clients.  Some of them were great and wanted to help and others chose to be non-existent. We are all a team here and both departments have a job to do and we must work together.  These are exactly the behaviors that clinical should want to witness and it’s a great opportunity for them to assist the client while in the moment to exercise their coping skills. 
  8. Anything being secured must have a Secured Items Receipt filled out! Staff not involved in the room search were taking durable good items off the tables and moving them to property without the knowledge of the search team. 
  9. Do not split a unit to be searched over shift change, and especially do not split a room that had already been started.
  10. Too many people searching one client room. There should be no more than 3 people searching a client bedroom, 1 staff for each side of the room and one staff to document all of the durable goods for both clients and go through all canteen and hygiene items for both clients.



  1. Clinical must be present if their unit is getting searched.
  2. Split the supervisors and clinical staff so we are not so top heaving during the day shift and left with fewer resources during the evening shift.
  3. Provide Post-it Notes or Flags-each search team should be given 2 different colors of Post-it Notes for items being secured. Each color will represent which client the item belongs to from that room, so the staff securing the item will be quickly able to determine whose is what when documenting and securing.
  4. Add to the durable goods sheet to include the clients approved religious items.
  5. Add to the durable goods list to contain reminders or tips, such as check the stickers for wear and tear, double check that the items and sticker #’s match the Durable Goods List, any questionable tampering-secure the item, any items not found on list, must be secured and included in the incident report and BER.
  6. Do not remove any secured items from the area until everything has been properly documented, labeled accordingly and communication has been shared between all parties involved with the room search. 
  7. Have clients place religious items on the window ledge or kept in something so we know to treat with extra care. This will also help us be able to identify the item(s) as a religious item.
  8. Have the Secured Items Receipt to include a place to document why an item was secured, i.e. re-stickering, altered material, over property limits, contraband, etc. It was difficult to explain to clients why their things were secured and to answer their questions to help calm them down when we weren’t exactly sure why something was secured.
  9. After the search was completed, several staff should’ve been pulled to help in property and go through electronics that need to be examined and re-stickered. This would help get the clients stuff back in a timelier manner. What good is going through their media if they have nothing to play it anyway?  We should take our time with reviewing media.
  10. Follow policy to a T so we are all being consistent with a process we don’t do very often. This way everyone knows what to do and if they don’t they can look it up and everyone is consistent.
  11. We conduct quarterly audits to maintain property compliance. Perhaps a good time to do this would be during modified programming.
  12. Add the Room Search Checklist to the Unit/Area Searches policy.  Create if they do not already exist, a checklist for each search area, i.e. client bathrooms, social center, education, etc.