4/12/12 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Kevin Wiebold, Andrew Jones, Chad Cabanilla, Adam Castle, Ann Sullivan, Connie Anderson, Kevin Graves, Jeremy Tubbs, Shawn Kennedy, Eric Hesse, Mary Scovill, Ryan Cates, Molly Kennedy, W. John Knobbe, Matt Stenger, Sam Arneson, Mary Grady-Miner, Megan Geisler, Adam Courtland, Mary Wolfe, Sam Benson, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Troy Weiers, Audra Waylett, Jerimie Goettlicher, Carly Goettlicher, Gary Janzen, John Collins  

Greet Membership

Secretaries Report: March 2012 meeting minutes - additions or corrections? Motion to accept subject to review by: Molly Kennedy and second by Jeremy Tubbs then carried.  

Treasurer - Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING March 2012 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 61266.20 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 5419.84 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 9612.11 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 57073.93 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson Accepted subject to audit motion by: Chuck Carlson and second by Ann Sullivan then carried.  

Presidents Report: a) FD M&C - Minutes will be posted - Any questions, please see Chuck Carlson or John Knobbe b) CBHH/CARE Meeting – Kevin Graves will report c) Forensic Division Joint Labor Management – Agenda item: Organizational Structure Presenter: Carol Olson Discussion: The new organizational structure was presented yesterday at the middle management meeting. There are town hall meetings scheduled for 3 different times on 5/2/12 for all staff to attend and the org structure is the primary agenda item for these meetings. Carol emphasized that the org structure not only will hold the executive team accountable, but it also shows accountability across the organization not just up and down. The COO position is listed as vacant – this is a priority to fill. The Director of Forensic Programs position will not be filled right away – those direct reports will report to Carol for now. This will allow Carol an opportunity to fully understand our services and the operation. It will be filled down the road. The YAAP and SNS treatment team supervisors will be filled soon as well. Although there is a separation of program areas at MSH under the new org structure, Rita, Adam, and Tom have been and will continue to be in close communication. There will be no different policies between the groups – they will all fall under MSH policies but to accomplish the goals, each area needs a focus person. We will be moving forward with the Security Counselor Lead and RN positions but incrementally and in a planned fashion. There will be input from the program directors as to the needs in each of their areas. These will not be happening Monday when the org structure goes into effect. Rita, Adam and Tom will work with Carol and Sharon to fill positions appropriately. Department Heads will continue to exist but patient care will be in sync with the rest of the unit – just as it is now. Kathy F. stated that MAPE members want to know what the program directors and treatment team supervisors are responsible for and stated that there was no communication before. The path was not made clear when the org structure was previously discussed. Carol stated that she will respond to any disagreements on patient placement. The YAAP program director position will be eliminated and replaced with a treatment team supervisor. Chuck C. asked that the org chart be updated to read Acute Care/Admissions (800) where it currently states Admissions (800) - Carol agreed to make that change. Agenda item: Investigation vs. Internal Review Discussion: Topic is actually about the subject vs. non-subject in an investigation Traditionally all parties involved in an investigation have been given a Tennessen warning even if they are not a subject in the investigation but rather a witness. All parties have the right to union representation regardless whether subject or witness. We would like to give witnesses a witness Tennessen warning to help alleviate any undue stress or anxiety from receiving a Tennessen warning. Scott G. voiced concern about unintended consequences for the person being interviewed as a witness that they would have a false sense of security or immunity as they were not given notice as an investigation subject. Mel G. acknowledged that it would be on whoever is conducting the investigation to make sure if a witness became a subject, the interview would be stopped and the employee would be issues a subject Tennessen warning. Mel also stated that HR is currently working on training for all supervisors as to when a formal investigation would need to be done and how to properly conduct an investigation. MAPE brought up a concern about an employee’s supervisor conducting an investigation – they would like another person who is not in direct supervision of the subject to conduct investigations. Mel G. stated that it is situational and depending on the investigation itself would determine who will be conducting the investigation. Sometimes it will be the supervisor and sometimes it won’t. Other Items: Carol O. also discussed the rollout of the MANDT training. She stated there were questions raised about the safety of the employees and the patients. They will be rolling out the training in stages and the first group will determine how best to roll it out – Carol O. is part of the first group to be trained. Carol O. commented about the suggestion boxes that are currently in place and stated that the response on general inquiries will probably move to once a month.

d) MSOP Meet & Confer – Any questions please see Molly Kennedy e) Meeting with Nurse Administrator and HR March 11th – Discussion on work rules and contract enforcement in regards to CRP. Tabled until Master contract and Supplementals are finalized. f) OSHA Exit Meeting – Met with OSHA Investigators as they have concluded their investigation into MSH staff safety issues. OSHA is not pursuing any citations on any of the three complaints received in February. A full report will follow within two weeks –early May. g) Negotiations Assembly – March 30th. Vote approved motion to recommend reject tentative offer and go to arbitration. (Late note – voting completed 4/16 with a 98% reject vote recorded) h) Day on the Hill 3/27/12 – 34 from 404 attended. My thanks to this year’s attendees for their support of our union. We again beat Moose Lake 1092’s attendance and will be collecting on the President’s wager.

Officers Reports: VP - John Knobbe: In the last month I have had multiple negotiation days including Day on the Hill and Council 5 E-Board as well as sitting ballot boxes. I will be in St. Paul on Monday the 16th counting ballots. I’ve been negotiating a settlement on a denied 3rd step. Our pay inequities will be argued this month, but will now implement until the new contract is ratified if they are accepted. In Solidarity, w. John Knobbe

VP - Molly Kennedy: March Report; This month in MSOP we are having Meet and Confer on March 15th, some of the things that will be discussed will be the General Maintenance Worker/General Repair Worker job duties in conjunction with the amount of client contact they have, the editing of time sheet by supervisors without contacting the employee, utility pool holiday scheduling, electronic job postings and getting an oven and sink in our break room. Please see www.union404.com for the minutes to these meetings. Day on the Hill is on March 27th so far we have 27 people attending. We are also attending Negotiations Assembly on March 30th to get the states final offer on our contract, please stay tuned as all the stewards will be going around to the membership discussing this topic.

In Solidarity, Molly Kennedy

CS - MSH/CRP: Tim Headlee: Nothing to Report

CS - AMH/CARE: Kevin Graves: Extended Campus Chief Steward report for April 2012 CARE: CARE is changing scheduled start and end times for their shifts to gain greater efficiency. It should mean less meetings and more people sitting together to share the same info. Also they are separating out safety committee meetings and management has agreed to allow Deb Burger to represent AFSCME. Combined CBHH (Rochester and St. Peter) We have not met recently but there are 4 -3rd step grievances to present for inversing of AFSCME staff that are ineligible for inversing when they have capable and qualified RN’s available to do the job. In Solidarity, Kevin Graves AFSCME Local 404 Chief Steward

CS – Facilities and Forensic Nursing Home: Jeremy Tubbs:

Physical Plant In the Physical plant work area there was nothing to report. Employees in the Physical Plant are encouraged to approach a local steward if they have questions, concerns, or comments. Forensic Nursing Home - Nothing new to report MSOP A 3rd step grievance was presented in regards to Overtime distribution. That grievance was denied. Tim Lokensgard has brought fourth some issues in regards to overtime and rescinding vacation. He has stated that he would like all mutual to go through him. Molly and I have had conversations with him regarding contract language. He agrees that contract allows mutualing with no time constraint. He has asked that employees attempt to plan mutual’s out in advance. If you are denied a mutual, please contact a local representative. The summer is upon us and vacation is a hot commodity. When vacation is rescinded more than 14 days out other staff may have an opportunity to be approved for the open spot. Please try to keep rescinding to a minimum and if you do rescind, let others know. If there are unused spots of vacation on the calendar management will have no reason to grant more spots per day. Thanks


CS – MSOP: Matt Stenger:

In the last month I have sat 1 Loudermill and worked on 2 grievances. I also helped in maintain the proper staffing in 2 work areas due to the administration pulling people out of their work area and dropping the work area below their working minimum. I have also been meeting with people to get the trays removed off of the half doors due to it being a safety hazard. Not much else to report.

CS – Transition and NOCS: Annie Jakacki: Annie has moved to MSOCS and will be replaced by Shannon Pech

EB - John Collins: Nothing to Report

EB - Shannon Pech: Shannon Pech has moved to Chief Steward to replace Annie Jakacki, and his vacated E-Board position has by filled by Adam Castle

Items from the membership:

Old Business: 1) AFSCME International Convention- June 18-22 – want to send 1 - unfunded delegate, 4 – funded delegates, and 1 – funded alternate. Motion to accept by John Knobbe, and second by Sam Arneson. Scott Grefe was the only unfunded delegate nominee, so Scott has been elected by unanimous decision. There are 9 nominees for the 5 funded delegates. A vote was conducted and the top 4 vote getters are the funded delegates, with the fifth being the alternate. If any of these delegates are unable to attend, the next top vote getter will occupy that spot. Here is the list of all nominees in order of votes:

Jeremy Tubbs – Funded Delegate Adam Castle – Funded Delegate Connie Anderson – Funded Delegate John Knobbe – Funded Delegate Anne Sullivan – Funded Alternate Matt Stenger Chad Cabanilla John Collins Eric Hesse
New Business:

1) Contract vote 2) April 14th State wide PEOPLE Committee – Per Diem only 3) A motion by Molly Kennedy and second by John Knobbe was made to send 4 delegates to “Workplace Bullying” class held on June 12th in St. Paul at Council 5, with travel expense and per diem. Lynn Whipple, Adam Castle, Andy Jones, and Mary Wolfe would like to attend. 4) A motion by Molly Kennedy and second by Andy Jones to have 5 delegates to represent for the CLU. We currently have 3.

CLU delegate report- Running for SE Area AFL-CIO Labor Union President – election on May 2nd. Social Committee: Council 5 Field Representative Scott Grefe: Thank you for everyone who got out to various work areas and educated members on the vote. Good and Welfare: Jesse Miller, Jake Cottew, Matt Uecker, Tom Eustice, Mike Keech, Marvin Vega, Roarke Engelhardt, John Collins, Brian Woeller, Josh Stencel Door Prizes: Kevin Wiebold, Ryan Cates, and Eric Hesse Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.