4/10/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Kim Franek, Cindy Jungers, Julie Whited, Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Scott Melby, Molly Kennedy, Tim Headlee, Scott Grefe, John Knobbe, Matt Stenger, Amanda Mathiowetz


1. Results of vacation audit a. There were a few people significantly over their hours, one with 248 hours over. This is keeping members from using their vacation time. It seems to be the same repeat people repeatedly going over their allotted vacation time. Recommended that staff bring it to their co-workers attention if it appears they are in violation. b. When a staff does receive an email that they are over their vacation hours, staff has been good about rescinding days in the time frame given. If a staff chooses to not respond in the week given to rescind, the scheduler is able to take vacation slots by the furthest day out first. c. Because of repeat offenders, it was discussed if this should be a performance issue. This will be handled on an individual basis. If a staff is repeatedly taking more vacation than their accruals allow, this can be addressed in a review under managing time effectively. Typically this has happened on other campuses after a staff has been talked to 3 times. d. Rescinds are posted on the homepage. If a vacation day is rescinded within the posted schedule, why is that time taken away from staff? The employer was counting on that vacation slot so why not offer it to another staff? Management replied that needs do change. When the schedule is posted, there may be more employees on leave. Management acknowledges that rescinds are not always a result of abusing time. Management does not take vacation lightly and agrees that it is vital that employees get to use their accrued time. They welcome the opportunity to talk about it.

2. Uniform update a. The transition date has been extended. It will now be August of 2015 for the shirts and coats, August of 2016 for full compliance. Molly Kennedy mentioned that the new polo’s are 100% polyester making them warm and uncomfortable. It would be nice to have a cotton choice or to explore another option in the future.

3. Fire & Client Assault a. On April 9th there was a fire in the Shantz basement. Staff from every department responded. Everyone did an exceptionally good job. b. On April 9th there was also a client on client assault. Responders did an excellent job and were professional.


1. Putting in interest bids a. One has been approved recently in the situation where the staff was close to done with their bid ban, it was a dead bid, and it was found helpful to have a staff in that work area with more seniority. Management is willing to accept interest bids on a case by case situation. It will be very rare that one will be accepted. b. This will no longer be called an interest bid due to contract language. Please use an “expression of interest” instead. c. To do an expression of interest email Kim Franek with the job posting number in the subject and, “I am expressing interest in the 3rd watch Control Center position” in the body.

2. Annual mantouxs a. MSOP St. Peter is not required to have an annual mantoux because we are considered low risk. b. Screening and testing frequency 1. Medium-risk sites Applicants, employees, students, interns, and contractors whose permanent work location is assigned medium risk must have baseline and annual screening. 2. Low-risk sites Applicants, employees, students, interns, and contractors whose permanent work location is assigned low risk must have baseline screening. Those assigned strictly to the central office, who will not ever be at the residential sites, are excluded from baseline screening. Annual screening will not be required. 3. All sites Employees, students, interns, and contractors may be tested more frequently to comply with the facility schedule or as part of investigating a possible exposure event. St. Peter is currently a low-risk site.

3. Working six hours and forcing a break when you get shift in progress a. There have been recent occurrences on 3rd watch of staff being notified at 7:45pm that they can have vacation at 8pm. The staff had not taken a break but was forced to still take 2.5 hours of vacation. Please notify Scott Melby, Tim Lokensgard, or any union steward when this happens. This should not be happening.

4. Follow up on letting staff go in order of seniority when on site a. If the staff is off site (hospital coverage) they will not be moved. b. A forced inverse will go home first. c. The union would like to see the least senior volunteer overtime go home first. Management asked that this be a follow up item because they have not had a change to discuss it.

5. Homepage announcement on injured on duty a. A homepage announcement was not put out but a reminder email did go out to supervisors. The union would like counselors to be informed to aid the process. b. MSH has a purple folder that gets handed to staff upon leaving after getting injured that contains all information needed. John Knobbe offered to give one to HR to review. c. After the events on April 9th, staff did not seem to have an issue finding the first report of injury. It is under the Safety link on the left hand side of the homepage, then Employee Injury Reporting Forms and Instructions link on the right hand side. This will be announced at role call.

6. Additional positions with client increase a. The best place to allocate resources is being discussed. Adding staff to posts such as recreation, transport, outings, A-Team are all being discussed as options. b. We are receiving the additional clients in small groups over time so this will allow us to make adjustments as we go. Please bring any concerns or issues to Area Managers, Supervisors, Scott Melby, Tim Lokensgard, or Bonnie Wold.

7. Video cameras in staff only areas a. This has been discussed from a security stand point but no decisions have been made. b. There are concerns about not being able to see in Control Center if a staff were in there by themselves and go down. There is a policy in place that if Control Center is unresponsive, an ICS will be called. Bonnie Wold asked, “Why the concern of having a camera in Control Center?” Molly Kennedy responded that there is currently a camera facing into the Control Center. c. The union mentioned that the only two times cameras have been used in the OD office has been to discipline staff. It was also brought to management’s attention that this will appear as a disguised trust issue. d. According to the National Board of Relations, cameras should only be present where staff and clients are intermingling. There is legal precedent on this issue. e. AFSCME requested that any more discussion on this topic, they be present.