3/8/18 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSOP

March 8th 2018

Pexton 200 12pm


Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Crystal Kreklow, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Mike Homer, Tim Lokensgard, Jamie Sheppard, Elizabeth Trandum, Troy Sherwood, Michelle Sexe, John Haller

Focus Group on Vacation Handout: Addition-Cannot rescind 14 days prior to posting is now included. Will be implementing after an MOU. Basically within 3 pay periods staff cannot rescind so that other staff have an opportunity to pick it up. If someone wants 2 weeks’ vacation, can only ask for 1 week at a time or wait until the 2 weeks is up for approval. Homer: Will the vacation still be posted? Haller: No, at end of that period, we answer in those 7 days together. This is just saying a week. They will all be answered on same day. This also gives staff a week at a time to get requests in, not racing against the clock. There is no phone app. We are working on scheduling from home improvement. Looking into other scenarios to be proactive with questions.



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. Boots: Lokensgard-Hulke has 3 pairs in office for samples. Stop by his office to look at them. They are insulated. Whichever one is best, will make the site.
    2. OT/Inverse Numbers: 1st watch had 49 staff for 201.25 hours. 2nd had 27 for 187. 3rd had 27 for 180.5 for February.
    3. Arlington House: Tim-We have a house in Arlington within 35 miles of facility. 4 guys moved yesterday and will have notification a week from next Thursday. It was scheduled for this past Monday but was cancelled due to weather. We will staff 1 counselor on each watch as a house manager. It will be staffed by supervisors and reintegration staff first. The dress code is jeans and casual. No beer shirts like DCT. This is a temporary reassignment. Working on identifying positions that are funded currently to post at south house as permanent positions. There will be cameras inside and the exterior. There will be door alarms that are sent to a smart phone that staff will have and can see the alarm in real time. A State car will be there all of the time. Pat Quigley is assigned there. Will be setting up post orders and will be doing training. Having training at 2pm to go over packets with questions. Crystal-3 are level 2 and 1 is level 1? Michelle: One was a juvenile offender only and given a level. If they have been reassigned it has been a year or more. Discharge orders were given over a year ago where they were decreased. Crystal: Were staff given an opportunity to decline? Tim-I asked if they would be willing to go out there from 1st watch with staff I knew lived near there. Michelle-I had 2 staff saying they were excited. No one said they didn’t want to. Crystal-my only concern is that if staff weren’t given the opportunity to decline and how is the response time if something were to happen. Tim-its 2 miles from Arlington and mostly tar except for about 3/10ths of a mile on gravel. Crystal-full office, computer? Tim-they can bring computer, phone. Crystal-door will lock? How solid is it? Michelle-normal house door. Eric-safety of staff is our concern. One staff and 2 miles from town. Maybe 1 on duty cop. Flimsy door. We never advocate for 1 staff anywhere so this is concerning. Michelle-They have gone through treatment and granted discharge. No history of violence at MSOP. Reintegration staff is out there and they do random checks in middle of night. Tim-Staffed with one. Matt-can we come out and take a look at it? Michelle- I can check with Scott Halverson. Crystal-the council had an issue with the notification of the meeting and we weren’t able to get to it. The bigger picture is the safety concerns. Female staff will be 1 to 4 staffing. I realize these guys have been discharged but it’s alarming. Eric-vacation? Tim-we haven’t figured that out yet, I think that will happen after we know who the permanent staff are there. While they are working there, the vacation will be with perimeter staff. Eric-still calling in to OD? Michelle-that will be done before counselors come out. Eric-how do staff check in? Michelle-just show up. Tim- I assume the other person there will be calling the OD wandering where the staff is. Eric-cross training? Michelle-if it needs covering, an agent or supervisor will cover, especially in the beginning. Hopefully cross training right away. People have emailed saying they are interested. Tim-2 staff, overlapping days. For 3 days there are 2 staff there. They may utilize those staff instead of calling back here at perimeter. Eric-is one going to be scheduled out there and one in here beforehand? Tim-They will both be scheduled out there for other duties. These are questions that weren’t answered yet. I heard it from pat but I can’t say that’s for sure. Michelle-we potentially have clients that need to be taken different places too. Homer-timeline for bids? Tim-no, I have 5 of 6 but haven’t determined when we will put them out. I hope to get more of the other questions answered first. These are straight 8 hour shifts. When they get posted, will be as counselors, not leads.
    4. Pexton 1 South Client on Staff Offending: Hesse-staff are getting more and more irritated because it’s clear he is escalating. Staff feel nothing is being done. Allowed to offend on staff and nothing comes out of it. Staff are frustrated by perceived lack of action. Troy-every year we take a run at ST Peter police department with the client, it doesn’t rise to felony level so they don’t take it. OSI reported they are working with PD to see if we can get something done. Hesse: What does it take? Troy: He has been on restriction for 5 to 6 years so it brings us to the ombudsman. Tomorrow or Monday clinicians are coming together about this. It’s not easy. Another thing we met with Moose Lake also.  They have a couple of clients with the same issue. We looked at using sexual staff assault policy. We understand the impact on staff is horrible. We are looking at ways we can follow up with going through the checklist. It’s valid. I can say we are doing everything we can and recognize it’s hard on staff and want to work with staff. Eric-has clinical reached out to staff? Troy-I believe mark does. He brings the concern to me quite regularly and who the staff was and follow up. We will go down the staff assault checklist.  Tim-it’s the good report writing that is helping out at least reference. In his room is a private area. We know what policy says, its count and it’s his time. They may not look at it the same way. Homer: But if he knows its count time…..Troy: We know what is going on but the PD sees it differently. When a report says he’s out in the hallway, which looks different too. There are a lot of well written reports by our staff. Eric-so the hang up is with DA office? Troy-they will not charge it here, same with Moose Lake.
    5. WOOC OD position: Eric-we had no say. Staff are curious. Tim-it’s a 3 week deal. By the time we would do the process, it would be too late. We had to fill the spot quick. 3 weeks then the other OD will be back. Michelle-it was based on scores from past interviews.
    6. Memo about overtime assigned shift: Homer: Members curious where this is coming from. Liz-MSOP was practicing different than rest of DCT. Eric-Definition in contract is assigned shift so…if working 2nd and pick up OT. That is now an assigned shift and get shift diff. Liz-We cannot make the definition here. It has been defined state wide. Eric-it’s still assigned. Liz-I understand but that can’t be decided here. Crystal- I can bring it up at DCT policy committee. Liz-we updated language. Only applies to advance. If you sign up for subsequent they will ask you. Then it would apply if you accepted it. Even advanced known. If there is an emergency we could work that as if you were scheduled to work as well.
    7. Cameras in Tomlinson update: Lokensgard-waiting on budget. We wont be able to connect till we get the bonding hopefully.





Meeting adjourned at 1252pm