3/23/17 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Luke Frederick, Dianne Andrews, Tim Headlee, Johanna Marzinkski, Ashley Samora, Krystal Kerklow, Christina Smith, Kristine Wahlberg

Management Updates

  1. CARE St. Peter (Hanna Marzinskie) Vacancies-1 OASI reassignment, 1-.5 FTE Coach Position, 1 RN FTE, 1 LPN Overnight position.

    Overtime-GMW 2.25 hours, Peer Specialist 1.5 hours, LPN’s 105.5 hours (11.25 Mandated) Chemical Dependency Program Assistant 122.75 hours (3.75 Mandated)

  2. CBHH Rochester (Christina Smith) 7 AFSCME Positions open, MNA and AFSCME had a total of 31 open positions to only 12. Have only had maybe 2 shifts of overtime and have been lucky to have staff volunteer. We have bi-weekly meetings where we go through positions and hiring practices.  We would like to hire at least 2 per month to be fully staffed.  There hasn’t been very much turn over at all.   We have job fairs and other recruitment strategies that have been very helpful. The only issue we have had is that some new hires are saying they didn’t know these jobs existed because they are overshadowed by Mayo jobs.

Labor Questions and Updates


  1. Overtime and Inversing: Luke-We have an MOU in Forensics that talks about OT. Matt-This excludes 10 hour shifts for the 24 in 48 rule.  We passed an MOU in forensics that staff cannot be mandated to work more than 24 hours in 48 hour period. Staff can work no more than 26 hours if they work 10 hour shifts.  We would like to see this here as well.  Smith-We will bring this info to Mellissa Gryschek but I know that they are interested in bringing this to bargaining. 

    Luke-Has Wade followed up with you on the working conditions issue? He said he was going to. Wahlberg-Wade said that CARE and EAP are working together and this is an ongoing process. Luke-Is there something more tangible I can bring back to our management? Smith-EAP is limited as to what they can tell us and there was actually a request from a staff to have EAP involved in this issue.  Matt-Can we get a timeframe on when you might know something? Marzinski-When we have been given that information, we will get that to you. Samora-We have begun having meetings as groups with our staff.  We are also doing team building exercises without EAP.  These involve all of our staff.

  2. Communication to the Union: Luke-We would like to see that when the administration needs to communicate, they use two AFSCME staff.  We think this creates a better flow of communication for us.  If people are gone from work or other things are going on, its just nice to have someone else with the information.  We will also do the same thing when communicating with administration as well.  Maybe one steward at CARE and one at CBHH, you can even include one of us E Board members if you would like.  Samora-Are your stewards aware of this process? Luke-In forensics, yes. This will be part of the process across the board.

  3. Time Book and Holiday Issues: Luke-There have been some concerns from our staff about the codes. Whatever is being communicated now seems to be a lot clearer though.  MGMT-There was an email sent out and it has been better. We have sat down with some staff to clear it up.  Luke-Ok, people thought they were being changed from overtime to straight pay.

  4. Overtime Distribution and Eligibility: Luke-We want to clarify that part time employees have the same rights to overtime as full time employees. Overtime is when the schedule has been posted and the vacancy is posted on the sign-up sheet.  Overtime and part time sign up are two different things.  They benefit both parties but in a different way.  The part time sign up list is for forecasted shortages in which a part time staff can sign up to increase their work hours before the schedule is posted. Luke-Part time employees can sign up for overtime in the pay period posted also.  They are not required to have 40 hours first, it is not correct that you have to work 40 hours first.  MGMT-We were under the impression that you have to have 40 hours in first. We talked to Joann Holton and she said that is what we should be doing because “it’s the right thing to do.” Luke-no, that is not correct. Melissa Gryschek agrees with us that it is contractual.  Samora-This is how we have been doing it per contract. Preference goes to AFSCME part time first, then intermittents, then everyone else.  If no one signs up for the open spots, the schedule is posted.  Then it is offered out as overtime sign up. Any change to the schedule within 14 days is OT as well unless the employee agrees to the change.

  5. Extra Staffing: Luke-We have just been hearing some things about staff leaving when there are extras.  Just want to make sure that staff aren’t feeling forced to go.  This is a nice thing for supervisors to do but just want to make sure.  Smith-No, we actually would like to have people shadow, do CBT’s and other things like that.  We don’t want them to feel pushed out at all. Luke-We definitely don’t want them to feel forced. Dianne-I think I know about the situation you are talking about.  It has happened where a staff felt forced but I think its all about the approach from the supervisor.  And maybe the staff felt like they had to leave when actually they didn’t. 


    Add On: Pay Rates: Luke-Some job applicants have been offered jobs at a rate higher than the entry level and then after they accept, they are being told the rate has been reduced to the entry pay.  There have been about three instances of this happening. People quit their jobs to come here thinking they are getting a certain pay. They should be getting the original offer. I’m not sure what is going on but there needs to be a consequence. Back pay, an increase in pay, something.  This just isn’t right, and simply saying “sorry, we made a mistake” isn’t enough.  MGMT-We agree, we need to make this right. This is people lives here. Can you send us an email about the situations and who was involved and we can follow up with them? Luke-Yeah, we will contact the staff to make sure that is ok with them.  Just want to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen. Smith-We did rectify a situation similar to this already. If things like this are happening, we want to correct it and make it right.


    Meeting Adjourned at 215pm.