3/21/13 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Blomberg, Tom Christensen, Molly Kennedy, Shannon Pech, Andrew Jones, John Knobbe, Scott Grefe, Jennifer Frew, Rita Olson, Thomas Kolstad, Tudy Fowler, Colleen Ryan, and Melissa Gresczyk

Follow up Items:

1. Physical Plant – AFSCME staff on-call Management took the union’s suggestion of having a trade’s employee on-call during evenings, weekends, and holidays. Data was ran by management and it was determined the expenses would nearly double, as opposed to the current on-call procedure with a maintenance supervisor on-call. Management distributed worksheet showing the data researched. Scott asked if management would include the Schwickert’s numbers into this equation as well. Scott explained that he didn’t want to lose sight of what brought this issue to the table. Trades workers’ are receiving calls after work hours, and being expected to come in to work, when a problem arises. If an emergency problem does arise, and a trade’s worker can’t be reached or is unable to come in, Schwickert’s is going to be contacted to perform the work. The local feels this is taking away work form state employees. Scott asked, what is the incentive for a trade’s worker to come in and do work? The local explained that some trades workers’ have expressed their frustration with the phone calls after work hours, when not receiving any on-call compensation. Further discussion brought forth that setting up a meeting with some of the trades workers’ might be beneficial to allow them to express input around this and possibly come up with a resolution. Scott asked to get a copy of the Schwickert’s contract and Tom K. stated he would get it to him.

2. Outside medical facility coverage/overtime The local’s suggestion was brought to the supervisors, and they agree this process would work well. With this process, overtime will be distributed at the beginning of the employee’s shift, but worked at the end of the shift. This will eliminate having employee’s reporting to work for overtime before their regular scheduled shift. Rita will send an announcement to staff about the new process. The local asked if intermittent staff can get cross trained in some other areas (FNH/CRP) to help with constant inversing and overtime. This will be reviewed by management.

3. Susan Thibedeau-Coilan (Acting Health & Safety Director) visit to SOFS Susan will be attending the April Labor/Management to address injuries and Work Comp data.

4. WC Return to Work Committee/WC Process Update It was discussed making this process better, which came from the review from the unit 700 critical debrief. Management would like AFSCME, as well as other union leadership, to be involved in this committee. Chuck would like to be included on this committee. One thing that came from the review is that staff are very frustrated in filling out all the paperwork required and being contacted by numerous people.

5. A-Team @ MSH Management started meeting with a group of people to discuss the response team. Carol doesn’t want to refer to this as the A-Team. Working on determining what job duties would be required in this position.

6. Update of SOFS Org Chart The chart is still being worked on, and will be forwarded to Chuck when ready.

7. SC Lead seniority dates Elizabeth stated that HR and management are looking into this issue. John stated it is important that seniority is honored on the spirit of the contract. Currently MSOP starts there training schedule on a completely different day than MSH. An employees’ promotional start date is when training begins. In some events, an employee may not begin training until well after their bid acceptance. This becomes more of an issue when employee’s bid across programs. If all promotions accepted within a pay period for both MSOP and MSH were given the same start date (1st day of the next pay period) this may help. In this event, an employee could be receiving lead pay before training has started. Discussion would need to happen with both programs, but there will need to be some follow up.

8. Lead leveling process Rita commented that she would like to see this process change, by doing leveling once per year. Unless supervisor/employer asks the employee for a re-application, he/she would stay on the lead list. Melissa commented that both programs (MSH/MSOP) would have to be in agreement on this. Currently once lead is qualified, promotion is given based on seniority. Melissa suggested that a group from both programs be put together to discuss this further.


Management Items:

1. Town Hall Meetings – April 4th, 2013 The time capsule that was dug up during the Shantz construction project will be opened after the day time Town hall meetings.

2. M&C Meeting Minutes Process Management in agreement with labor will make an attempt to get the meeting minutes drafted 2 weeks after the meeting with the finalized notes being finalized and posted 3 weeks from meeting. Employees can access minutes from the SOFS SharePoint site, or by visiting www.union404.com.

3. Current Vacancy Update TTS - B1S and 200 SC - DK unit Greg Beltz - retiring April 1st HR has approved a WOC TTS position OASI - currently interviewing and at final 6 candidates LPN – 3 vacancies HSSS – halftime in Transition  


1. Mutual exchange to double shifts The local asked why mutual agreements are continuously being denied when they are contractually allowed. Management agreed the contract allows mutual requests, and nothing in language specifies that employees’ can’t mutual to a double shift. Due to MSH employees shifts not overlapping, this should be allowed at this time.

2. Schedule Anywhere time off requests – notice to staff that request is received The local would like employee’s to get some sort of receipt that the request was submitted. Currently when an employee puts in a vacation request, it disappears. John asked about vacation requests on an un-posted schedule. What the number of vacation slots per unit? Rita will follow up at next week’s schedule meeting.

3. Parking fee/money for outside medical facility – what is the status on this process It was previously discussed to put a procedure together for occasions were a staff may have to pay for parking with cash. A petty cash procedure is in the works and was put in for approval. Hopefully get follow up soon.

4. Common entry point (CEP) The local wanted to get word out to the employee’s on the Common Entry Point (CEP). The previous training indicted staff may report of maltreatment/abuse to a supervisor. This recently was changed in policy and training, but numerous staff has not completed the latest training therefore is not aware of the change. It now states staff must report to the internal investigator, Karen Ochsendorf. If multiple staff witness an incident were abuse is suspected, only one staff report is required. Management will post a reminder on the SharePoint to make employees’ aware of this change.



Action Items:

1. Parking fee procedure 2. Schedule Anywhere – time off receipts 3. Update of SOFS Org Chart 4. Lead leveling process change