3/14/13 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Management: Liz Barbo, Bonnie Wold, Scott Melby, Cindy Jungers, Julie Whited

Union: Matt Stenger, Andrew Jones, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, John Knobbe


Extra Vacation Slot for Holidays on 2nd watch Management is going to research additional vacation slots on each watch, not just 2nd watch. The Union said there will be a large group in the near future that will be accruing seven hours per pay period. Cindy Jungers stated that this will be discussed at the St. Peter staffing meeting on Monday.

Holidays on first watch are also being reviewed. The union has inquired into the first watch be cross trained for holiday coverage purposes as MSH which currently runs 1st watch as one work area except for the control center for holidays. Scott Melby stated that staff always requests A team on 1st watch and that A team and control center would not be part of cross training. For holiday purposes Utility and Residential could be cross trained. Scott said he would look into the matter and get back to Labor.

Pexton Vulnerable Adult Coverage The Union had requested that they wanted the OD’s to define who is on this coverage for the day. At times it has been unclear if it is the Lead or the OD’s responsibility to assign someone to vulnerable adult coverage and there have been times when adequate resources were not provided. Scott Melby stated that the Lead could contact the Officer of the Day if the position is not staffed or covered. Scott will follow up with the OD’s office to let them know not to pull the coverage person for other assignments.

Staff Vending Pexton had received an ice/water machine. Vending has been added and is running as of today. Please encourage staff to use machines. Additionally, a sink and ping pong table have been added to the Pexton break room.


Information on LSI Security CounselorPosition Position currently covers vocational and position is no longer needed for programming needs. There is a need for a movement coordinator and the staff currently in the LSI position is going to be permanently reassigned. The rotation will remain 5/2 , with a slight change in start time as allowed by contract.

Request for Feedback on February Forum There wasn’t any negative feedback. Andrew Jones stated that it was nice to hear class action updates and introductions to the Executive team. Scott Melby said that this type of forum with representation from both facilities and senior management would occur annually.

Security Counselors selected to attend MNATSA Volunteers for the Conference were drawn from a hat, five were chosen.

Addition of a vacation spot on each watch - discussion above

Light Duty Policy Discussion not needed, policy was reviewed. AFSCME thanked Management for continued support in return employees to light duty when they were able. Vending in staff break room – discussion above

Inability to access the content on union websites: www.union404.com and www.afscmemn.org IT was able to fix today, employees have access. If occurs again, advise employees to contact IT Help Desk for connection issues.

Looking at the rounds of bidding on certain vacancies – why they are not getting 3 rounds Concern expressed over an employee recently receiving a 2nd watch Utility position. Cindy Jungers didn’t know the specifics of the situation would look into it and get back to the union. She explained that there have been cases of bids not going through three rounds because when there are no bidders to a position it becomes a dead bid.

Description of Vacant Positions. Employees unaware of the codes used on postings. Postings contain rotation acronyms which are not always understood and rotation information which is not clear to MSH staff. Cindy Jungers stated that Tim maintains a staffing on a calendar with rotations and it may be possible to add that information to the job posting or another accessible location. Scott Melby encouraged the employees interested in bidding to call the contact person on the posting in the meantime if there is confusion.

Additional consistent construction coverage - staff not knowing if they should dress for the elements It has been requested to get a designated 2nd person as a backup for construction coverage staff. Bonnie Wold stated this would be looked at in the upcoming staffing meeting. She also added that there are Carharts available in the basement if staff find themselves in immediate need of cold weather gear.

Allowing for more internet access on break times - what web sense will allow A plan will be worked on to determine what areas of the facility can have access. Some areas with current level two access will be increased to level 3 access. Liz Barbo stated that this was still being looked at. Union has also stated that it would be nice to have computers available for staff on their duty free time. Management agreed but said that computers in client areas will remain at the lowest level of access.

Holidays on 1st watch – discussion above


Short Notice Vacation Discrepancies Concern with discrepancies on how some of the OD’s are randomly generating names for short notice vacation. The employees at 8 AM do not feel like they are getting a chance to be considered. Cindy Jungers said the names are to be generated when the OD knows Short Notice Vacation is available. Scott Melby was going to send the OD’s a reminder. He also said that if there are concerns to not wait for this forum and that he could be contacted at any time.