3/13/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Matt Stenger, John Knobbe, Tim Headlee, Scott Melby, Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Liz Barbo, Troy Sherwood, Zack Philbrick, Jason Montgomery, Jason Anderson, Jenn Montgomery, Kim Franek, Kevin Mosher, Julie Whited, Ann Zimmerman, Terry Kneisel


1. Transfer of clients from Moose Lake to St. Peter - ML Admin. a. There will be about 10 a week in groups of 5. The plan is to skip a week in between. There may be two vehicles but that number could shift. The anticipated start date is the week of May 5th. The clients behavior will continue to be monitored and they are committed to Phase 2.

2. Emergency response from outside resources - ML Admin. a. Update on the facility wide drills with command posts held in Moose Lake: There was a fire drill with the participation from Carlton County, the police department, fire department, and the emergency response team. The police chief reported that if the drill had gotten any larger that there may be some issues and more help would be needed. It was looked into how fast the state patrol could respond if needed. That would add 300-350 people responding. Managing that large of a number of responders was talked about. Overall the drill went very well. The next step will be a table top drill for inside the perimeter and what would happen with those same resources this upcoming fall. In 2015 there will be another facility wide drill.

3. Vacation accruals, balances and audits - ML Admin. a. Management will be conducting an audit at the end of the week. Nothing alarming in Moose Lake and management has noticed that this process is improving and staff are doing better monitoring their time. As far as accrual balances in relation to access both Moose Lake and St. Peter feel they are sitting good. A concern brought up by AFSCME is that staff are finding a way to use their vacation via SNV making them unable to plan ahead. Management will continue to monitor that and also looking at how many vacation accruals are being used for FML. b. AFSCME asked about comp time as well. Moose Lake has 102 staff with 0-50 hours, St. Peter has 116 staff with 0-50 hours. This is a retention issue also and we should work together to come up with something that has more access in a shorter term. Audits are done quarterly.

4. Update on Scheduling Software a. Molly Kennedy is on this committee. There are 3 vendors presenting demo’s hopefully the end of March. This is moving forward slowly. There was a budget but adjusting it is being worked on and a final amount has not been given.



1. Removing last names from work badges. a. Melissa Gresczyk is working with Anne Barry on this. It is currently with Anne and Nancy Johnston for legal to weigh in.

2. Mutualing to doubles. a. The contract does allow for this to happen. The employer and labor union need to figure out how they will do this. Parameters set up by AFSCME a few years ago will be sent again to management. A written reasoning from management as to why they will not allow this was requested.

3. Addition of 4/10 rotations possibly new positions like transport/sunrise construction. a. Transports may go up due to more clients. People seem to like a 4 10’s schedule. Management will consider this.

4. Accepting interest bids with the offering of bids going back to schedulers. a. One has recently been accepted. Management is not opposed but will need more discussion on it. Moose Lake does this and St. Peter would like to look at the pros and cons then put parameters on it. The recent approval was done in error because it was thought to be a lead position. b. Dead bids on second watch going to new employees are also being discussed with management.

5. Discussions on letting people go while on overtime in order of seniority if on site. a. There has recently been a situation with two employees on voluntary overtime, 1 with 13 years seniority the other with 7. The employee with 13 years was let go before the employee with 7. Moose Lake practices letting overtime go based on seniority. St. Peter has gone by offering overtime where the opening/need is and once that need is gone, the person who filled it will be sent home. This is being looked into.

6. Previous leads being on the list. a. Employees must go through lead leveling to be on the lead list. 7. Possible new positions like transport/utility pool. a. Please see #3

8. Creation of a procedure when you are injured on duty. a. The 1st Report of Injury is located on the MSOP homepage under the safety link. It is being looked into on how to make this more visible or to make a Highlight of the Month. Was brought up that MSH OD’s have a file ready to go for employees with workers comp info, what doctors to see, and the process of notifying people that they are handed as leaving. The employee may be shook up at this time and may not process all of the information given to them. Management will look at ways of publicizing the information. Moose Lake will send out a reminder to all supervisors of what to do.

9. State Employee Policy Committee (SEPC) April 11, 2014. Day on the Hill Tuesday, March 25, 2014. Thanks to St. Peter for allowing additional vacation spots for DOTH


1. Update on first watch staffing. Possible extra incentive for those willing to bid to nights. a. Follow up on the bids that went dead and were re-posted as A-Team: 1 has been filled. Initial suggestion is shift diff being looked at as an incentive but prior vacation approvals may hold employees back from going to 1st watch. Management has said that it is being looked at how we are managing duties on 1st watch. Media Review does take out a huge chunk of time. They have asked the supervisors to talk to staff and utilize the A-Team Lead on their current duties and to get staff input on what would make sense. Allowing people to keep their vacation and accommodate prior approvals may be an incentive. b. New hires will hopefully be moved to 1st watch earlier. It was suggested that as part of their job coach training, new hires work 1 shift on 1st watch to eliminate time after they have been assigned to 1st watch. Management will look into this.

2. Request for additional vacation slots for union leave to attend Capitol meetings this legislative session in St. Paul. a. AFSCME would like to get more members off of work to lobby at the capital. Management will work with Jason Montgomery on this.

3. Forced breaks when you work 6 hours or more and get shift in progress/early out. a. A recent situation involved a staff returning from a transport with less than an hour left in their shift and instead of leaving a half hour early, they had to take a break. AFSCME asked that management give the OD’s the discretion to let someone home early in that situation. Management will take a look at this and will talk to the OD’s on how to handle this best.

4. A thank you to management for accommodating the AFSCME tour March 12th a. This tour was good for members and the facility. The tour was impressed with the kitchen and that they are going away from a vendor. This creates more state jobs. b. The tour covered two shifts. In the future they would like to talk to 1st watch.

5. Adding employees to the CERP retirement a. A heads up to management that adding positions like GMW’s, GRW’s, and kitchen staff to the CERP retirement will be coming up in the future. It will not be this session, but next.