3/10/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Scott Grefe, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Charles Johnson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Tom Christensen, Colleen Ryan, Jasmine Bohnert, Denise Gardner, Larry TeBrake, Nancy Draves

Old Business:
1. Safety
• Current injury numbers- There were 5 injuries in February- 4 Security Counselors and 1 Operations Director. There are currently 0 injuries for March.
• CRP Injury rate- There were 4 injuries in CRP last year. So far for 2011, there are already 4 injuries (3 CRP staff and 1 Security Counselor). These injuries have been due to the batching of discharges from jail. There has been some discussion about staggering admissions. At last month’s meeting there was also some discussion about using a locked wing in order to separate patients not getting along. 3 patients have been transferred to Unit 800 due to behaviors and some admits have gone directly to Unit 800 before transferring to CRP. Many questions were raised and discussed in regards to CRP such as; what happens when there are no beds on Unit 800? Larry stated that each situation will have to be assessed as it happens and that Unit 800 will be utilized as much as possible. He also said that space utilization options will also address these issues. John Knobbe will be contacting Carrie and Lisa from CRP to set up a meeting- Chuck Carlson and Scott Grefe also plan to attend this meeting.
• Colleen Ryan stated that CRP staff have done a great job addressing these issues and with patient care during these situations.
• There has been some confusion regarding the MSOP A-teams role in responding to CRP. Management stated that their role is 1st for support then hands on if needed.
• A Hay study was requested for the HST position in CRP. Jasmine stated that this request is currently in the hands of Central Office.
2. SOFS Budget numbers / plans /OT tracking
• There was a spike in overtime in February due to quarantine status. In January these numbers were down and slightly higher in December due to snowstorms. There is another spike in overtime hours right now due to 2 patients being in the hospital and many staff out sick. All in all these numbers are much better than they were in the past.
• Unit information is separated out on the SOFS budget. METO has been separated out and the Christensen Home now only has 2 positions on the forensics budget.
3. Vacation / Holidays Unit based Process
• Management is trying to come up with a unit based process being careful not to over grant due to bidding. Denise and TC had a meeting last month and decided that the way this process is currently being handled is the best way. Holidays will be granted like vacation days per unit and additional holiday requests will be granted by seniority as available.
• There is no update on this right now. Management is still working on updating all information in Schedule Anywhere.
4. Space utilization issues and CRP
• The latest news is that U300 will move to B1S. Discussion about this raised questions about security levels and treatment teams. A new hybrid unit was mentioned-> having patients shuffled by security level. Larry has submitted a proposal that would disband the med psych unit (S1W) having these patients move to the nursing home. Staff movement by bidding or shuffling is an issue being discussed. As soon as Larry gets a response on this proposal info will be sent out.
5. Bidding process Checklist
• Nancy made a few changes and cleared up the “Notes to remember” area. The union raised concern about the ineligibility email received by bidders from Central Office- Nancy will look into this.
• Interest bids need to be done on the state employee website.
• Discussion about the phone call attempts brought the suggestion of having the 2 phone calls go to 2 different numbers instead of both calls to the same number. Nancy will propose this to Central Office HR.
6. Use of e-mail for vacation requests vs. continued use of 101s.
• Units 200 and 600 are trying the email system for vacation requests while most other units are still using 101’s. Issues still need to be resolved with Schedule Anywhere. The use of Schedule Anywhere and telephone as back-up were discussed.
• TC stated that issues have arisen with people not on site mutualing and problems with people wanting to mutual VAC days. Staff cannot mutual VAC/SIK days as this violates the contract. VAC is granted by seniority.
7. Bid Award Process Continued no contact e-mails. Discussed under Old business #5.
New Business:
1. Continued laundry problems, i.e. lab using machines on 1 south to prevent damage to smocks
• MINNCOR contract is up in July. Issues with laundry need to be reported to Sherry Fischer in order to be addressed.
The status of the laundry building becoming vocational was discussed. Larry has a meeting this week to look at options.
2. Armor Radios in MSOP
• TC is working with MSOP in regards to communication between MSH and MSOP when MSOP gets the new radios. Concern about large scale/campus wide disasters or events was mentioned. TC has requested 2-3 radios from MSOP- Campus Security Patrol slotted for one of them.
3. Work rule adherence/vacation requests
• Management will be addressing an email John Knobbe received from a supervisor regarding work rule adherence/ vacation requests.
Management Issues:
There was discussion at length regarding contract language interpretation and the use of developmental plans, corrective action plans, and letters of expectation. Management wants to show support and the intent to work with staff. How this is being done is a concern- letters of expectation and coaching sessions have been used in the past. The intent and presentation approach needs to be looked at- management will discuss.
Meeting adjourned at 1:58pm