2/9/18 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Eric Hesse, Luke Frederick, Ryan Cates, Maggie Collerin, Kristine Wahlberg, Patrick Ebbert, Sarah Stranky, Ashley Samora, Frederick Beldman, Tracy Johanson, Jim Pierce



  1. Introductions
  2. Management Updates
  1. CARE St. Peter: Ashley-requested to run add for CBPA and LPN positions. CBPA intermittent positions to fill via newspaper ad. Interviews next week for peer support specialist.  Overtime hours for October, November, and December: LPN-339, 61.5 were mandatory. CBPA had 200.5 hrs., 55 hours were mandatory related to sick leave afscme call-ins
  2. Vacancies-CBHH Rochester: CPS 2-.5 positions 1 FT MHPA .75 MHPA 2-FT HST. CARE St. Peter 1 LPN FT, 2- .1 LPN. 3 CDPA at .1, 1 at .8. 2 Peer specialists at .5.
  3. CBHH Rochester: Jim Pierce-Full time and .75 HST and .5 MPA. Start interviews for those. Overtime to sick calls October- 94.75 hours, November-64.5 December-134.5 January-91.4 hours. 4 were inverse shifts.
  4. CARE: Scheduling part time staff getting scheduled full time hours. How are weekends being divided up? Scheduled 11 shifts in a row and 2 were late shifts. Ashley-Occasions where we need to schedule 2 weekends in a row and then we give them 2 off in a row. I would like clarification on how this is supposed to be done. Luke-I can get that and follow up later on.
  5. CBHH: How is overtime being assigned to both full time and part time staff? Sara-Overtime starts with who can receive at straight time first. Then we go by seniority top to bottom for overtime. Sign up is on one form. It is on one sheet broken up by category.  Only offered for subsequent shift to people already working but for next day we call by the list. If offered at straight time they say no. then we go to overtime and offered at overtime rate. Luke-is there a time when overtime has been offered out of order or when not supposed to? Sarah-no, we don’t think so. We have a lot of new staff and have trained them on how to do this.
  6. Both Sites: Pay Rounding-How are we addressing this? Luke: when issue came up it was at care. Impression that it was more than just one time. It was possibly happening in Rochester as well before you were out here. Payroll saying 7 minutes or more, you round to 15 minutes or less than 7 is rounded to 0 for pay. Lates are less than 5 minutes to work you get paid as you were there but can still be talked to. More than 5 minutes would have to take 15 mins ETL on time book. Reports this hasn’t been consistent. Looking to find out what the best way to go about this is. There wasn’t a way to put this information on time book on how late they were. How will this be addressed without any documentation for the pay rounding? Judy: 2 I am aware that have been fixed in St. Peter Nov/Dec. other than those I have not been made aware of others. It will be very cumbersome to go back to check. Even if was ETL it may not have been indicated on how much time. We have gotten that message out since December on how to do this. Luke: I am concerned with past cases and how it has maybe happened for years and how staff may have missed out. Judy: it will be like finding a needle in a haystack. If there are employees that have been, then we can look into it rather than doing a full review. Tracy: there is a policy coming forward DCT wide so there is more consistency as well. Luke: how do we find the people without sending a mass email? Judy: there has been enough word of mouth that if they have been affected. I am assuming. Luke: I don’t think this is true. Dept of labor established rules. I hope we can work together to find a solution instead of getting the dept of labor involved. I want to solve it at this level. Tracy: can I have a conversation with my executive team on how to move forward? Luke: I agree as long as this is moving forward.
  7. Meetings for 2018
  8. 130 to 230 works well for us 4th Tuesday of the month. Judy will send out email invites for the rest of the year.
  9. Ashley: looking for better ways to increase staff on weekend. We need to find a good solution. Asking for feedback from you to try for different weekend rotation. Bringing it forward to brainstorm with you guys so we have union support. Matt: reach out to staff first before the change to get an idea what they are interested in. Ashley-yeah, I would like to be able to present options that includes their opinion as well. Matt-we can gather some stuff. Luke: this is never a fun situation but we can reach out to other places to see how they handle their schedules.
  10. Matt-we were talking about one pay period of earlies and one period of lates for CBHH. We are on board if the management wants that. Judy-did you send out an email to staff. Sarah-yes and the majority was on board. We want to send an email to MNA for their support. Sarah-for all staff. Judy-make sure to follow contract and supplemental agreements as well. Matt-We didn’t find that it violates anything with afscme. Judy-I’ll take a look and we can regroup on that Patrick and Sarah.
  1. Labor Questions and Updates
  1. Wrap Up and Miscellaneous: Luke-staff are smokers      not told to leave building? Sarah-we have been allowing people to leave      and it just kind of got out of hand and people were out there 10 times. So      we said try to keep it to the 30 mins. Trying to be staff centered and it      backfired. It was multiple people.
  2. Sarah-we don’t mess with full time staffing schedules. Unless      there is training.  Luke: is there a reason we would here different?      Sarah-one pay period Mon/Tues. Next is Tuesday off. Every other pay period      would be the same. Luke-if person gets inversed and works 20 hours.      Employee have option to move scheduled shift a little bit? Sarah-we give      option if they don’t want to work that next shift to have option to come      back. 3 times that has happened to a staff and that option was given.


Meeting Adjourned at 1130am