2/9/17 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Tim Headlee, Molly Kennedy, Adam Castle, Mike Homer, Matt Stenger, Zach Sweija, Jason Anderson, Jason Montgomery, Jess Langhorst, Dan Ring, Louis Kneisel, Ron Oswald, Krystal Kreklow, Bonnie Wold, Tim Benesch, Jim Berg, Troy Sherwoood Steve Sayovitz, Cindy Jungers, Kevin Mosser, Nancy Johnston


Jason-Justin stepped down as president.  Jason Montgomery new president. Heather will be taking eboard position


Joint Labor Management Agenda Items

  1. Badges-DCT wide policy up for review and representatives from labor union will be meeting.  Will MSOP be falling under that policy? Berg-haven’t heard if we will be.  Matt-Last names will be dropped and would like that to be adopted at both sites.  Jess-Rumor at moose about reprimands for forgetting badges.  Instructed to go home and use etl. Kevin-we started a process where they have to write confidentials.  Spend a lot of time on this, would like to view as performance issue but will not go to the etl yet.  Case by case issue instead. Nancy-talked to DCT and when is a good time to do this.  Leave it up to division specific due to so many differences. Leave msop as is. Msh is changing.  Matt-why are we mandating this in the first place? Even hospitals only had first name. LPNs, RNs, Anesthesiologists even had first name except the doctor.  Nancy-we just believe it is public anyway, it’s a professional badge, and we have always done that. We have heard about this in other places and private sector. Tim-can you give us a positive to leave to our members so it’s more palatable? We would like to clarify for our members because we get the backlash.  How is it beneficial? Matt-osha says this is a workplace violence issue. Why make it easier. Yes they have a right but why.  Nancy-with all due respect, I would like to hear from msop staff. Jason-this is the consensus, it’s not a huge issue but it is a concern with these clients when they get out. Molly-therapeutic environment, this would be more therapeutic. Tim-we are trying to take proactive approach. Tim B-I got this from clinicians. We expect clients to give up their full disclosure and have transparency. This is kind of a transparency thing. Tim-if they were to ask we could but it’s neither here nor there.  Jim-have not seen research of info reducing violence. Being a treatment program, I have done this 33 years and always one word. We have always had our first and last. Transparency about having nothing to hide part of a relational work we do in treatment. In ER I know them as first name and never paid attention so part of that relationship and environment we did the same thing in corrections we had first and last.  Corrections didn’t want first name. Treatment program and developing relationships is that it was important to call me Mr. Berg or Jim berg. Important in therapeutic community. Matt-I have done plenty of research that shows workplace violence, we do this in MSH.  Nancy-I would like to keep this for now and I will bring it back and talk to other programs on how others do this. Carol is doing this by more of a choice of the staff. For now we will leave it but I am going to check with other commitment facilities. Matt-can you also talk with OSHA.  Jess-been with state for 4 years and went through name change due to marriage. Client waited a month and knew I got married because of the newspaper.  Name also came up in court when the prosecutor at court said something about why her name was different. I just felt very uncomfortable. Matt-membership is really pushing us on this and taking back “this is how it’s always been” isn’t good enough to bring back.  Jason-this could be a way to get the clientele to think differently from DOC.

  2. OT-Help Inversing & Holidays-Jess, MLK there were 13 2nd watch staff off for holiday. Resulted in 4 inverses to cover scheduled transports.  Can this be looked at in the future so this doesn’t happen again?  Mosser-cannot forecast these needs in summer.  Most places treat holidays normal. We will talk to health services to combat that. Matt-practicing overtime sheet gone through prior to inversing? Looking for this practice to carry over to st peter like moose lake. OT in advance and subsequent.  Required for subsequent but not in advance. Simply asking to do this for courtesy.  Steve-depends on situation. No response from management-bonnie will take a look at it and let us know. Matt-idea for when we can get a response? Bonnie-its situational so cannot guarantee but certainly if it allows, that isn’t unreasonable.  Steve-talk to mike and follow up

  3. Vacation Calendar-molly-talking to Moose Lake about the 6 months out. We have heard Moose Lake is interested into going to the 6 months out. Management wanted to do MOU and adding extra vacation spots on calendar.  We went to six months voluntarily.  Moose still talking about it.  Matt-requests for the six months out was to add vacation spots. We would like this to become a negotiations piece instead of MOU.  When 404 went, no extra vacation spots were given.  Mosser-part of this is staffing issues. We didn’t give obligation, only how this could possibly help.

  4. Update on Vacancies

  5. Staffing Updates-bonnie-4 wooc, 6 dead, 9 in process, 4 on leave, 2 new, 4 in march. Moose-2 dead bids, 3 new, 9 on list for March, RTA posted every month. FYI-last month pulling new employees together with management to see how everything is going, concerns etc. asks that staff help quell the nerves. It is only to support them. Jess-throw in a union rep in this? It was only program managers. We want an environment to speak open and freely. Looking for feedback. Ron-some came back and admitted nervousness but had a lot of positive feedback on this.

  6. AFSCME Communication Practices-chain of command. Matt-anytime to meet with afscme have at least 2 or more members so there is not sidebar so that there isn’t confusion. Adopt to msop like we do at forensics. Bonnie-review and let you know. Jess-we do this in Moose Lake. It was adapted and we appreciate it. Bonnie-we try to do this but if there are issues that come up quickly, we have to find someone. For the most part we do but sometimes it isn’t possible. Molly-not fair for one person to represent the whole. Krystal-we run into he said she said with only one staff present. Even to send out an email to a group and let us see if we can work out our schedules. Cindy-I think what bonnie said is accurate but this isn’t something we can’t normally do. Matt-especiall if it is a meeting around OT, vacation, or rulings on important issues.

  7. Lead Lists-Matt-looking for take on how lead list process is going.  How do you feel about the current practice? Cindy-haven’t seen any issues where we have really thought this is a performance issue.  We aren’t seeing a negative impact I know of. Bonnie-we haven’t seen a significant change. Steve-I feel its working fine and it puts the responsibility back on the supervisors.  The old process was cumbersome.  Jess-when is next opportunity. Steve- just talked about this and working with HR to set up the next round. New process makes it quicker. Old process took a month to get through.

  8. Individual Development Plans-Jess-clarification on where this came from. Will this be held against me if I don’t meet the goals? Cindy-in policy the IDP is required part of process. The way its worded isn’t mandatory but it wasn’t clear to supervisors. It was confusing. But it is a requirement and with the audit coming we have to make sure the records are ready to go and get it fixed. This is a one-time catch up and going forward this will be implemented.  This is a way to engage with the supervisor on your career path. Just to get these thoughts on paper and encourage you on how you can accomplish these things.  When it first came up was in a very small section that we must have skipped. And this is now a standalone document that was much more noticeable. They look for this when they do personnel files.  Nancy-this was basically a misunderstanding we thought it was optional.  Cindy-we would point it out and explain what the confusion was and hopefully get a pass. Tim-so wouldn’t this be part of how we can work with the lead list? I would think these would collaborate with the list.  What do I need to improve and let’s relate this to the lead list with the goals and so on? Cindy-idp doesn’t have to be about improvement etc.  It can also be about how to make my day better and other things.  If you are someone who is maybe on the cusp of the list, this kind of leaves it up to the supervisor to help with that.

  9. Camera Use Policy-Molly-MSOP added a camera in staff only area. I was told that it was for A Team stuff and instructors are feeling uncomfortable. We have never had cameras in staff only areas.  Why is it not on CC que?  Bonnie-I don’t know why it was placed there, we can talk to Tim and see why it was placed there.  I can see for doors but why.  Bonnie-we have them in stairwells. Matt-we are talking about why they are in no client contact areas.  Molly-we came together just wondering why it is in there. Matt-we are asking for them to be removed. Put them in the area that monitors the entrance.

  10. Upcoming Dates-Jess-we sent dates out there. March 7th is policy day. Can we get some people off because they deal with security?  Use vacation if possible. Can we get people off to push for day on the hill? We can send you the dates for all of our meetings etc.  Giving you a heads up for days off.

    1. February 28th-DHS Policy Committee

    2. March 7th-CPC Lobby Day

    3. March 10th-Negotiations Assembly

    4. March 28th-Day on the Hill

    5. Lobby Weeks for both locals

    6. Spring SEPC Conference April 28th

  11. Next Joint L/M Meeting-Matt-does mgmt. have any agenda items? Cindy, no we don’t have anything different. Bonnie no we do not.  Bonnie briefed Nancy on badge.  Next meeting? Zach-I don’t have anything right now.  Jess-we had a lot of joint issues. How do you feel about 2 via video and 1 in person? Last year we had them twice. Prior was 4 times. Cindy-in between there was conversation about two times per year.  Nancy-so next wouldn’t be until august? Jess-the 3rd would be close to the end of the session to talk about the implications.  Nancy- I would like to think about that a bit.  Bonnie-the switch was due to things being site specific. Nancy- we will get back to you on that. Tentatively be in august but I will talk to the sites about this.  Tim-when move happens in st peter are we going to be placing signs on the highway? No hitchhiking etc.? Under supervised areas to warn people about who could be there on the side of the road.

  12. Weather Related call-ins and tardies-matt-what is your take on weather related call ins paid or unpaid? Cindy-starts with mmb weather emergency so then we have to make own decision.  Case by case. This doesn’t mean this person vs this person.  What was the situation and what efforts do they make.  We occasionally have people that say they can’t when others say they can.  It’s tough to say.  We want to take it all into consideration. Matt-situation where they didn’t pay an employee and want to point out that management is encouraged to keep staff in pay status on the mmb website. Jess-is it up to supervisor or up to a group to discuss and make the decision? Moose Lake we don’t leave that up to individual. Reports are written and reviewed by HR and program managers to remain consistent and we do the same in st peter.

  13. Jim Berg-I want to clarify it is only the last name on badges in DOC. Not first name.

Follow up Agenda Items: Tabled until next month

  1. Rec/Visit/PX1S/Transport Staffing-

  2. 10 Hour Holiday Schedules