2/9/12 MSH Meeting Minutes

Labor: Chuck Carlson, John Collins, Jeremy Tubbs, John Knobbe, Connie Anderson, Annie Jakacki, Ann Sullivan.
Management: David Proffitt, Colleen Ryan, Melissa Gresczyk, Elizabeth Blomberg, Tudy Fowler

1. Facility Update – Licensing requirements, Policy updates, Communication: a. Reasons for recent changes: Chuck indicated that staff believe all the recent changes are the result of Administrator Proffitt’s personal ideas. Chuck explained to the employees that the changes are the result of necessary changes as identified by Licensing. Management confirmed that they have also heard similar comments and will continue to work on communicating history and new direction through employee forums, weekly updates, unit roundings and messages from front line supervisors. b. Chuck suggested adding a separate forum for the employees at MSH. David agreed to the suggestion and will look to get it scheduled.

2. WIRC – Work Incident Review Committee: a. The union was asking about the effectiveness of the WIRC committee specifically related to recent discipline that has been reduced after having been issued. David and Melissa explained that the intent of the committee is to bring organizational consistency when reviewing investigations and applying discipline. b. Management is also looking at how investigations are assigned. We are looking to separate the Internal Reviews required for Vulnerable Adult reporting and employee misconduct investigations. c. Union also stated they believe grievance decisions are being made at the 3rd step level and not at the lower levels. They also reminded management to inform employees when investigations have been completed. Management agrees that employees need to be informed so that closure can occur.

3. IOD – Injured on Duty data: a. Union commented on the injury rates for Sept 2011 – Jan 2012. Data shows that there were more injuries in Sept with the lowest in Jan. Most of the injuries are occurring in MSH with the least in the Nursing Home. Chuck reported that it is the employee’s perception that staff are being injured on a daily basis. Management will look to find a better way of sharing the information so staff are better informed. b. David spoke of the proposed staffing changes that will increase the number of Security Counselor Leads and RN’s. It is believed that better care will reduce patient acuity and thereby reduce injuries. c. Brief discussion on Psychiatrist schedules. Routine Dr./patient contacts will also assist in reducing assaults.

4. SPRTC visibility: a. David talked about the Governor’s visit and the on-going media coverage. He hears employees acknowledge that we are making progress. David anticipates we will hear more negative news as we work through our transformation.

5. PD’s – Position Description for Security Counselor/Recovery Counselor: a. The union believes that certain responsibilities/tasks are not measurable. They also commented on the working title of “Recovery Counselor”. b. David commented that all residential staff are care delivery agents and the PD is the direction we are heading. The treatment direction we are working toward is to emphasize treatment and recovery and reduce the focus on security. Safety and security will remain important but will be incorporated into the treatment/recovery milieu. Goal is to have 1 SC Lead on each unit per shift with the beginning emphasis on MSH. c. Union voiced concern about change in working title or job duties will move the classification out of CERP (Corrections Retirement Plan).

6. Staffing numbers on the Late Shift? a. Union posed that question about scheduling 3 extra staff per late shift. TC reported that we are currently scheduling 1 extra per late shift. b. The union stated that scheduling 3 extra staff was an agreement made with previous Assistant Commissioner Read Sulik. David asked that the union to provide any documentation for him to review and share with current Assistant Commissioner Maureen O’Connell. David also confirmed that we have an obligation to keep staff safe and will continue to address the issue.

7. Report Staff Illness: a. Tudy researched the issue from the previous meeting about the facility’s requirement to report contagious illnesses. Staff, when calling in sick, will need to identify if the illness is for themself or a dependent, indicate whether the illness is contagious or non-contagious, and if it is related to FMLA. If the employee indicates the nature of the illness the supervisor will then include it on the bi-weekly report.


Submitted by Tudy Fowler, HR Consultant.