2/8/18 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Joann Holten, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Mike Homer, Tim Lokensgard, Elizabeth Trandum, Troy Sherwood, Zack Sowieja, Paul Rodriguez



  1. Follow Up Items
    1. Boots: Hesse- Insulated boots for a team. Tim-I didn’t get to talk to Ryan yet. I talked to Deatley and Ryan is having a tough time getting it on there. I’ll talk to Ryan. He has had little luck getting items on there. Note: The Keens on the Galls site are called “PTC Oxford”
    2. OT/Inverse Numbers: Tim L- Dec 27 to Jan 23rd. 1st watch had 43 shifts for 169.25 hrs. 2nd watch 25 shifts for 56.75 hours. 3rd watch 5 shifts for 20 hours.
    3. Tomlinson Cameras: Hesse- concern with cameras not hooked up and monitoring by staff. Tim: they run to the basement where we can review. You are saying the person sitting there doesn’t have a monitor? Mike H-Or even a control center staff to watch over there. Hesse-cameras are for safety right? Tim-so we can monitor who is coming and going. We don’t have monitors because we don’t have the wire runs. I can find out how to do that. I can ask wally and john. Hesse-When staff are sitting do they have a computer? Tim-No. Rec staff are in building. Hesse-People think it’s there for audits and discipline. Tim-Cameras are there so we know who is coming and going. So, if someone is there who shouldn’t be.  Cates-but it’s not there in real time…Tim-right, not real time. It’s there kind of like a temporary until a full upgrade. I’ll talk to wally and john
    4. Communication Logs/Letters of Expectations: Hesse-There have been some letters of expectations for communication log. Troy-not expectation but we are doing different audits. How matrix language is being used by staff and forwarded to how we can improve. But with safety concerns it’s where we have PSR, VA and IAPP clients. We heard from 1st and 3rd watch about what issues weren’t being shared. So we did an audit and found that was the case. Hesse- so there is no set number? Troy-more for safety and info like what was in the paper logs. Joann-how do we know there were safety issues to report or assuming. Troy-well, if 1st watch came in and found something that happened but wasn’t in the communication log that should have been. Troy-if a client came in making threatening behavior and if that wasn’t addressed. Paul-following shifts are saying there was a problem that was started in a previous shift and it wasn’t written down. This is response to staff on other shifts for a pattern and not sharing. Cates-so, only letters for safety but not as a number? Troy-in this case it was that nothing was being communicated at all.  Hesse-we hear it’s a number, not that it hasn’t been done. Troy-ill look at how it was worded but that isn’t the intent.  Troy-communication is there for staff to enter information and clinicians can enter into client record. A way to have input by staff. Homer-we believe it was based on a quota in this case. Not fluff. Tim-the expectation is that if there was something going on, it needs to be communicated. Homer-they feel like that is what was being done but daily routine stuff is what wasn’t being put in. One watch has this many, the other staff has this many….troy-we will follow up. Joann-why don’t staff chart? Troy-I have no answer why it went away.
    5. MSOP 2018 Legislative Proposals: Hesse- Just want to know what they are? If we can lobby... Tim-bonding. Renovations. Two bonding proposals for MSOP. Renovation in sunrise and green acres. Then further down is for DCT or DHS for two new 20 bed facilities for a hybrid specialized unit. Like assisted living type stuff. Tim-population is aging. We need 50 more beds and will be full. Tim-I’m not sure we are asking for more staff right now. When we have added sunrise east we will need more coverage and everything. Hesse-just wondering if you would go the HSSS route or not. Tim-I have not heard of anything like that and don’t know the thought process for the hybrid.  Hesse-We are looking for the staffing ask and the unit types.
    6. SC’s Opinions not mattering per clinical supervisor: Hesse- A security counselor lead was told twice by a clinical supervisor that our opinions don’t matter. This was related to a change of unit for the client and an IAPP. Some staff believe this already but to be told that directly puts words to their thought. Paul-that is inconsistent with our treatment approach but without knowing the details that is not what clinical should be saying. Hopefully the lead could work that out with the clinician. We bring in operations and everybody, there are a lot of places staff see clients more. Hesse-I asked the staff why there was no report and they said “what’s the point” Troy-I would love to speak to the staff. The door is open for Tim, Bonnie, and myself. That is concerning to me. Paul-that is not clinicals belief. We solicit feedback from our staff.

Management Agenda Items

  1. SC Scheduler Accrual Rates: Tim- sema4 doing 2 week data sump to servers. New scheduling program is going in. We can “flip the switch” accrual rates have vacation comp floating holiday. Buffer of 8 hours built in and accrual rates built in. From the testing, the accruals appear to be right. When we turn it on, staff will see a pop up that says “No” for asking for more than they can accrue. We won’t need vacation audits because it will already know. Everything that is in there will stay. Just can’t submit until you are below. It won’t cancel anything you already have. If you are right on the edge, it won’t allow it. But if you gain OT and put into vacation, when that data dump comes, you will have enough. It is right on the money. Doesn’t hit semafor until the Monday after pay period is over. Tim-if there is a posting, it’s still within the 7 days. Mike-what if I know I will have it by the time the pay period is over? Tim-you just don’t have enough time until that Monday. Technically you don’t have it until semafor has it. Matt-could they send an email to JR so it’s at least time stamped that they requested it? That 5 day delay is the issue. Just giving you a heads up. I can talk to JR about it. He has 10 days so maybe he only processes vacation after Wednesday…..Hesse-technically you earned it weather it’s in the system or not. Contract says you can ask for it. Tim-I don’t know, if you are running that tight… You can say to JR what the issue is. The requests are time stamped. If he has an email, he can go in under you. I can talk to him about it. Joann-best for staff to send an email and then go in themselves on Monday is best.
  2. If something is wrong in the program, contact JR right away. We will wait until the meeting notes go out and then we will pick a day and post it to the homepage. If you won’t be here on a Monday to put in the information. Let JR know
  3. Special services: Troy- We had an unforeseen absence. Steve is working on staffing patterns to get back over there. Middle of next week anticipated. Rumor about additional 12-8 staff added. There is no truth to this. I haven’t heard anything about staff ordering goods either. They moved 3 utility staff to 12-830 at cps.


Meeting adjourned at 1245pm