2/21/13 MSH Meeting Minutes

Elizabeth Blomberg, Connie Anderson, Molly Kennedy, Shannon Pech, Jeremy Tubbs, Andrew Jones, W. John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, Tim Headlee, Scott Grefe, Carol Olson, Rita Olson, Thomas Kolstad, Tudy Fowler, Colleen Ryan, and Melissa Gresczyk (by Vidyo).

Follow up Items:

1. Scheduling for MSH Security Counselors/Leads The next meeting is scheduled for Friday February 22, 2013. John Knobbe mentioned that with the new schedule proposal some Supervisors (TTS) said Leads would not be able to mutual shifts with Security Counselors. Carol Olson said that is not the intent from management. Follow up: Rita Olson notified TTSs at their morning meeting that Leads will still be able to mutual shifts with Security Counselors.

2. Trades on-call/Schwickerts contract Tom Kolstad provided the following information regarding Physical Plant On-Call Data: Number of Days reviewed 135 Total number of After hour calls 37
Type # of trouble calls over Total Days % to total days % by Trade to Total Calls Electrical 6 4% 16% Locks 10 7% 27% HVAC 10 7% 27% Painting 1 1% 3% Plumbing 8 6% 22% Grounds 2 1% 5% Total 37 100% Schwickerts contract – Scott Grefe was given a copy of the EIOR narrative for Schwickerts. The document included a description, guidelines and wage rates. There was further discussion regarding Physical Plant concerns, including the concerns about the use of Schwickerts (definition of “when no employees are available” and costs associated with its use) and the current on-call process (Supervisors on-call versus AFSCME staff on-call). Carol and Tom stated that the intent of using Schwickerts is as a last resort/emergency. The only ones that can authorize/call Schwickerts would be Tom Kolstad, Ron Ledin or Carol Olson. John Knobbe added that there would always be an employee available if we had AFSCME staff on-call. Management has not reached a final decision regarding on-call since this data was just compiled. Tom Kolstad will work with HR to review the on-call data and make a decision regarding putting AFSCME staff at Physical Plant on-call.

3. Outside medical facility coverage/overtime sign-up John Knobbe suggested a way to simplify outside medical facility overtime coverage at the last M&C. Management did not fully understand the suggestion but John clarified the proposal and said he would follow up with an email. Carol is also checking with Amanda Kelly on what is our obligation for us to accompany/supervise patients at medical facility. When Carol has this information, SOFS will then issue standard policy/procedure. Follow up: John Knobbe sent an email to management outlining his proposal. Rita Olson distributed the information to the TTSs at their morning meeting and requested feedback. Rita will have more information at the next M&C.


1. Work Comp Safety Administrator (Susan Thibedeau-Coilan) attending next week’s Joint Labor Management Meeting.

Susan Thibedeau-Coilan is coming to the next Joint Labor Management Meeting (2/26/13) to further educate management and labor on injury/WC data. Scott Grefe stated that 2/26 is AFSCME Day on the Hill so AFSCME will not be represented at the Joint meeting. HR will work with Susan to coordinate her attendance at an AFSCME M&C so the same information can be shared. Follow up: Susan Thibedeau-Coilan is scheduled to attend the April AFSCME M&C – 4/18/13 from 12:30-1:30 PM.

Carol said that management is looking to do a root cause analysis for staff injuries. They are currently looking at 3 patients who have caused the most injuries. It was also mentioned that injuries have occurred during training classes (TSS). Melissa Gresczyk said that we are also looking/discussing how cumbersome the WC process is. She has discussed this with Connie Jones and Susan Thibedeau-Coilan. HR is going to talk with 3 employees who were recently involved in WC process. Scott Grefe added that employees are saying they don’t trust the QRCs. The employees believe the QRC only wants to get them back to work. Scott asked who is supporting the employees. Chuck Carlson asked about the WC Committee – talked about adding to the end of Safety Committee. This will be a follow up item. There was additional conversation about the Safety Committee meeting schedule as the dates/times were changed. The dates/times are now set in place and AFSCME leadership will be able to attend on a regular basis. Then, there was a discussion around the gloves on the units and that GMWs are now in charge of stocking gloves and making them available. Carol and Tom added that they are trying to avoid hoarding them on the units. AFSCME: 1. Follow-up to initial work done by NASMD - do a reassessment sometime in April.

Carol Olson shared that Raul was not available to return for a reassessment until April. She is working to get a firm date set for a reassessment.

2. Meetings with EAP would be a matter of policy for everyone returning to a work unit following a serious injury.

Chuck Carlson requested to have injured employees meet with EAP following the injury trauma. He asked that this be made a requirement. Chuck gave the example that employee’s physical injuries have healed but emotionally are very angry. Carol Olson noted that employees who have been injured are encouraged to contact EAP but she is not sure if this can be a mandate. HR is currently working on a draft procedure for employees returning to work after injury. This can be added to the draft as a question and reviewed at the WC Return to Work Committee.

3. A staff recognition effort that is being worked on by was raised. There was some question that it may be “stuck” in central office.

Carol Olson stated that the topics have been broad and have also been sent to the Leadership Development Program members. Carol said this needs to be done the right way. If some are recognized other may become disgruntled and we don’t want ill-will. Carol asked if there were any ideas from AFSCME around staff recognition. Jeremy Tubbs said that MSOP supervisors put on a BBQ for staff in the summer. Carol said she is open to suggestions.

4. Continue discussion of the potential of an A-Team as a way to provide some support to staff, even if it is simply the knowledge that they are not alone. We are using a similar approach at Anoka using local law enforcement so it can be an item for discussion.

Chuck Carlson is recommending a designated Team and said that the discussion has been lost. He believes this is timely while we are looking at schedules with the Utility teams. He gave the example of CRP patients’ response when A-team shows up. Carol said management will look at this again. Jeremy added that at MSOP, their A-team also delivers trays, does checks, and covers units so they stay very busy.

5. Policies that allow for community outings and canteen visits for clients in the Assessment and Crisis Units that may be more generous than those policies in place on units where clients are placed following crisis or assessment.

Chuck said that some patients don’t want to move units because of different privileges. John Knobbe added that he feels we’ve done a dis-service as everything is a “right” and there are no consequences. Instead some need to be privileges that they could lose and/or earn. Rita said she will send this to the Best Practices Committee. Chuck concluded by stating that the intent was to raise awareness, not to fix at this meeting.

6. CRP issues – LPN/SC Roles/Questions and Concerns

Tim Headlee brought forward concerns and recommendations to management regarding CRP. A separate meeting will be held outside of M&C since we need Carie Archer and Lisa Vanderveen present. This meeting will be set up prior to the next M&C. Follow up: This meeting was held on the afternoon of 3/8/13 – present at the meeting: Carol Olson, Colleen Ryan, Lisa Vanderveen, Carie Archer, Elizabeth Blomberg, John Knobbe, Shannon Pech and Tim Headlee.

7. FNH issues – Loss of LPN’s at FNH and Scheduling Concerns

Colleen Ryan asked that we sit down with Michelle Chalin and Becky Kern to discuss. Jeremy Tubbs said that he does not have clear cut examples today so he would be happy to meet with the Nursing Home leadership. Add-ons: 1. Org Chart – Is there a new one?

When the MSH Assistant Program Manager is announced there will be an updated org chart. This will be announced on the SOFS SharePoint Site.

2. Lead seniority dates

John Knobbe said that back when Larry TeBrake & Larry Nelson were here, they agreed to pick the date when offered, not when they were moved to the position. John added that because the orientation dates differ from MSOP, 2 staff could be promoted to Leads at the same time but one would have more class seniority. He recommends that those promoting have the same date, most likely the start of the next pay period (if moving within the same pay period). Elizabeth Blomberg said she couldn’t agree without MSOP agreement and would likely need to memorialize in writing. Elizabeth and John will talk before the next M&C.
3. Grievances

Jeremy Tubbs brought forward a concern about how grievances are presented. He stated they should be resolved at the lowest level possible. He questioned why Elizabeth was present at a 1st step grievance. He stated that HR should only be present at 3rd steps, not multiple steps, because there should be a fresh set of ears at each step. Jeremy added that he does not want HR to be the decision maker at each step. Elizabeth clarified that HR is not the decision maker. Scott Grefe believes this violates the letter of the contract. He stated that MMB is even trying to be involved at step 1 and this violates contract. He added that keeping it at the lowest level would do tons to help with labor relations and would help save money/resources.

4. New Lead List-Leveling

John Knobbe said that in the past, employees stayed on the Lead list unless Supervisor had reason to take them off. Otherwise, they would only have to add/level new ones. Rita said the TTSs would like to go back to interviews for each Lead position. This will be a follow up item. Action Items: 1. Trades on-call (Tom Kolstad/HR) 2. Outside medical facility coverage/overtime (Rita Olson/TC) 3. Invite Susan Thibedeau-Coilan to next AFSCME M&C (HR) 4. WC Return to Work Committee/WC process for staff (HR) 5. A-Team Concept (Carol Olson) 6. Consistent unit privileges to Best Practices Committee (Rita Olson) 7. CRP Concerns - Follow Up Meeting 8. FNH Concerns – Follow Up Meeting 9. Updated org chart 10. SC Lead seniority dates (Knobbe/HR) 11. Lead Leveling process (Rita Olson/HR)