2/19/15 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Amanda Mathiowetz, Stacey Mueller, Chuck Hottinger, Tim Headlee, Molly Kennedy, Luke Frederick, Scott Grefe, Mike Homer, Shannon Pech, Lisa Hobday, Kelly Woelporn, Adam Castle, Stephanie Attenberger, Ben Bruns, John Knobbe, Mary Wolfe, Karla Herzberg, Cassy Rydell, Dusty Wiley, Marvin Sullivan, Mike Sutherland

1. Secretary’s Report: No changes to be made on January’s General Membership Minutes. Motion to accept by Chuck Hottinger, 2nd by Molly Kennedy, motion passed.

2. Treasurer-Connie Anderson: Motion to accept by Chuck Hottinger, 2nd by Molly Kennedy, motion passed. STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING January 2015 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 47448.92 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 22061.00 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 1275.00 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 68234.92 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson

3. Correspondence: • Deficiency Funding (Gov. Dayton). • Day on the Hill March 24th (Attendance/Bus). - Deadline for signing up is March 2nd. MSH members contact Tim Headlee or Connie Anderson. MSOP contact Molly Kennedy - Molly Kennedy made a motion to pay for the bus, registration fee, per diem, and usual expenses. Will not reimburse for mileage if you drive on your own. 2nd by Kelly Woelporn. - This year will be about the Move MN Transportation Fix. There are a lot of defective roads, Governor has prop 6 bill to fix. The house thinks they can do it for 700 million. One project alone is 400 million. Asking for people to text movemn to 237263. Information is on http://afscmemn.org/story/dayton-revs-transportation-push also. - If you bring a friend you will get either a hat or a tote bag. - Staff safety is paramount. This takes money. There are several DHS deficiencies. Asking for extra money for not only St. Peter but also MSOCS, CARE, and other organizations within direct care and treatment. - Our goal is to have 35 people attend DOTH. • C5 Regional Meeting is March 6th. Tim H & Chuck H attending. - Motion by Chuck Hottinger for per diem and usual expenses, 2nd by John Knobbe. Motion passed • AFSCME Local 404 extra turkey’s (Donate to American Legions/Veterans). - We already donate to the local food shelf’s. Try to expand to other organizations. Motion by Chuck Hottinger to donate 50-60 of the leftover turkey’s to the American Legion Association. This would be funneled through the Madison Lake post. 2nd by Shannon Pech. Motion passed. • Contract training on February 20th, 8am, at Shoreland for Molly Kennedy. - 29 people signed up to attend • Safe staffing MN (Facebook). - This was started by Council 5. This is a very important tool and is a large step in reaching what we want. There is information on the Council 5 and Local 404 website. Simply search on Facebook for Safe Staffing MN and your post can be anonymous. Pictures and videos are encouraged. - Reminder that no patient names can be in your post to comply with HIPPA. The employer tried to say that we are violating HIPPA and that is not true. - KEYC started a story based off of this Facebook page. • Lobby Week, February 23rd – 27th. - Anyone who would like to go please contact Chuck Hottinger, Tim Headlee, or Molly Kennedy. - You go up as a group, leave as a group. Pretty free form. Talk to legislatures to inform them of what is going on at our site. This is very impactful. You spend a lot of time meeting with individuals that are of importance to us. Chuck made a motion to pay per diem and mileage for whoever may attend. Everyone should car pool. 2nd by John Knobbe. Motion passed.

4. New Business: • Every 1768 that gets put in now lands at Central HR then they are saying they cannot post to hire so we are running 20 some SC’s short. On February 18th 45 people were in Centralized Training. No way to fill the OT. Scott Grefe had a conversation with Anne Barry about this. She requested that all examples be emailed directly to her. We should be going directly to Anne with reasons we believe 1768’s should be filled. • If you know that someone is going to be terminated email union leadership because we need their contact information. HR cannot give this information out. We need to get a hold of them to let them know their rights and to talk down. Would like to get a hold of the employee before they leave campus. There are rights beyond being terminated. MSOP AGENDA ITEMS 1. See who signed up for overtime (advance and subsequent) • The reason we are unable to see this right now is because that would give everyone full permissions. This would allow people to make changes to the list of Security Counselor’s signed up for OT. • A lot of members have asked for this. Right now if a SC believes OT was handed out incorrectly, the steward gets the list from JR. Is there a way to simplify this process? Management stated that they can take a snippet of the list that everyone can access through the scheduler site. 2. Ability to see all of AFSCME's schedules • The reason we do not have this access is because that would give administration status and that gives the ability to make changes to the schedule. • There is a new schedule system coming. Please see #6 below under Management.

3. Bid awards and effective dates •There are numerous dates on the bid award letter. Bonnie Wold sent a copy of a letter to Cindy Jungers. The date the position was accepted is the start of the 6 month bid ban. 4. Filling vacated positions *1768’s are in. Not all positions have been posted. The goal is to have any internal movement in before it is approved to hire off of the street again. There is no interest in stopping movement. 5. Interest bids on dead positions (across programs) 6. GPS bracelets • The minimal training received by very few people is concerning. There are only about 6 people trained on the GPS bracelets. The reason for this is because the vendor only gives a limited amount of permissions because this is accessible from home and changes could be made. •AFSCME received an email giving details on the concerns out there with this system. The name on the email will be blacked out and sent to Troy Sherwood who will address these concerns. 7. Oxygen on trips • In the past a nurse has accompanied trips when there is a client who has an oxygen tank. This was recently changed to where there is not a nurse with. Members are very concerned about this because oxygen is considered a drug and they are not trained on this. Troy Sherwood stated that he met with Michelle Bremer on this. Nursing will make the decision if the client will be accompanied by a nurse or not. The reason for this is because clients who use an oxygen tank use it for assistance. They do not rely on it to breathe. Every case will be looked at individually. 8. Discrepancy on rounds of bidding • Jamie Sheppard has been tracking this for AFSCME there have been several discrepancies with Central Office on rounds of bids. Tim L stated that he called Central Office about this to make sure that they are tracking the rounds. Central Office stated that they would do an internal audit. Tim or JR will be the point person for this. 9. Rotating 4 – 10 hour shifts • Recently AFSCME received a schedule proposal from a member on 1st Watch. This member did a lot of research and tracking over a 5 month span to see at what times we are running short. The member developed a rotating 4 – 10 hour shift schedule. This would affect members on 2nd and 3rd watch as well because shifts would need to overlap. It would be approximately 12-13 SC’s on each shift. Management received the template and stated that it would need further discussion. Tim Lokensgard stated that one thing that does stand out right away is that there is a 50 hour work week. 80 hour pay period total but 2 out of every 3 weeks are 50 hours. 10. Lead Meetings • There has been concern over the environment of Lead Meetings. These meetings are intended for opinions to be heard and for an open discussion. For some time these opinions have been shot down or ridiculed. There has been a lot of disrespect shown. AFSCME asked that this be addressed.9:30 a.m MSOP MANAGEMENT AGENDA ITEMS 1. Cost savings committee • Management stated that they believe it is time to resurrect this committee. There will be a representative from AFSCME (Matt Stenger), Central Office, St. Peter, and Moose Lake. So far there has been one meeting. The notes will be posted on the Share Site. 2. Request for 6-2 rotation • This request came from a Lead on the east side of the Shantz building. Currently the west side SCL’s are on a 6-2 rotation. Management stated that they are considering honoring this request. • AFSCME mentioned that this should diminish bidding rights due to this staff having an established 5-2 schedule right now. Because of this request word has spread and AFSCME has received a few emails from members who are on 5-2 schedules wanting to switch to a 6-2. AFSCME’s stance on this is that because there are 4 6-2 Lead positions, this should be something staff bid on when it opens up. If given to one individual it will get messy. 3. Employee of the week • The Executive Team bought a parking spot for 3 months to give to the Employee of the Week. They would like to do this year round. The whole group put in names for the rest of the year and then drew from a hat. 4. Employee ID badges • DCT will be re doing all name badges. They have decided to keep last names on badges but will be changing some of the colors. Management stated they are not sure on the reason for keeping both names. AFSCME stated that this is a bigger deal for CBHH/CARE’s due to their clientele getting out into the community quickly. • MSOP will be staying the same blue. MSH may be changing from brown to yellow. 5. Extended care unit • Due to the number of clients in Pexton it is difficult to move clients when incompatibilities come up. For the past 5-6 months these clients have had to move to Shantz which is not ideal. • Health Services needs an Infirmary Room. This would allow nursing to observe clients the night before an operation or will be utilized as a temporary stay if clinical isn’t in (i.e. over the weekend). This will be circumstantial. The OD has the ability to decide what property the client can take. • This will be the least restrictive option. The room will be unlocked. There will be a hospital bed and a cable box if the client wants to move their television. The room will not be monitored by cameras. • The unit will be on P2S and will be the room formally used as HAS. This is considered a unit for licensing purposes. It will not impact staffing. 6. Scheduling Software • Emerald City is the vendor that was chosen for the new software. Negotiations are complete and the contract will be signed around the end of March. MSOP bought an X amount of licenses so they are talking to the Forensics program about them possibly buying a portion. This will be DCT wide at some point. • July 1st is the target date. In the meantime it will be developmental testing. • Employees will be able to access the schedule, approve mutuals, and request vacation from home. This software will be a one stop shop. The vacation calendar will be attached and OT sign up. The OD will be able to look at the OT sign up and everyone will be in order of seniority. The OD will click on the first name and the software will send a text to that employee stating that they have so long to call the OD to accept the OT. Tim Lokensgard is taking the lead on this project. 7. ETL • There has been a lot of unauthorized leave lately. Employees are expected to manage their time. ETL has been looked at individually and some has been approved. If you know you are out of time or coming close, please speak to your supervisor or Human Resources to let them know that you are watching your time. HR has worked with individuals before who do not have FMLA. • AFSCME mentioned that on a couple of occasions the employee has been told that they can only go back 48 hours when FMLA is concerned. That is nowhere in the law like it was implied. AFSCME would like this cleared up. If this arises again please let Cindy Jungers know. • After receiving FMLA paperwork from the employer, a few staff has been told that they have 30 days to fill the paperwork out. This is not true. Again, if this happens please let Cindy Jungers know.

MSH FORENSICS AGENDA ITEMS MSH Management: • Overtime Report and OSHA log • Work Rules • Town Hall Meetings • Staff Engagement Survey • Meeting Minutes: Please note that based on differences between management and AFSCME, minutes may differ from what is emailed out to what is on the Local 404 site.

AFSCME 404: 1. Mr. Melby’s (MSH Future Plans, Goals, Expectation and Implementations during/for 2015 & 2016). Any that will affect Scheduling, Salary, Staffing, Safety & Security, including Contract Language. a. Capable and Qualified. b. Pt. & Staffing ratios. c. Segregated/straight shifts (Early, Late & NOC). d. Staff breaks/Unit break rooms. e. 6-2 rotations/8.5 shifts. f. Pt. open movement. g. Staffing layoffs. 2. Term 9 Completion/Posting. 3. Union representation at termination. 4. Interest bids between programs. 5. Transition Services Scheduling & (Contracting MN Security Company). 6. CRP 6-2 rotation review/update. 7. Timeliness for responses by MSH HR, taking up to 3 weeks Review: 1. Abatement Plan Posting.

5. Old Business: • Matt Stenger will be collecting people’s stories of being assaulted physically or mentally. He has a form that you fill out. Members can also do a short video. This is an action plan that covers all of DHS. We are trying to push ourselves to get in front of legislatures. Without anyone stepping up there will be no action. Would like to get at least 20 stories by the 20th. We need all the ammunition we can get. This stories need to be in Matt’s hands by the 29th of January. If you were hurt more than once, fill out multiple sheets. We will be doing this in phases: legislature and media. Would like to do this the entire time legislation is open.

6. Items from the membership:

• Discussion about MSH Meet & Confer topics • Discussion about MSOP Meet & Confer topics • Presentation given by the Retiree Chapter to the E Board for the Local to pay for the first year of dues ($18 a year) to get people active. They do a lot of lobbying. Motion to accept by Lisa Hobday, 2nd by Marvin Sullivan, motion passed. • Stacey Mueller made a motion to create different committees within the union. She has been doing research on how other unions run. There would be a separate chairperson and section for ideas, complaints in that area. Then that committee would bring it to leadership. There would be separate committees for areas like education, social board, LPN board, grievances, etc. These committees are open to anyone. If you are interested please contact Stacey Mueller. • A motion was brought forward to donate to a member who recently had a premature baby that is in need of a lot of care. This member is out of FMLA. It was recommended that the member go through Human Resources to get a vacation donation in place. There will be a benefit for this member April 25th. Motion to donate $500 towards organizing the benefit, 2nd by Mike Sutherland. Discussion: Check Thrivent because a lot of the time they will match donations. Walk the member through asking for vacation donation. At this time look at donation. Make sure they are using the proper coding when filling out their time book. 6 month’s leave was approved. Please provide a copy of all letters received to Chuck Hottinger. Motion passed. • Motion to donate $500 to John Wright family. Discussion: Historically we only fund fundraisers because it becomes a difficult line to draw with members who have hardships. This member is currently working fulltime and still has insurance on his son. Motion withdrawn. • Transition: concern over safety. Patients are out of control and it seems like nothing is being done. They are breaking things, grabbing weapons, and patients are still there. Is there anything members there can do? We need reports. The Safety Committee needs to hear about these occurrences. You can send them to Tom Roessler, Chuck Hottinger, or Tim Headlee. Also, there is the Safe Staffing MN Facebook page. Management claims there are no issues in Transition. When filling out an Incident Report please send it to Chuck also. These situations are not being addressed.

7. Officer Reports

Presidents Report:

VP- Chuck Hottinger 22 February 2015 February report The OSHA Citation Mediation and the agreement had an objection was filed (by an affected employee) as the Abatement plan was not originally posted with the signed agreement. The resolution was to repost with the abatement plan attached. The agreement has been signed again and will be posted for another 10 day period. The Conditional License Term 9 work group has completed the report for Licensing to recommend a replacement or modification to Rule 36. We are presently waiting for a response from Licensing to proceed with their ruling on the proposed options to address Rule 36. Tim and I are both members of the Forensic Division Safety Committee which is working on a new Charter for the committee which address the responsibilities and authority of the committee. The plan is to add some teeth to the committee and make an impact on the safety of employees on the SPRTC Campus. I would like to thank Tom Keck for stepping up as voice (of reason) on the committee. There were a record 102 reportable staff injuries in 2014. January 2015 has continued this pace with 9 and I don’t expect February numbers to be any better. There has minimal progress made with the measures identified in the Abatement plan with even the simplest items like hats and protective sleeves stalled at the administrative level. The Safe Staffing Facebook page is already paying dividends with renewed media attention which has a direct link to legislators stepping up to join the cause. If you have a story –post it. Be mindful of HIPPA limitations and speak to your experience. It is evident on the page that this is not a 404 problem and it is like a cancer within the whole of DHS direct care. OSHA and Licensing have provided the framework to address staff injuries but social media, Legislator action, and media attention will provide the whip to force urgency in Administrative action. Calling meetings, forming committees, and document creation while lamenting about the budget is not what we need to address the situation of members being injured at the hands of patients. There have been numerous meetings during the month with Labor Management meetings for CARE (CD Treatment), the Community Behavioral Health Hospitals, Competency Restoration Program, Forensic Nursing Home, MSOP (see Molly’s report), and Facilities Support. The staffing situation at all sites is reaching a critical level where staff and client safety is impacted and mandated overtime is burning out staff. This situation is exasperated by the fact that vacation denial is the predominant response. There are programs that we represent that are 25 to 40% short staffed. Our Contract Class on the 20th had 28 attendees who I hope were entertained and informed. John Knobbe helped as an instructor and passed along some of his accumulated knowledge and a few informed opinions. As a Local and at a personal level we will all miss John as he moves the retirement nirvana stage of his career. John’s ability to make documents appear out of thin air during meeting to illustrate a point being made is stuff of legend. Johns service to the Local spanned decades and included the dark days of the strike (2001) and the layoffs of 2008 and 2009. The AFSCME Council 5 Retirees Chapter will be John’s next stop and I’m sure we will be seeing him for years to come. Priority 1 for 2015 - is Staff Safety Priority 2 for 2015 - It’s time to show the colors. Negotiation time is here! In solidarity, Chuck Hottinger – VP Admin

VP- Molly Kennedy:

Executive Board: Luke Frederick

Executive Board: Adam Castle

Executive Board: James Hemshrot

CS MSH/Transition: Ryan Cates

CS CBHH / CARE & MSOP: Matt Stenger

CS FACILITY SUPPORT: Mike Homer This month I have sat an investigation for an MSOP staff. I have filed 2 grievances for the Main Kitchen. I have had a meeting with HR and the supervisor for the Main Kitchen to try and make it a better working environment. Mike

CS Nursing Home & Transition: Eric Hesse

CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Shannon Pech I attended a CRP meeting on February 18th. Those who attended were myself, Tim Headlee, Chuck Hottinger, Carie Archer, Lisa Vanderveen-Nogol, Jen Frew, and Meghan Goodrich. Below is a brief overview of that: 1. Activity vs Need • Carie Archer told us that she has already started working on that. She said that she has already been speaking to the RN’s about these adjustments. 2. A – Team • This tied into the previous topic. Talked about we need better options. The union felt that more staff on North and the RN assigned to North during an ICS should at least come out on to the floor and ask about the need. 3. .75 vs Fulltime • This is specifically related to NOC staff. A .75 staff due to seniority was given the choice of days off over fulltime. Labor and management disagreed on how it was actually done on decision day. However it was agreed that we need to be careful with this because we are on new ground here. 4. Staffing • No one on campus has been given the go ahead to hire new staff. There is staff movement between units. 5. LPN Inversing (revisited) • It was suggested by Labor that an LPN should be inversed before a SC gets inversed twice in a pay period. • It was also suggested by labor that if an LPN is working as floor staff, but protects the LPN working the LPN position.

Motion to adjourn by Kelly Woelporn at 4:51 pm, 2nd by James Hemshrot