2/17/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Ann Sullivan(Recorder), Matt Stenger, Jeremy Tubbs, Molly Kennedy, W. John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, Jason Montgomery, Brooks T. Midbrod, Jen Colello, Stasha Sickler, Jason Anderson, Diane Firkus, Scott Grefe, Nancy Johnston, Bonnie Wold, Gary Grimm, Ralph Schmidt, Melissa Gresczyk, Ann Zimmerman, Kevin Moser, Dennis Benson


1. Intercom Beeping – Moose Lake
• The intercom’s were not working but are beeping as of today. The tones will need to be adjusted.
2. 1st Watch Response to Client Sexual Assault – Moose Lake
• There was an assault that happened on 1st watch. Management will be meeting with staff to make sure they know that it went well. Video camera evidence helped a lot.
3. Bulletin Boards Follow Up – Moose Lake
• This has been completed.
4. Review of Video Exonerates Staff – Moose Lake
• Covered under management agenda item #2
5. Vacation Forums Complete
• There were 2 forums held at both sites. They were not well attended but those that attended had their questions answered. These forums will not be held routinely unless problems arise. The minutes will be posted on the home page. There has been some confusion about how to look up requested vacation it is not for the date granted but the date that you requested it. This will be addressed in the minutes.
6. Timeliness of Receipt of Agenda Items
• Management stated that they have difficulty following up without timely receipt of the agenda items. AFSCME stated that we will do our best but it is unavoidable for issues to arise at the last minute.


1. Vacation Requests at 6 Months
• Locals 404 and 1092 are working together on this. Local 1092 is going to discuss this with their members and get back to Local 404. This will remain an agenda item until that time.
2. When Is a Steward Necessary?
• There was discussion at length regarding when a steward is to be granted by management. Scott Grefe spoke about Weingarten rights and the Supreme Court ruling regarding ‘other adverse action’. Local 404 made a formal request to management to review when people are considered subject vs. non-subject as this can flip at any moment especially when a client is involved. HR stated they do not have the authority to change when a steward is granted. As a rule of thumb a non-subject is not entitled to union representation. The union feels that if a steward is available, one should be provided as this would go a long way in easing the fears of staff. This is done in MSH and AFSCME feels that this difference between MSH and MSOP should be cleared up. HR stated that this is a direction from Central Office. Scott Grefe will be contacting Central Office to discuss.
3. Customer Service at Uniforms Unlimited
• This problem was addressed 10 months ago and service got better for 2-3 months. We are now back to having problems with orders. Jeremy Tubbs has tried to contact them by phone but has had no response. Jeremy has spoken to Jaime Fromm and she has gotten a response that they would improve but there has been no change. Jeremy will forward issues to Jaime Fromm and Kevin Moser will address issues with Uniforms Unlimited.
4. Day on the Hill – March 22
• Molly Kennedy has submitted a list of names to Tim Lokensgard and he has agreed to take a look at it and get back to her about availability. Jason will get the Moose Lake list to their scheduler (Rich) and copy Melissa Gresczyk tomorrow. Melissa stated that they will do whatever they can to get people the day off.
• There was a request in Moose Lake a few months ago to allow people a day off for Steward training. Management was going to help out with getting this day off but people were not allowed off for this training. There was a list of 15 people that was sent to HR and on to the scheduler and none of them were given the day off. Moose Lake is again going to try to do this training in May and asked that management help in getting these people the time off needed. Jen Colello will send a list to Cindy Jungers and Melissa Gresczyk has agreed to look into this and see what can be done.
5. Ability to Open Links on Greater Minnesota Homepage
• Nancy Johnston contacted Sheila Brandt and asked that the file be reposted as a PDF file so that people could read it. If staff is still having problems they should let management know.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:40am and reconvened at 12pm for Mutualing to Doubles proposal and discussion.
AFSCME proposed the following parameters for mutualing to doubles: 80 hours per pay period- mutual must be done within the same pay period, no more than 28 days out-> no need to track out longer, 1 mutual to double per pay period=26 maximum per year. A solution would have to be agreed upon about the second ½ hour break. The union mentioned either allowing staff to skip the 2nd ½ hour break or using ½ hour vacation or comp time in order to equal 80 hours per pay period. This would be in adherence with the Fair Labor Standards Act as 15 minute rest periods would still be taken. Having limits in place would make this a more controllable and not allow people to take off entire blocks of time. Management feels that this would help maintain control while trying to accommodate staff needs. Management feels that mutualing in totality should also be discussed. John Knobbe pointed out that in St. Peter there have been no disciplines as a result of mutual. Gary Grimm mentioned that some problems have come up with people mutualing and then calling in sick. Dennis Benson feels that the proposed number of mutuals is high but not un-negotiable. He likes the option of having mutuals be within the same pay period. He stated that as an employer, they need to do their best to accommodate staff and compete with other employers. He understands that we are a 24/7 operation and is sensitive to staff needs. He then asked that AFSCME be open to negotiate on issues that are important to management. One issues that he mentioned as being important to management was MSOP becoming its’ own bargaining unit. Dennis stated that mutualing to doubles would not be held hostage due to this issue. Dennis also discussed scheduling in St. Peter and how it can improve. He said St. Peter would be putting together scheduling committees to discuss this matter further.
Scott Grefe asked that we come to an agreement and have a trial run. With a start date and an end date we could re-meet and discuss what went well and what didn’t and change things at that time. Kevin Moser stated that he was also thinking more conservatively but that he like the idea of a trial run. Gary Grimm spoke about some operational issues that may need to be addressed such as number of mutuals per day and mutuals away from unit bid to.
Melissa Gresczyk or Scott Grefe will be contacted if other issues arise.

Meeting adjourned at 12:52pm