2/13/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME: Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Tim Headlee, Amanda Mathiowetz
Management: Scott Melby, Melissa Gresczyk, Cindy Jungers, Liz Barbo, Julie Whited


1. Sunrise Use CPS currently has 19 clients and is licensed for 23 client beds. It is anticipated that the program will shortly be full. Liz Barbo is working with Carol Olson and reviewing possible use of the East Wing at Sunrise if bonded for additional beds by 2015. Very early in the process and things may change. Staffing needs to be reviewed in the future but will be similar to CPS. This unit will be considered its own entity. Staff can be directed to Liz Barbo if they have any questions.


1. Having to take a mandatory break when you work 6 hours or more and given shift in progress vacation. The intention was to offer vacation when it became available (i.e. vacation opens up at 8pm, the staff will be told right before 8pm that they can leave). This is to prevent short notice having to be taken away due to an unexpected event where that staff would be needed. If a staff decides later into their shift that they would like to sign up for short notice, that chance is gone due to numbers being pulled already. Vacation may be offered hours earlier than available and confusion about whether to take a break prior to leaving. It was requested by Scott Melby to have time to work on this to make ensure consistency on all watches and he will follow up with the OD group as they may have ideas. To be placed on the next agenda.

2. Last name removed from badges. Melissa Gresczyk stated that there is not an update at this time. It is still in with legal in the research phase and no decision has been made at this time.

3. Notification of when the 5th spot of vacation will become available for 2nd and 3rd watch. Scott Melby stated that the announcement would be out soon on the homepage. Notice reviewed in the meeting by Molly Kennedy.

4. With the creation of additional spot on 1st watch, requesting another vacation spot be added. The Union stated that employees had been inquiring into an additional vacation spot for 1st watch. Administration said that it had been researched but at this time an additional spot would not be added but it is something which is continuously being looked at. The reasoning for this is because there were 8 dead bids on 1st watch and with the creation of 4 spots due to the additional Shantz Units. This will leave 3 extra. Management also reviews how many vacation slots are utilized and there are many unused. Concerns expressed with employees being temporarily assigned to 1st watch and confusion on which day their previously approved vacation would fall on. Employees have come forward with their individual issues in the past if there was a problem and their requested day has been honored. Encourage them again to come forward if there is an issue. 5. Creation of a list of Stewards that can sit in on investigations. There is a list of Stewards that has been posted on the Managers and Supervisors share point site. The Union has requested to contact one of the Officers as they will assist in assigning stewards.