1/9/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Matt Stenger, Mike Homer, Molly Kennedy, Scott Melby, Chuck Carlson, Melissa Gresczyk, John Knobbe, Scott Grefe, Amanda Mathiowetz, Tim Lokensgard, Troy Sherwood, Bonnie Wold, Cindy Jungers, Julie Whited, Liz Barbo


1. New Group Supervisor Position in Process a.) With 2 new units opening in the Shantz Building, a position for a Group Supervisor is in the process of being approved and posted.

2. Update on Upcoming Shantz Security Counselor and Lead Vacancies b.) There will be no program wide rebid. Management received good feedback and felt that staff are overall happy with their current schedule. One unwanted schedule seems to be the 5-2 on 3rd watch. c.) When the 2 units open in Shantz, positions will be filled with the normal bidding process. There will be 4 SC and 2 SCL openings on 2nd Watch, 4 SC and 2 SCL openings on 3rd Watch as well. Please note that all of these positions will be a 6-2 rotation including leads. d.) There is no intent or future plans on switching the schedule/ days off for SCL’s. e.) With the two new units there will be a total of 5 vacation slots for 2nd and 3rd watch. More info on this will be sent from management on the start date of this.


1. Reassignments for construction and basement posts. Current vacancy in construction post. a.) The prior agreement will be kept. Staff who took construction and basement temporary posts will be moved back to the positions/days off held prior to the construction post position. These were temporary positions that the local agreed to extend past the normal 5 months. b.) The vacancy for a construction post will be temporarily filled until the end of the construction project.

2. Outings for CPS such as ice fishing, etc. a.) A request to rent an ice fish house was denied because of safety and security reasons. Fish houses have no windows and staff/clients are confined to a small enclosed area. If something where to happen, there would be no witnesses or assistance available. Also, OSI would not be able to witness the outing. b.) The union asked if it was possible to generate a list of staff who would like to go in ice fishing outings. This was denied based on positions being created specifically for outings. These outings are for the clients and will not always be enjoyable for staff. c.) Cold Weather- Staff on ice fishing outings can swap with each other to sit in the vehicle. The weather policy in place should be used for these outings. If weather is a concern, staff should contact the OD who can then cancel the outing. d.) The union expressed many concerns related to staff safety as going out on the ice in any weather is inherently dangerous. The union position is that if staff are to be required to go on the ice they must be equipped with the DNR recommended safety equipment or this is a OSHA issue as currently practiced. *As a result of this conversation ice fishing outings have been suspended.

3. Using clients in ICS escape drills and staff not knowing it is a drill. Staff treating it as a real situation and someone getting injured. a.) Management reserves the right to use clients during drills and audits under the Security Director’s approval. b.) Drills that have been done involving clients have been a learning experience. There will now be prior notice that it will be a drill and the client will be with a staff at all times during the drill. c.) The value of using a client during a drill is to see how the count procedure is working and if it is working properly. It gives a good time frame on how long it takes for an ICS to be activated. d.) The drills that have been conducted, staff have done a good job.

4. During an investigation, subject of an investigation being told what they are being investigated for right before the interview. a.) Per contact the staff should receive a brief summary prior to the investigation. “Prior” is the key term and is considered any time before the investigation begins and gives the staff a chance to talk with their union steward. b.) The notice given depends on the situation and is up to the investigators discretion. The prior notice time frame depends on the safety and security risk involved. c.) Management will be sending out a reminder that a brief summary needs to be given.

5. Decision on what will happen when Shantz building opens. a.) Please see number 2 under Management Agenda Items

6. New scheduling program. a.) A new electronic scheduling program is being looked into for the entire campus. Various demos will be looked at. Molly Kennedy will be representing the local on this committee. b.) Management does have a wish list from the local and will take this list into consideration when looking at different programs.

7. Putting client information on Phoenix. a.) It is difficult to add information to Phoenix. b.) Scott Melby encourages staff to talk to the client’s primary therapist prior to an outing. Also, he encourages staff to utilize the Incident Report system because this will give a more accurate idea of safety/security concerns related to the client. c.) For CPS- there is a group that meets and looks into the risks/concerns of all outings. d.) M Drive access was taken away because it is old information. Management would like all staff to treat outings with the same level of attention. Clients are always changing their target behaviors so this will keep staff from looking for specific behaviors. Staff will be more aware of all risky behaviors. e.) There was notice of this on the homepage but instead of “M Drive” it was called “E Files.” f.) MN Statute and HIPPA laws are being followed this way. Administration is going by the minimum standard rule.

8. Follow up on pat searches for clients who work in the shop and returning to Pexton. a.) WTA’s and SDS’s are trained on pat searches. Staff should help them with pat searches so vocational staff are able to return to their work area in a timely manner. Pat searches should not fall on Security Counselors only.

9. Supervisors not contacting employees when changing their time books. a.) Supervisors have been told that they should email staff when a change has been done to their time book. A reminder will be sent out. Please let Scott Melby or Tim Lokensgard know if your time book is changed without notice. b.) If there is a discrepancy with the schedule and time book, the supervisor will look at comments. If they have made a change to a time book, the supervisor will make note of this in the comments section. c.) Management is looking further into staff being forced to take a break if they get SNV 6 hours into their shift.

10. Taking the last name off of badges a.) MNOSHA is doing legal research and a review is being done on taking staff’s last name off of their name badges. If this is found legally ok, management will be looking at changing this. b.) Clients still can ask for a staff’s last name. c.) Research has shown that removing last names from badges decreases violence in the work place.

11. Staff needed on 1st Watch a.) An intermittent on 1st watch has volunteered to fill a fulltime spot. This would prevent a staff from getting bumped until staff get off of probation. This is against the contract.