12/15/16 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, James Hemshrot,Jeff Bruns, Stacey Mueller, Justin Racek, Crystal Krekloew, Mike Homer, Eric Hesse,Kurt Crosby, Karla Hersberg

1.Secretary’s Report: Motion to accept by Molly Kennedy subject to audit. Motion passes
2. Treasurer-Antonino Guerrero:
SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson
3. Correspondence:  MSH: Using violation of contract as emergency. Put in data request for people who were signed up for overtime versus how many were called.  Melby said he was following contract.  Stenger said he would bring it to legislators.
4. New Business: Light Duty Overtime.  Light Duty Staff Shouldn’t be granted overtime.  IOD should not get overtime. Schedulers have been granting 12 hour shifts. Why can they put light duty staff in other areas. In transition, overnight and days are considered two different work areas.  People are being passed over who are eligible but management is allowing staff from different programs to do overtime. Nurse was going to be inversed so supervisors inversed security staff instead and asked them to do nursing duties. If you get granted overtime on light duty, eligible staff should not be passed over.  Holiday party is January 23rd from 6pm to 12 pm.  Motion by Crosby for hosting at wow zone up to $4000 for food and entertainment not supplying alcohol.  2nd by Hemshrot.  Motion passes.  Trying something new for family friendly.  Stacy will send out invites. Holiday donations: toys for tots-motion for 100 by Crosby. 2nd by Luke. Mankato food shelf-100. Passes
Negotiations assembly: Motion for per diem for delegates and alternate motion by molly, 2nd by Stenger. Motion passes. 4 hours pay for Hesse attending meeting at council 5 in St. Paul by Molly, 2nd by Hemshrot.  Passes. Corrections retirement and SERP.  With recent election we may not be receiving as good of a deal this next contract.  We need to discuss with legislators. Corrections day on the hill invited us to go lobby for SERP and budget issues on march 7th.  Council 5 day on the hill is march 25th.  Proposal from legislators for SERP being in defined contribution.  We don’t want that.
5. Old Business: Call on sweaters, get a hold of Kurt Crosby if you still need one. He works weekends. Get a hold of molly and James also.  January 10th is final call.
6. Items from the membership:
7. Officer Reports
Presidents Report-Tim Headlee:
VP-Matt Stenger: The dress code policy was placed on hold until further review can be done by Direct Care and Treatment’s policy committee. It was brought up at DCT’s meet and confer that the policy didn’t follow the proper steps before being implemented. We are also challenging why hooded sweatshirts is listed as an item that can’t be worn but neck ties, scarves and 4 feet of radio cord is ok to be worn. We will continue to address this policy until it is suitable for both the employee and the employer. We are also addressing the staffing levels at Bartlett due to a lack of staff during certain times on the weekend.
VP- Eric Hesse:
Executive Board: Ryan Cates:
Executive Board: Luke Frederick: A couple of months ago the majority of CARE staff(across multiple labor unions) signed a letter expressing they are concerned about working conditions. When this was brought up at CBHH & CARE labor/mgmt. meeting we were told by administration that they were unaware that AFSCME knew about the letter and hadn’t intended to include us in their response. Wade Brost said that he is working with HR to prepare a response and will include AFSCME when it gets put out. We haven’t heard anything as of yet. Staff at care report that Wade now has an office at CARE but when asked if people have seen him there, people report that they haven’t.
When there are incidents we need to make sure that all appropriate paperwork gets filled out including but not limited to: progress notes, supplementals, injury reports, and ICS reports. When an outside entity (OSHA for example) comes to campus to review an incident, that is what they are looking for. There have been several incidents in the last 6 months where paperwork has been deficient.
If staff are getting injured on the job and call in sick the next day because of the injury, it does not get counted as part of the OSHA recordable injuries unless an injury report gets filled out. If/when this happens, this results in the OSHA recordable injury rate not reflecting the actual number of injuries. Take care of yourselves. Do not come in to work injured. Fill out the paperwork. Sat some investigations that are still ongoing.
Executive Board: James Hemshrot: One non cert, grievances. Leave without time on the books. 
Executive Board: Molly Kennedy: When people retire, let her know.  Management says it is private data when someone retires and will not help out.
Executive Board: Kurt Crosby: Dealing with management and safety concerns. 3 investigations.  Carol offering up that licensing was wrong.  Staff did nothing wrong with the fine we MSH received in 2000 when staff didn’t use most therapeutic practices available.
CS FACILITY SUPPORT: Mike Homer: Investigations. Grievances on overtime issues. Kitchen continues to be a mess. Got rid of problem supervisor. Delivery drivers are now listed as GMWs which resulted in raised wages. 
CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Jeff Brunz:  Stacey Mueller: Nursing: A nurse was asked to give her opinion on the new med carts but after she did, she was written up for insubordination by the same supervisor who asked for her opinion.
Motion to adjourn by Hesse. 2nd by Kennedy.  Motion passes adjourn at 6pm.