12/13/12 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Andrew Jones, Ann Sullivan, Jeremy Tubbs, John Knobbe, Connie Anderson, Molly Kennedy, Kelly Woelpern, Matt Stenger, Randy Erickson, Chuck Carlson, Eric Hesse, Ryan Cates, Shawn Kennedy, Mike Homer, Adam Castle, Nicolas Haller, Sam Arneson, and Brian Wells  

I. Call to order @4:37pm

II. Introduction of Officers

III. Secretary Jones - Approval of minutes from last meeting

IV. Correspondence a)

V. Local 404 New Business a) Fill Chief Steward and E-Board Vacancy - It was recommended by the E-Board to absorb the Chief Steward and E-Board positions until next election. John Knobbe made a motion to leave both positions vacant until next election. Kelly Woelpern seconded the motion and it was carried. Active immediately - Jeremy Tubbs and Matt Stenger will be the Chief Steward contacts for these areas. b) Council 5 Presidents Meeting Feb 8th in St. Paul – John Knobbe made a motion to pay for per diem and expenses. Jeremy Tubbs seconded and then carried. c) Negotiations Assembly – Paul Schwichtenberg, Randy Erickson, Connie Anderson, Susan Arneson, Charles Carlson, John Collins, Jamie Sheppard, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Eric Ridout, Matt Stenger, Ann Sullivan, Jeremy Tubbs, Jean Sandland, and (Alt.) Andy Jones  

VI. Officer reports

A) Presidents report 1) Joint Forensic Division Labor Management Meeting - cancelled 2) CBHH Labor Management Meeting – no meeting this month 3) Forensic Division Labor Management Meeting 12/13

B) Vice President Knobbe – review MSH minutes, and contact John with any questions. C) Vice President/Steward Coordinator Kennedy – We are still having many issues around mutualling to doubles. Also reviewing how many people are being granted vacation 24 hours in advance. Review MSOP minutes, and contact Molly with any questions.

D) Treasurer Anderson STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING: Nov 2012 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 39111.04 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 5006.84 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 7044.37 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 37073.51 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson Accepted subject to audit motion by: John Knobbe and seconded by Ann Sullivan then carried.

E) Chief Steward Headlee MSH/CRP: Questions and Concerns, 12/5/12. Security Services: (Master Control) Question, why/how can management have/make us work Bartlett hall Reception… But we can’t volunteer for OT in the reception area? (Campus Security/Master Control) Question and Concerns, staff feel there has been a lot of focus on the residential units and identifying their needs in order to function/improve. Questions: When will we be getting/receiving newer uniforms, including coats/jackets/rain gear/boots/caps/winter hats/gloves as these for the most part a requirement/expectation/improvement.Staff report/describe their uniforms as being several, several years old and in very poor condition/repair. Staff report not having enough/proper coats/jackets/boots/caps for the environment/winter/elements in which they work and report some staff without. Concerns: Staff expressed concerns about the repair/adequate/quality of their equipment. This equipment in most cases being used 24/7. Further concerns were about what ideas/improvements are going to made to ensure their obligations to provide a safe/safer outdoor environment for all the patients on this campus and very importantly maintaining/ensuring the public safety. I requested more feedback and details as to their (needs/wants/ideas) about environment/workplace improvements. Full Time Temp Workers: (Full time temps) had questions about their bidding rights/probation period and concerns that if HR was/are hiring full time permanent positions will they be offered permanent full time positions first or will other/newer employees be hired permanent full time before them. During further conversation questions and concerns derived about their scheduling, later I was presented with a schedule that shows the five full time temps more recently had been scheduled (6-2 rotations) out as far as the New Year. Questions: should or could we have been officially notified of the 6-2 rotation before implementation? Is the scheduled 6-2 rotation permanent or only awhile or until their off probation/bid to permanent full time? Concerns: Are the 6-2 rotations being implemented just for the full time temps? Why are they using the 6-2 rotations? South Unit: Staff have question about who is the utility/float pool supervisor and should they be notified when expectations are not being met? Staff feels there’s not always a lead working all shifts to address those issues (this concern has come up on several units) and feel they’re not in a position to address work performance issues. CRP Unit: Staff would like to request the Coaching sessions be identified as Coaching sessions, and feel that general conversation or at the end of general conversation this is turned into a Coaching. Staff said this has affected their willingness to approach professional staff. Over all feeling their needs are being met. Unit 900: Staff has expressed concerns about the unit’s work place relations and what’s going to help fix/solve/resolve these existing issues. Staff is wondering about having more/future lead positions (this concern has come up on several units). Unit 800: At this time feel their needs are being met. Unit 700: Staff at this time feels their needs are being met. Unit 600: Staff feel things are going good and their needs are being met, would like to request the carpet on the stairs going up and down between pt.’s rooms be repaired to ensure no one falls down and new chairs if possible. Unit 300: Staff would like to question “what happened to requesting vacation out 6months and not 1year. Staff has concerns about not enough vacation being approved during the week... Feel the new acuity levels/staffing during the week/weekends is affecting this with in the schedule. Unit 200: Question why part time/.8 positions are getting more weekends off and full time workers are being denied vacation on the weekend (this concern has come up on several units). Staff question when will the counselor’s office be redone/remodeled? Unit 100: Staff at this time feels their needs are being met. BH2N: At this time staff report their needs are being met. BH2S: Staff report going through some changes and are proactively working within the unit teams and at this time need no outside assistances. MSH LPN’s: Staff report working/dealing with new and existing issues, examples VAC/HOL leave and scheduling and LPN positions/work areas. Transition: Staff report things are going good and feel their needs are being met.

G) Chief Steward Tubbs – much discussion surrounded on-call maintenance supervisors at Physical Plant.

H) Chief Steward Stenger – 4 grievances this month. MSOP has been discussing changing hospital coverage times. Mutualling to doubles is still a hot topic and we are continuing enforce the contract to make this happen.

I) Chief Steward Pech – not much happening on MSH overnights. CRP has 4 patients being housed in med-core during the night shift, and there is many concerns surrounding staff safety.

J) Executive Board – Collins – nothing to report

K) Executive Board – Castle – nothing to report

L) Executive Board – Sullivan – many scheduling issues lately with supervisors stretching rules of rules of contract

VII. Items from the Membership Eric Hesse made a motion to donate $200 to each of the following charitable organizations: Toys for Tots, SPAFS, Echo Food Shelf, and Santa Anonymous. Motion was seconded by Andy Jones and carried. John Knobbe made motion to donate $1200 to the “The Kitchen” at Trinity Church in February. Motion was made by Molly Kennedy and seconded by Matt Stenger then carried to have Adam Castle occupy the role of Social Committee Chair.

VIII. CLU delegate Report – no report

IX. Social Committee/Good and Welfare X. Council 5 Field Representative and President emeritus Scott Grefe Lobby dates at Capital: Feb 18th, Feb 22nd, May 7th, and May 10th Dues increase of $0.30. Contract negotiations starting in February.

XI. Door /Progressive Drawings Chuck Carlson, Eric Hesse, and Nick Haller XII. Motion to Adjourn @5:47pm