1/19/17 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Adam Castle, Kurt Crosby, Tim Headlee, Stacy Mueller, Mike Homer, Antonino Guerrero, Justin Racek, James Hemshrot, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Luke Frederick, Karla Herzberg

1.Secretary’s Report:

2. Treasurer-Antonino Guerrero: Motioin to accept james second by molly STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING December 2016 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 37872.06 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 24816.75 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 1689.98 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 60998.83 SUBMITTED BY: Antonino Guerrero

3. Correspondence:  MSH Meet and Confer postponed to later date.

4. New Business:  7 page MSH agenda and additions as needed for presenting to commissioner.  Then come up with solutions Stenger realized meet and confers were no longer productive.  Management lack of respect for our local.  Management saying emergencies when inversing.  Management not responding to emails from the union.  Asst commissioner, greyzhck scott and carol had last minute meeting.  Tim was only person with management.  Why did he go so far up the chain? Management says union loses strength by jumping the ladder. Fund unfunded positions is 3rd ask. Full ask for funding.  Does afscme want to go to capitol to fight for the full ask if they are not going to fund safe staffing.  Dr. Krachen came from CRP and received 2 titles.  Will keep both jobs and increase pay but not offer out other position. They know that we are a powerhouse when using the capitol for our requests.

5. Old Business:

6. Items from the membership:

7. Officer Reports

Presidents Report-Tim Headlee:

VP-Matt Stenger: Removal of last names on badges. In MSH we have been raising the issue of our last names should be removed off of our badges. Carol has stated the policy that requires last names on our badges is going up for review and every union will have a representative at the table. This is a DCT wide policy so if the policy is changed we would like to see the practice carried over to MSOP.

VP- Eric Hesse: In the past month I have been busy scheduling meetings with legislators for our lobby weeks. There will be many issues that arise from this legislative session that we will need to fight to uphold, such as attacks against our right to collectively bargain and our pensions. We will continue to fight for our safety at our facilities and to get more funding for line staff to cut down on mandated overtime. I would urge everyone to contact your legislators to let them know that you deserve the right to retire in dignity, not poverty, and that you support the right to have a union. I would also urge everyone to come with us when we attend the Corrections Lobby Day where we will be standing with our DOC union brothers and sisters, but also to the annual Day on the Hill where AFSCME members from across the state will be at the State Capitol in force to let them know that we will never back down. If you have any questions regarding any of this, please feel free to contact me. As always, please feel free to contact me with any problems, questions, or concerns. In solidarity, Eric Hesse

Executive Board: Ryan Cates:

Executive Board: Luke Frederick:

Executive Board: James Hemshrot: 

Executive Board: Molly Kennedy:

Executive Board: Kurt Crosby: Kurt sweatshirt orders 8. Get google drive completed.  Do not hang each other out to dry.  Give us time to look into things before going elsewhere with the information.  There are a lot of issues and things going on that we need to prioritize issues. We work with you, not for you, we are all in this together.  Any help is appreciated from any staff members who have any skills that can help us.  Please give us at least 72 hours for a response. 

CS FACILITY SUPPORT: Mike Homer: Since the last meeting I have sat a few investigations for MSOP. We are working on how the call list for snow removal is being utilized for grounds crew. Not much else at this time.

CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Stacy Mueller Motion to adjourn by Stacy Mueller 2nd by James Hemshrot at 518pm