1/17/13 MSOP Meeting Minutes

For Management: Cindy Jungers, Melissa Gresczyk, Kim Franek, and Scott Melby
For the Union: Molly Kennedy, Matt Stenger, Andy Jones, Jeremy Tubbs, and John Knobbe.

Scheduling of 2013 Meetings
Agreed that AFSCME Labor/Management meetings will be scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of each month (with the exception of Joint meetings) for 2013.
HR shared that the quarterly Joint meetings have been of value; however, Management from both campuses has expressed their concern with sending multiple managers to these meetings when the agenda topics lean more heavily toward the issues of one local. Agreed this would be a good topic of discussion at the joint to determine whether the meetings should continue to take place on a quarterly basis, who will attend, and if Vidyo presence might be appropriate and doable in some cases.
Scheduling SharePoint Site
Scott Melby talked about the Scheduling SharePoint site that had been previously discussed as a possibility. He said the site will likely include information such as vacation rescinds and basic interface instructions for requesting time off, sign up for holidays off, etc. HR emphasized that the site will not be used to clarify or reiterate contract language.
AMS Position
The union asked if a decision had been made as to whether this position would become permanent. Scott Melby explained the position is still in the evaluation phase. Everyone is aware of the bugs that are being worked through, which unfortunately has not allowed as much time to focus on structuring the staffing. The need is there and evaluation of how to best manage is ongoing.
Joint Labor/Management Meetings
Discussed under Action Item #1 above.
Human Resources Roles and Responsibilities
Melissa Gresczyk announced that in order to gain efficiencies and further delineate roles in Human Resources, Kim Franek will lead the labor efforts for the AFSCME Moose Lake local and MAPE. Cindy Jungers will continue to manage labor responsibilities for the AFSCME St. Peter local, MNA, and MMA. Melissa said she would continue to be the resource for Memorandums of Understanding and approving Settlements & Releases. She will attend as many local labor meetings as allowed by schedule.
Julie Whited’s role is evolving into primarily HR customer service and will be the initial go-to person for staff. She will begin managing labor/management agendas and take minutes at the meetings.
John Knobbe asked about the status of Memorandums of Understanding between labor and MSOP. Melissa explained that HR cannot give specifics, but in the spirit of MOUs, there is beginning to be some movement. She will continue to address and manage with Central Office HR.
Break Room
Labor thanked Management for the paint, TV, and pizza oven. They explained that vending continues to be a problem in that most of the items are depleted by the weekend, partly due to sharing with clients. They requested a vending machine be added to the break room and added that additional beverages would be appreciated as well. Management agreed to look into whether or not this could be accomplished through Services for the Blind or another venue. AFSCME said a sink would be a welcome addition in the future.
Lead Leveling Process
The union discussed one individual who had difficulty entering his information for the leveling process on the MMB website on at least three occasions. HR recommended the employee sit with someone who can show him/her how to utilize the system. They added that in the future, staff can contact Melissa Scheid of Central Office HR and request to be tracked to the requisition. HR further explained that no one can be appointed to a position control number (PCN) in Sema4 without being tracked on the MMB site or it is considered an illegal hire. This scenario is different than several past issues where IT was able to determine the person had in fact applied for the position and there was a technical glitch, thus allowing the person to be considered.
Labor stated that when lead vacancies are offered to different staff on the same day, they are sometimes moved into the job class on different start dates and thus have different class seniority dates. The union requested that seniority be applied at the time the positions are offered rather than when the employees move. HR explained that per contract, seniority is applied the date the person begins serving their probationary period. Melissa explained that without an MOU, the criteria can’t be amended. She added that Management is not opposed to working on this issue.
Labor then asked about two staff whose leveling status was carried over to a subsequent lead list. HR explained the details of each case and the rationale, stating they had discussed and were making the best choice in each scenario. Labor noted that HR did not consult with them prior to making these decisions. HR agreed that in future similar cases, they will have dialogue with the union prior to carrying over a leveled candidate.
Inversing 6:00 - 4:00 Shift and 8 – 4:30 Shifts
The union explained that last summer there was heavy inversing after 4:00. They said it appears the ODs are not utilizing the staff who work 6:00 – 4:00 but are instead timing the forced shifts to coincide with the schedule of the staff who are off duty at 4:30. Management said there are two sides to every issue and agreed to look into this.
Shantz Construction Update
Scott Melby reminded everyone of the construction Share Point site. He said Shantz is still in the demolition phase. Although going well, the process could take quite some time to complete. He said Administration is working with Maintenance to have the back sally port doors open during business hours. Labor added that the Forensic Nursing Home has magnets (rather than cores) that lock and have heard this is coming to the Shantz Building. Management agreed to look into this.
Staff Covering Activities in Winter Weather
Labor shared that staff on dumpster duty are often standing out in the cold for 2 – 2.5 hours before they can receive any relief. A shed has been moved into the area to allow staff to get out of the wind. The union asked if a space heater could be added now, as well as air conditioning in the summer. Management said staff should work with ODs to receive relief when needed as that is planned into the coverage. It was agreed that a heater and air conditioning unit are appropriate requests.
The union spoke about outdoor activities that are covered by CPS staff. They said there was a recent situation where a Security Counselor was expected to go on an ice fishing outing. Ice fishing is inherently dangerous, and this person did not have appropriate winter gear with them. The union added staff are not allowed to wear uniforms on outings, so the person could not wear the MSOP parka or other uniform warm weather attire. Some staff do not personally engage in outdoor activities and so would have to purchase the appropriate outerwear at their own cost. In this case, the staff said s/he would not go and the OD said they had to. The union emphasized that the staff has the right to say no.
HR explained that Michelle Sexe had made adjustments to the post orders to ensure these type of outings do not become an issue again. The information was not available today but Michelle will be contacted and the information will be sent to the union. Management added that while some problem-solving is appropriate in this case, staff are expected to carry out the duties assigned to them.
The union made suggestions, such as providing Carharrts for staff that could be checked in and out. Management said it was a good idea but there could be problems with having appropriate sizes available for staff at the time needed. The union then suggested having uniforms without patches available from the vendor so they could be ordered. Management said they would look into this.
Vulnerable Adult Coverage on Pexton
The union explained there is a Vulnerable Adult post assignment on Pexton 1 South. They described that at roll call, ODs do not state which staff is providing the VA coverage but simply announce the four staff who are assigned to Pexton 1 South for the day. On December 26th, there was again no particular staff assigned the VA coverage and a Group Supervisor told the SC Lead working the unit that day that it was his responsibility to assign that coverage. The union stated it is their position this is not a Lead issue and that person should not be burdened as such. Scott Melby replied that it would be an expectation that the Lead inform the OD if VA coverage is not happening. Management did agree to follow up on the position, how coverage should be managed, and by whom.