1/16/14 MSH Meeting Minutes

Shannon Pech, Mike Homer, Amanda Mathiowetz. Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Ryan Cates, Melissa Gresczyk, Tom Christensen, Rita Olson, Carol Olson, Meghan Goodrich, Tom Kolstad, Frank Schwartz, Tudy Fowler, Carrie Archer, Jen Frew

1. Safety and Overtime Figures
a.)The OSHA report of 2013 indicates that staff restrain and seclusion numbers have gone way down. This shows that staff has greatly improved at de-escalating issues. Management would like to extend a kudos to staff on this. The focus for next quarter will be on lowering the amount of staff injuries.
b.)The overtime reports for December of 2013 are down significantly.
*Reminder to staff that the Employee Engagement survey is out and should have been sent out in an email.
2. Townhall Meeting
a.) Year-end review of 2013 conducted. Management laid out proposed goals for 2014 and asked staff for feedback. The PowerPoint of these goals can be found on the SOFS share site. Management did get a list of approximately 10 questions that they are looking into and will answer.
3. Forensics Nursing Home Consultant status
a.) Consultants were on site for three days to observe the nursing home. Management is expecting to have the report next week. Everything is answered but the consultant team is working on the final typed report. This has taken longer than management expected. The report being done is very broad and very in depth so it has taken time. One focus in this report has been staffing patterns and its effect on vacation and overtime. Another focus is staff utilization. Once the report is ready to view there will be a meeting with AFSCME representation to discuss the findings.
1. Format of trades OT call in list
a.) Molly Kennedy met with Meghan Goodrich about the trades call in list. It has been brought to the local’s attention that there are numerous lists and it was agreed that there should only be one. Management was only aware of one list.
b.) Discussed discrepancy, seniority, and who gets called in. The local asked that management establish a list by seniority. The process for getting called in for snow removal: Management will go off of a list of capable and qualified employees in a designated work area. The list will be written in seniority order. The offer of overtime will rotate through the list to ensure equal offering of overtime.
2. Process for short notice and shift in progress vacation
a.) This should still be covered under the old work rule.
b.) Shift in progress- TTS’s decided as a group to be consistent in their approach. Staff should ask their direct supervisor if they can leave early on vacation and then that TTS will communicate with the SOD to see if it is possible or not.
c.) If the TTS is gone, staff should ask their Lead and they will communicate with the SOD.
d.) Shift Change- Does one person have to stay until, for example, 10pm if a proper shift change, count, and sharps have been completed? Rita Olson will be discussing this further with the TTS’s.
3. CRP OT training
a.) This is in the works. Those who are already trained in AVATAR can be utilized to help with overtime. Those who moved to MSH will be placed on the list.
4. Holiday hours for part time status
a.) It has been reported that some time books have been changed by supervisors without the employee’s approval. This has been an issue with part time status working, for example, 9 shifts a pay period but getting scheduled off the holiday. The staff will request to take the time in comp instead of pay but then their supervisor will change it back to pay. This is not the way we want to treat staff. It is allowed per contract but it is not necessary. More discussion is needed on this issue and will be a follow up item.
5. Update on Inversing in the Nursing Home
a.) Consecutive days off will be honored as a “weekend.” Part time weekends off = when days off are consecutive. This means it would need to be more than one day.