1/14/10 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Scott Grefe, Connie Anderson, Steaed Doehring, Jill Gorman, Molly Kennedy, John Collins, Jeremy Tubbs, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Sam Arneson, Nate Herme, Anne Mehltretter, Wade Kester, Bret Eggersdorfer, Scott Reed, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Matt Stenger, Paul Schwichtenberg, Mike Homer, Erin Granberg, Michelle Rodning, Kevin Brady, Kevin Graves, Shawn Kennedy, Jean Sandland, Chris Kleinschmidt, Amy Bachmeyer, Shawn Schultz, Britta Higginbotham, Jonas Thompson, Jamie Sheppard.

Vote Counting/Installation of Elected Officers.


President: Chuck Carlson

Treasurer: Connie Anderson

Secretary: Ann Sullivan

VP/Steward Coordinator: Molly Kennedy

VP/Administration: John Knobbe

Chief Stewards: John Collins, Jill Gorman, Kevin Graves, Matt Stenger, Jeremy Tubbs

E-Board: Steaed Doehring, Greg Naumann, Eric Ridout

1 Year Trustee: Jean Sandland

2 Year Trustee: Chad Cabanilla

Greet Membership

1.Secretaries Report:--Dec meeting minutes- Additions or Corrections? Motion to accept by Molly Kennedy & second by Jill Gorman, then carried.

Correspondence Review (See File)

1. Morrow Letter from DHS Commissioner. See Chuck

2. 11:30am Jan 15- Paul Thissen (Candidate for Governor) was at Waldos Coffee Shop to speak about workplace issues and upcoming elections.

3. April 30- State Employee Policy Committee. Please e-mail Chuck if you are interested in being on this committee. Details to follow.

2.Presidents Report:

· FD M&C today- please see notes.

· CBHH Meetings- please see notes.

· John, Chuck, & Larry, Denise, TC meeting- work rules. Waiting Tudy Fowler decision.

3.Old Business:

· Day on the Hill- We will be getting a bus. Details to follow- after registration is closed.

4.New Business

· 2010 Calendar being created: dates, times and places being reserved.

5.Items from the membership:

· Individuals wanting the layoff and not getting it. Grievances were presented for three members.

· Membership expressing interest in getting involved in Precinct Caucuses.

Officers Reports:

VP-John Knobbe:

No report this month due to being on the voting committee.

VP- Molly Kennedy:

1. Still working on SNV & Shift in Progress. Trying to make it the same as MSH; 1 hour before 2nd watch and 2 hours before 3rd and 1st watch. Sick calls would have already been called in so more chances to get granted.

2. We are going to have discussion about vacancies in MSOP especially SCL since it is the only chance for promotion in the SC class.

3. .8 getting every weekend off. This will be addressed. Please track on your units how often this is happening.

4. Requiring street clothes for MSOP SCL/SC. Going to ask if discipline will follow? Will address when answered.

5. Still asking for mutualing doubles.

6. *Day on the hill- Names to management already submitted. See details to come if you have signed up to go.

7. *Michelle Rodning was appointed to Social/Welfare Committee.

Treasurer-Connie Anderson:

No report this month due to being on voting committee.

CS MSH/Transition: John Collins:

In 10 months there will be Governor’s elections. For the interest of our current jobs, we need DFL or labor friendly candidates. MSH/MSOP management are getting told what to do by the governor’s office. Please volunteer for campaigning. Politics are what is driving the change in our current job positions. March 15-19 there will be lobbying at the Minnesota State Capital. If interested, please contact Chuck Carlson or John Collins. Please attend a precinct caucus in your district if you can!

CS-AMH/CARE: Sam Arneson:

Presenting two grievances in CBHH St. Peter and two grievances in CBHH Rochester. Due to bed space, CBHH St. Peter is working full time hours.

CS- NOCs/ Forensic Nursing Home: Nate Herme:

Some people are having issues in the Forensic Nursing Home-continuing to follow up. Individual expecting voluntary layoff in MSOP- grievance filed.

EB-Steaed Doehring:

Nothing to report.

EB-Greg Naumann:


EB- Jeremy Tubbs:

Report submitted by Steward Coordinator.

Good and Welfare:

Sandi Blaschko, Mike Landkamer, Shad Coyour.

CLU delegate report:

Kevin Brady and Anne Mehltreter volunteered to attend. Peggy Kreber previously held this position.

Council 5 Field Representative Scott Griefe:

Not available due to elections vote.

Message to Members:

Get to you precinct caucuses!

Drawing for door prizes:

Kevin Graves, Erin Granberg, Anne Mehltreter, Nate Herme, Jamie Sheppard, Ann Sullivan, Shawn Kennedy, Jill Gorman, Pickle.

Progressive Drawing: $390. Must be present to win!

Katie Kennedy- not present.