11/21/13 MSH Meeting Minutes

1. 2014 Meet and Confer Schedule (same schedule 3rd Thursday) 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. MOJ
a. January 16, 2014
b. February 20, 2014
c. March 20, 2014
d. April 17, 2014
e. May 15, 2014
f. June 19, 2014
g. July 17, 2014
h. August 21, 2014
i. September 18, 2014
j. October 16, 2014
k. November 20, 2014
l. December 18, 2014
2. Work Rules Project Status
a. Vacation and Overtime MSH. Meeting getting scheduled
3. Overtime and Injury Data
a. On reports we are now taking a code of who caused the injury. They are looking into this to see about a HIPPA violation.
b. AFSCME is looking into the numbers for just MSH overtime in September and October. The hours will be split Holiday versus regular overtime.
1. Work group on developing crisis unit program on 800 or establishing a small unit for "aggressive uncontrolled" patients. An example would be Bartlett Hall taking 800 and making it work better by the lay out. Chuck Carlson used the word, “remodel.” There is a need to place people who are out of control in a certain environment. People who are working the units should have the most input.
2. TTS are talking with their teams. Rita has spoken with Pete Thompson. This should occur in the next couple of weeks. The 2nd phase is supposed to be a better training. The 2nd part has been done with the Bartlett Hall and they liked it.
3. Guard Training: The question was asked to see if days off could be shifted and if they could have training on the weekends. Human Resources is looking into this and will get back to us on the issue.
4. Imminent risk training—second step
6. Transfers from MSOP being put on the seniority list.
10. Military time-changing schedule
11. Vacation # on NOC's – Rita Olson said that the first few classes should be off of probation in February and March. Rita will put something out a month ahead of time so people are aware. John Knobbe proposed that vacation spots should be bumped up to five then get the supervisor to grant more. This is a phased approach.
23. Snow plow M.o.U. – Establish who is capable, qualified, and then by hours worked. The question was brought up about how we decide how many hours offered if someone is turned down.
Rita Olson added on wanting to know if the TTS group could take turns coming to the Labor Management Meeting and other work groups as well.