1/11/18 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Molly Kennedy, Paul Rodriguez, Michelle Sexe, Zack Sowieja, Eric Hesse, Mike Homer, Adam Castle, Elizabeth Trandum




  1. Follow Up Items:
  2. Lower Access and Patrol: Hesse-The rumor is that the training was way too quick. Like this entire thing was pushed through way too quickly without much training. Basically just a couple of staff went there for an hour to observe and that’s about it. Wold-I was not aware of that. Jesse has been working on this for months. He has been meeting with Seaquist for months now. Hesse-One of the leads said they were only in there for about an hour. Troy-I thought the staff were all included. Hesse-They were basically given a module to look at. I don’t know about you, but I can learn a lot easier by actually doing a task than by looking at a module. This is also leaving 3rd watch short from 10 to whenever a 1st watch shows up and then again from 530 until whenever the 2nd watch staff shows up. Troy-There were 4 staff hired for this.  Hesse-Why are they required to wear their gear out there? Bonnie-I’ll talk to Jesse about it. Hesse-Will the post order result in reprimands? A lot of people don’t know all of the different areas of campus. They may have trouble with these maps and instructing people where to go. There is also another section on here that says the staff are supposed to call police if someone comes through the access that is under influence? We don’t want to be responsible for someone coming through. How can the person at the gate be responsible for knowing if someone is drunk? Bonnie-We will talk to Jesse and take a look at it
  3. Lead List: Hesse-We had a staff that wasn’t given a heads up about a lead position. Zach-He missed the deadline. Hesse-No, he didn’t. You guys said 4 days and he replied at 3 and half days. Trandum-I always give a specific date. He had chances to communicate before that. Hesse-Nothing in the initial email. No one knows about that, to contact HR. Zach-Moving forward we will be awarding lead bids to the most senior bidder. Hess-What is the issue with the 3 things that we asked to have added? Zach-It’s not in contract. It’s a promotion. We examined it and this was a clear way to do the lead list. Hess-There seems to be a pattern that when we have an issue with something not in the contract, you guys just want to take your ball and go home. Zach-you all brought the issue and asked us to examine and we fixed it. You said that was okay. Bonnie-The staff are notified and given a chance to decide. This will be this way for all of forensics. Hesse-Well, we respectfully disagree. We just wanted to add 3 sentences to avoid confusion. Trandum-I applied that to the recipient. 4 days including the day I sent it. Not taking options out, they have an entire week to decide if they are interested. Hesse-So just send a blanket email saying you are interested in any lead position? Trandum-Yes, I have had plenty of staff message me for clarification as well.
  4. Overtime/Inverses: Bonnie- Since December 17th we had 69.5 hours on 1st watch. 7 shifts of 32.5 hours on 2nd watch. 1 shift of 8 hours on 3rd watch.
  5. Bump to 1st Watch: Hesse-There was a call for volunteers. We are asking that you notify members that could be affected. Zach-This has been brought up already. Hesse-How about we do the right thing. Hiring to third on false pretenses isn’t the right things to do so it’s no surprise. Zach-It was practice to hire on to 1st watch. Molly-No, 1st watch is not a good place to evaluate.  Zach-That was the practice and you asked to change it. Hesse-We are only asking for modification. Hesse-We can compromise and I can get the list and send out the email. Zach-We send out the seniority roster. It will happen where we miss someone and we will be here talking about it. Wold-We fully understand you could be bumped. I was least senior for a long time and I always knew where I was for getting bumped. Molly-well, I think the culture has changed where the possibility isn’t stressed enough to new staff. Troy-Are we going to change what we do and get staff worried? Bonnie-We don’t want to get people worried if we don’t have to. Zach-Eric, you can talk to JR to get that list of those people to give them the notification if that’s what you like.
  6. DCT Workplace Relations Form: Hesse-The direction staff are getting is to sign these? It says to sign at annual review. So, basically you are violating your own policy…. Bonnie-No, These are done annually. There is not a deadline, just whenever staff meet with their supervisors. Hesse-There are a few things up for interpretation on this. Solving conflict at lowest level but also says to report as required. This is contradicting. Bonnie-Its saying one or both. It depends on the situation. This is basically following the MSOP principles. MSH does this as well. Trandum-This is not a new direction, it’s all of DCT. Molly-We are going through it to see where we can get caught. If someone is watching television on the unit they can get in trouble? Troy-Well, if a staff is out there alone for 2 and half hours with no clients around then that’s something that wouldn’t be acceptable but if there are clients around and there is reason to be out there it wouldn’t be a problem.  Hesse-So does this mean staff can’t read on overnights? Bonnie-I’m not sure they were ever allowed to. Hesse-This special attention to clients with treatment plans? What happens if a client needs assistance? Are we supposed to give special attention? Bonnie-Well I think that would always be the case if someone is unable to complete a daily task. Staff would help. Hesse-And this part about no humor at the expense of others. Isn’t humor usually about something that had happened involving a person? This is all just very vague about using punitive language as well. Failure to act when not reporting. So we are going to get in trouble if something happens that we didn’t report now? Bonnie-This is no different than what we do now but now it’s in writing for staff to see which might make it more clear. Hesse-Reporting to HR? Isn’t HR supposed to be a neutral party? Why would we report to them? Trandum-If it is about a supervisor or something like that. An outside agency or something involving sexual harassment.
  7.  Shoes/Boots:  Molly- Staff are wondering if the Keen brand shoes are still on the site. I have looked and they are but they are under a different name. If we could just get the name on the item accurate that would be nice.  Hesse-Also, transport and A Team are wondering if they could get some insulated boots because they have to be in the cold more than others. Bonnie-I will talk to Ryan about it. He has been dealing with it and has been pretty open to suggestions. You can also talk to him if you have any issues.
  8. Cavi Wipes: Troy-On Wednesday or Thursday we should be getting Clorox wipes. The stuff that is out there right now we will keep. Molly-Spray is bad for the electronics. Tory-We have peroxide and paper towels that is acceptable on countertops. Use the wipes for other things.  Molly-I heard the peroxide needs to sit for ten minutes to be effective, so I’m not sure how useful that will be.
  9. Shift Differential: Molly-So…management is interpreting this differently. 1st watch to 2nd watch is entitled to the entire thing only if original shift is 1st watch. If it’s overtime on day off, it’s a standalone shift and is eligible. Bonnie-Supervisors are coding this differently? Molly-That is the rumor. Bonnie-I will talk to them and get everyone on the same page.
  10. Investigations: Hesse-Is it true that this investigation training management is receiving are being told that stewards cannot ask questions during investigations? Zach-Yes, they can ask questions but the supervisor can stop them if it becomes excessive or aggressive. Molly-Can we get some clarification? Sexe-I know one of my supervisors did an investigation recently and the steward was aggressive. He wanted all of the policies and evidence produced right there. Molly-Is it okay for the steward to ask for this stuff if it is done in a more appropriate way? Zach-It’s up to the investigator in general but the union has a right to see that stuff at some point. It just might not be at that moment. Molly-There are two new stewards; Will Moore and Cory McIntyre.

Management Agenda Items:

  1. 1.      Lead Process: Addressed above

Add Ons:

Pexton 1 South: Hesse-Special Care Plans. 1 South isn’t a good placement with all of the others going on. If a client needs two staff… Molly-There needs to be training for staff for showering etc. if these are the needs of clients on the unit.  They need training with the belts and whatever else may need to be used to assist them. Hesse-There also needs to be clearer care plans. If it is health services responsibility, we need to know that. Troy-If we have clients needing help with putting socks on and other things like that, there is no reason a staff member can’t do it. Call for help if you need an extra staff to help out. There is going to be a transition process as these clients get older and their needs change. Molly-What about showering? Bonnie-yeah, if that happens we should be able to help. Troy-We are reaching out for training for that and belts. Staff are handling these things well and Mike is telling them to ask for help when needed.

Laudermill Hearings: Hesse-The last time there was a laudermill hearing, myself and Tim were notified by email an hour and forty five minutes before it was to take place. I wasn’t here and Tim is at MSH. We would like to get more of a heads up. Zach-Yes, for sure. Are there others we should send emails to? Hesse-Molly, Mike. Could also have the OD look at the schedule. We would rather have an officer sit laudermills if possible. Trandum-Go ahead and get me a list of people to email.

Troy-How was the PSR training? What have you heard from staff? Molly-I have heard good things.  Concerns are that the clients knowing they are to not receive repercussions and during the training there weren’t very good answers to some staff questions.  Hesse-Concerns about reprimands if staff can’t adapt fast enough to these different responses to situations.  Troy-We realize there is going to be a learning curve.  Bonnie-We had two ICS’ since this training and the staff did well in both of these by using the training.