1/10/13 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Colleen Ryan, Jennifer Frew, John Knobbe, Carol Olson, Elizabeth Bloomberg, Tim Headlee, Connie Anderson, Tom Christiansen, Rita Olsen, Scott Grefe, Jeremy Tubbs, Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, and Melissa Gresczyk

Follow up Items:

1. 2013 Labor Management Meeting Schedule All 2013 Labor Management meetings will be held the 3rd Thursday of each month starting February 21st at 12:30pm in the Administration Building. The meeting room will remain reserved for AFSCME at 11am.

2. Scheduling for MSH Security Counselors/Security Counselor Leads Management spoke about the time study conducted for each unit which focused primarily on needs not minimums. There was previous talk about 13 hour shifts, but that is not an option at this time. The 8.5 hour shift has been recommended for the facility, but not necessarily a shift staff is expressing interest in. Looking at NOC shift working 10 hour shifts, but start and end times have not been determined. A meeting needs to be scheduled in the near future to discuss adjustments needed in the scheduling. Elizabeth stated she will give the union information on what is being discussed about scheduling options. Vacation availability will be discussed at this meeting as well. John spoke to his frustration of employees not being able to take vacation. He also stated that schedules are being changed after they are posted, but recently have been fixed by the Unit Directors. Carol Olson stated she will talk with Stu Douglas about vacation and scheduling, and get back to the union next week.

3. CRP – where are they included in the Forensic Supplemental A meeting with CRP management to discuss work rules and the Forensic Sup is scheduled Jan. 16th.

4. Plumbing/Electricians/HVAC/Trades on-call system/call-in procedure The facility is paying a maintenance supervisor on-call pay to call trade employees’ to come in and perform the work. The trade employees’ aren’t receiving on-call pay but continuously receiving calls during non work hours. Management will follow up. The union requested a copy of the Schwickert’s contract that is in the works.

5. Parking Card/Purchase Card SOS does not have a purchasing card or procedure for parking. As for right now petty cash can be used. Employee should return change with receipt. A procedure will be put in place and sent out to employees. Supervisors will be notified of this.


1. OSHA 300 – update on staff injuries Copy of report was distributed to all present at meeting.

2. BWBR Update Carol met with the Department of Administration, and hopeful that MSH will get the bonding. 98 million in bonding needed in 2 phases (46.8 and 51.7).

3. Licensing Update All licensing issues were addressed except for one area. Management gave kudos to all the staff for having all training completed. A variance was asked, for one of the patients, and approved. Construction will begin on a Bartlett 1 South wing in February to house that particular patient. MSH was cleared on both escapes and the attempted murder. The conditional license will stay in place for one more year.

4. Safety Committee It is up and running and a meeting was conducted in December. Safety Committee will meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 9-10am. AFSCME: 1. Hospital Coverage Sign-up John proposed a change to the Hospital overtime coverage process. The change will help the facility staff for medical overtime coverage. John stated that with his proposal, hospital coverage overtime will be determined at the beginning of the employee’s scheduled shift, with the overtime hours worked at the end of shift. Management will look into this.

2. Snow plow OT process follow-up METO language in the contract. The local asked if more people can get trained and tested out with the snow plow. The language goes across all classes.

3. ICS forms placement The link currently comes up blank under the ICS forms on the SOFS SharePoint. The local asked if there is an easier way to find the forms to perform their job duties. If anyone comes across dead links on the SOFS SharePoint, please contact Jennifer Frew.

4. CRP nights and inversing Meeting scheduled next week with CRP staff and Management.

5. Vacancies on units and vacation denials – DONE

6. Work rule project It was previously discussed to weed through the various work rules. This project has been started, but will be scheduled for completion after the scheduling meeting next week.

7. Escape HIPPA investigation results – timeliness of investigation results for subject People were interviewed in Sept/Oct. The union stated the timeliness was bad in informing these employees’ about the investigation process, and were it was going. Jennifer stated that employees’ were to be notified by their supervisors regarding the outcome of the investigation.

8. RN’s and LPN’s – A-Team Lead Nursing wants clarification if they can take the role as A-team lead during an ICS. Colleen commented that nursing can act as A-Team Lead, and she will communicate with nursing supervisors, and an announcement will be posted.

9. MSH scheduling of part-time SC’s 9 of the 27 part-time Security Counselors’ are currently working full-time hours. The local would like to see more full time positions added. Rita stated she will talk with the scheduler and OD’s.

Add –on items

10. Critical Incident review Management would like to challenge staff to improve language inside critical incidents, so it’s not so distasteful. On a side note, Colleen has ordered Kevlar gloves for incidents.

11. Restraint Chair training One Restraint chair has been moved to Bartlett. Rita stated training is being provided today at Bartlett.