10/8/15 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Molly Kennedy, Amanda Mathiowetz, Mike Homer, Matt Stenger, Eric Hesse, Bonnie Wold, Liz Barbo, Cindy Jungers, Tim Lokensgard, Troy Sherwood, Chris Hanson, Zackarie Sowieja


1. Staff Employment Expectations Policy a. AFSCME stated that the policy is vague when it comes to reporting a criminal act. The policy states that when an employee is, for example, incarcerated they must report this “As soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours (unless extenuating circumstances exist as determined by the appointing authority), an employee must notify the appointing authority/designee” Cindy Jungers said that it is ok for the employee to inform Human Resources OR management. b. The employee must state the formal charge, date, time, jurisdiction of the alleged occurrence, arresting agency and any other relevant information. AFSCME stated that this is not reasonable considering when incarcerated very little phone time is given. AFSCME also said that the employee should not need to give this information to the OD due to working with him/her in the future. AFSCME believes that would be a breach and publicly embarrassing. c. Due to a current investigation this will be further discussed after that is closed. The drafting chair of the policy will need to be involved. Cindy will give Molly Kennedy this information.

2. Leave Beyond Accruals a. There was an announcement about this on the homepage this week. If an employee believes they will go beyond their accruals the employee can contact Human Resources to work with them. It may be pre-approved but this is on a base to base case. An example where this would be approved is if an employee had cancer, came back to work, and was needing to leave for follow up appointments. HR would then have the employee fill out some paperwork to be pre-approved. The circumstance has to not be about excusing someone who has used their leave here and there and has not kept sufficient balances. b. FMLA – employees with this can have leave beyond accruals, as long as they are coding their time FMLA and have not exhausted their FMLA hours.

3. MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) on 3rd round 2nd watch positions a. Has this been drafted yet? Cindy Jungers said that she has started it and it should be finished today or tomorrow. Then the MOA draft will go to AFSCME for review. The MOA states that if there is a 3rd round bid that would go to a new employee and it lands on 2nd watch, in most cases it will be a permanent reassignment offered to MSOP staff on all watches. If someone from 2nd watch should take that reassignment then their position will go to a new employee. b. Management stated that they did not want to do one blanket MOU and would instead have a MOA template. c. This will not absolutely be done every time there is a dead bid on 2nd watch but will be taken case by case. d. AFSCME asked if lead positions go to a 3rd round bid. Management stated that it is the same for Lead positions and that it would then get offered to the lead list employees.

4. HIMS 4-10’s schedule and where it applies a. There was conversation about this at last month’s joint meeting with Moose Lake. Moose Lake HIMS has gone to a 4 10’s schedule and St. Peter HIMS employees would like to do so. The employees in this department have several arguments on how it would benefit and help them get their work done. Also, the notary would be available to clients longer. There has not been much conversation about this with the HIMS supervisor. AFSCME stated that we are one program. Cindy Jungers said that she would follow up with the supervisor of that department.

5. Lead Leveling process (the same?) a. Lead Leveling was put out to Moose Lake staff. The reason for this is because there are fewer people on the lead list so the process needed to start right away to get more on the list. b. AFSCME asked what the list looks like for St. Peter. Cindy said that she was unsure of the numbers for forensics and MSOP. It has been 2 years since we have done lead leveling. AFSCME asked if there was a decision on the criteria. Molly stated that it has been too subjective and did not like people having to re-level. Because Moose Lake needs leads now they are using the old process. Matt Stenger asked if we could do the same thing here since it has been two years. Management agreed that it is something we can talk about. c. Cindy said that Meghan Goodrich started a committee and did make good progress. She is no longer with SPRTC. Cindy said that the committee did meet again a couple weeks ago. They did come up with criteria based on curriculum. There will be certain steps to follow to be a lead. There was mention that the curriculum is no longer available and that there may be a cost. Management said they are looking into both programs being able to afford it. Administration has not heard anything. As soon as something is agreed upon with both programs it will be brought to AFSCME. d. Liz Barbo addressed a rumor by stating that the lead process is the same for programs outside of the perimeter, i.e. CPS.

6. Update on St. Paul hospital coverage shared with Moose Lake a. Tim Lokensgard said that he has not heard anything from Moose Lake referring to the client going to the Nursing Home. b. The plan was to split the client’s hospital coverage between the two sites but the stay ended up being a lot shorter than intended. c. Molly Kennedy received an outline of how Moose Lake has performed solo coverage for 12 hour shifts in the past. Molly stated that her concern with single coverage is that there is not a concrete procedure as far as breaks and bathroom breaks. Also, now an employee may have to do this coverage without advanced notice so that leaves them unprepared. There will be further discussion on this.

7. Legislators voting on AFSCME contract October 22 a. The date of when we will receive back pay will be announced on the MMB site. Human Resources stated that if they get the information before AFSCME does they will share.

8. AFSCME positions currently down at MSOP a. AFSCME asked how many positions are either dead or vacant. Tim Lokensgard said that he does not know off the top of his head and that he thought it was 6 or 7 that are in the bidding process. There are 2 dead bids that will go permanent reassignment. Management said that they are not hiring Security Counselors because we do not have any dead bids. b. MSOP does have one employee who has been on an estimated 14 year military leave. Management stated that the staff is occupying a PCN but it is not funded and is not counting against our compliment.

9. Protected information a. Eric Hesse handed out a sheet of paper containing a clip of Article 16, Section 3 of the contract: “If the Appointing Authority has reason to discipline an employee, it shall be done in a manner that shall not embarrass the employee before other employees or the public.” This was handed out because there have been some recent situations where members being investigated are publicly embarrassed. Some members are called out at role call when they are out on suspension, there has been an email sent to the wrong person accidently, other situations that are in the grievance process. Eric stated “we are held accountable for something we are not meant to do so management should be held accountable as well.” If there is a HIPPA violation or data breach that we follow the same process. b. Eric stated that there have been times when a member is called in to an investigation with a camera in the room. This is viewed by the member’s co-workers and they are asked about it afterwards. Liz Barbo asked if there is anywhere where people will not be made aware of this circumstance. Liz said that if a person walks into a room with a supervisor and an AFSCME rep they know. Liz asked why a staff would be watching a camera without a client in it and said that the member should own some of that; they should be conscientious of what is going on. AFSCME leadership should address this with the members. Bonnie Wold said that they use the same room for many meetings and interviews. Bonnie said that people can assume but sometimes this is the only room available. Liz stated that she agrees this is not appropriate and that a room without a camera would be more desirable for an investigation. Management asked if there were any suggestions. Molly Kennedy mentioned the Administration Building. Management agreed that they would try when it is possible but at our facility leaving can be a challenge. c. Bonnie Wold stated that handing out the sheet was done disrespectfully and that this is not that type of forum. This is to improve our relations. If there is something to be brought forward please do so in a respectful way. Chris Hanson apologized and stated that he agrees. Moving forward this will be done in a professional manner.


1. Joint Labor Management Meetings a. Management had a meeting with Moose Lake management and discussed discontinuing joint labor management because they feel no joint issues are brought to the meeting. Management would the meeting to happen when joint issues come up but nothing scheduled. AFSCME said that these meetings are crucial for us. Molly Kennedy stated that there are times we are told, “That’s the way it is done in Moose Lake” to later find out at the joint pre-meeting that that is not the case. Management stated that we are welcomed to talk to the members there. b. The reason these meetings began is because we are one site. Obviously there are different layouts and different clientele but the policies are the same and the operations. Molly said that AFSCME does find them quite beneficial. Since both sites are compared to each other quite a bit it is good to check in whether or not there are joint issues. This is a way to communicate with each other. Matt Stenger said that we could possibly reduce the amount of meetings in one year but it should not go away. Bonnie said that she will take this feedback back to Kevin in Moose Lake.