10/21/10 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Deb Berger, Bonnie Sack, Deb Moses, John Knobbe, Linda Miller, Kevin Graves, Molly Graves, Sam Arneson, Chuck Carlson, Paula Skaalrud

1. The Man down system is currently not working. (Safety Issue)
• The man down system is now working- it was tested today and is tested on a daily basis. There is one remote that is not working and will be replaced. Management looked into replacing this system but ran into contractual obligations. If the system is replaced in the future, a system other than Simplex will be looked at.

2. The walkie talkie system was determined to be non-secure and removed. Is there a possibility of another back-up system until the Man down is up again?
• Other than the phone system, there is a walkie talkie system that could be used in case of emergency. There is a protocol regarding the use of these walkie talkies due to the signal not being secure.

3. Has Affinity Plus Credit Union Visit been scheduled?
• Sam has tried to call but has not been able to contact anyone. She will keep trying to phone them and will also try emailing.

4. As discussed at last M&C …. Curious how the 7/3 rotation is going?
• Staff love the 7/3 rotation and want to keep it. Intermittent staff is currently being used until the newly hired staff is on board. An .8 LPN position was posted today and one .8 and 1 temp staff are training on the unit now. AFSCME would like a chance to meet with the new hires. Chuck will send the training dates to Linda Miller so these staff can get AFSCME orientation. Paula Skaalrud will also do some checking into this and get back to us with info.

5. Years of Service Awards?
• This was delayed until management gets the information. The awards have been awarded and there will be an awards ceremony in November.

MGMT items

1. Markers/ Reflectors
• Bonnie is working with the city council on getting a street light. Bonnie will put up more markers this winter including the reflector that Chuck brought in today.
2. Bidding Process
• The process for bidding is being taken over by central office. Staff is encouraged to make sure their contact information is up to date on the employee self-service site.

Next meeting: January 20th at 1:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm