10/20/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), matt Stenger, Nancy Johnston, Bonnie Wold, Cindy Jungers (phone)

MANAGEMENT AGENDA ITEMS Annual Mantoux Process The dates are not finalized yet, but the annual mantoux shots will be in November. Flyers will be posted with the dates. Staff hired after August 1st will not be required to get another mantoux. There have been issues in the past with staff having to get multiple shots due to not having them read in a timely manner. Management will be setting guidelines for this staff which may include the staff having to pay out of pocket.

AFSCME AGENDA ITEMS Evaluation of Reassignment Process Bonnie feels that the process was organized and went smoothly. Staff had some concerns but most comments were positive and she thanked AFSCME for being there. Molly voiced some concerns that staff brought to her regarding staff feeling rushed and intimidated. Nametags or introductions were solutions that could be used in the future to avoid this. There were 4 staff that had to be reached by phone and 1 staff that had to be passed by due to time constraints.

SC/SCL Vacancy Postings Prior to Reassignment Effective Date Cindy talked to Melissa Gresczyk about and they hope to get it done soon. Cindy will contact Central Office. Management will have a group discussion about open Security Counselor positions. These vacant positions will be posted. The bid ban has been lifted so staff that is having second thoughts about where they bid will be allowed to bid on them. There was discussion about flip flopping rotations before the assignments take place and management will review them case by case.

Shantz Building/Lower Campus Construction Nancy will be presenting an overview at the all staff forum. Shantz construction is slated to begin in mid-January and be done in the spring of 2013. Jaime Fromm will be the point person for this project. David Proffitt from MSH is currently coming up with a plan for Shantz 1W that would have them out of the Shantz building by December 1st, 2011.

Community Outings for CPS/MSI/AP Clients The process for approving outings has changed with the addition of the Community Outing Review Team (C.O.R.T.). All outing will go through the primary treatment team first then through the C.O.R.T. with appeals going through Dennis Benson.

Ability to View Partial Vacation on Calendar Tim Lokensgard has not had time to do this due to the re-bidding process. Cindy contacted him regarding this and stated that the scheduling program currently being used does not allow this feature. The plan is to offer these hours as short notice vacation during roll call. Bonnie Wold agreed to research adding them to a SharePoint site.

SC/SCL Position Description Meeting Cindy will contact the people that make up the committee and arrange for them to be at the Joint Labor Management meeting on 11/17/11.

Fixed Days for SCL’s Management stated that when a slot is vacated, the filler of that position takes the previous incumbents’ days off. Seniority will not factor in in this situation. Cindy said that some SC positions will be coupled together but not by units. Locations with more than one 5-2 SC positions will have to be looked at.

SNV after 5 Hours Having to take Meal Break Nancy will talk to supervisors about this and clarify that this is not mandatory at 5 hours as was stated by one supervisor. There may be times when staff has to take a break.

*The staff forum will be re-scheduled and the date will be posted on the home page.

*One step-3 grievance will be presented on Tuesday October 25th.

Meeting adjourned at 10:46am