10.19.23 GM Minutes

10/19/23 General Membership Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:

Ryan Cates, Jamie Schwartz, Kyle Heinze, Matt Stenger, Marvin Sullivan, Antonio Guerrero, 

Nick Weerts, Eric Manriquez, Steaed Doehring, Ben Zarn, Jenny Mills, Cami Baume,

Dalton Sawyer.        

Via Zoom – Mike Hohenstein, Thea, Judy, and Samson.   Apologies to those on Zoom, there was a technical difficulty.

Secretary Report:

A motion was made by Steaed Doehring to approve the minutes from last month.

2nd by – Eric Manriquez -passed.

Treasurer Report:

Antonio Guerrero

Cash Balance Beginning of Month – $93,604.48

Income for the Month – $29,756.16

Expenses for the Month

•          Officer Allowances/Convention/Negotiations/Local Stewarding - $14,431.61

•          Reimbursed Expenses – Convention/M&C Mileage - $3,154.95

•          Supplies – 0

•          New Member Orientation – $67.11

•          Labor management Meetings – $297.90

•          Donations – $393.94

•          Retirements – $200

Total Expenses – $18,545.51

Amount in Checking Account End of Month – $104,815.13

Amount in Savings Account End of Month – $257,144.42 + $735.50 (Interest) = $257,879.92

Combined Total – $362,695.05

Motion to accept, subject to audit by – Matt Stenger

2nd by – Eric Manriquez – passed.

Audited By: Lisa Brandenburg and Lisa Allore on 09/27/2023.


  • None

Commitee Reports:

  • Holiday Party Planning (January)

Members: Matt Stenger, Marvin Sullivan, Antonio Guerrero, and Bridgette Mathias

 Officers Reports:

  • President - Ryan Cates


This past month I have…

Attended and led Forensic Meet and Confer- Notes are attached to the meeting minutes

Attended meet and confer for CBHH/CARE

Chaired the Executive Board meeting

Chaired the General Membership meeting

Filed multiple grievances and sat investigations

Attended New Employee Orientation at Rochester CBHH and CARE St Peter

Talked with members in multiple work areas, answered their questions and listened to their concerns

Presented and argued grievances

Communicated information to E-Board members about issues facing the Local

Worked to ensure the state writes our contract as it was negotiated.

I missed a couple of meetings due to my wedding and honeymoon but other officers in our Local filled in and kept me informed.

If any member of Local 404 feels they are not being represented by our Union, please let me know. We cannot fix problems if we do not know there is a problem.

We ask that all members who are interviewed as non-subjects in an investigation, request Union representation. If management refuses, then members should refuse to answer questions. Participation in investigations is completely voluntary and they cannot coerce you to answer their questions. We need to do this to compel management to discontinue their practice of refusing to allow Union representatives into investigations.

  • Vice President - Administrative -Matt Stenger

 I have attended FMHP and CARE/CBHH meet and confers along with general membership meeting. I have been getting a lot of questions about pay inequities work so I will try and explain it the best I can. If you have been topped out for more than a year, you should get a step increase as of October 11th. If you have been topped out less than a year, you will get an increase when you normally would have gotten a step increase. When you get moved to the new pay scale. You will keep your same rate of pay and placed into the step that correlates in the new pay scale. For an example I was topped out as a Security Counselor at a step 11. Under the new pay scale my wage is at a step 8. I just received an email saying I was topped out more than a year, so I got a 1 step increase as of Oct. 11 so I will be moving to a step 9 as of this pay period. Next year I will get one more step and will be topped out again.

  • Vice President - Steward Coordinator – Eric Hesse


  • Chief Steward Lower Campus – Kyle Heinze

This past month I have attended the local meeting, attended meet and confer, attended the council 5 convention in Duluth, met with the GMWs and talked with different members about concerns they have. If any members have any concerns or questions, please reach out to me.

  • Co-Chief Steward FMHP and Nursing Home – James Kibler


  • Chief Steward Communications / Membership – Eric Manriquez


  • Chief Steward Overnights – Cory Moon

Cory Moon (Noc’s Chief Steward)- Sat multiple investigations, Filed several grievances at various steps, Attended meet & Confer, Responded to Various questions from members.

  • Chief Steward CBHH / CARE – Rick Pitts


  • Co-Chief Steward FMHP / Nursing Home – Marvin Sullivan


  • Chief Steward MSOP – Nick Weerts

The last month I attended our monthly Labor Management meetings, E-board & General Membership meetings. I also facilitated 2 different NEO classes and did seniority lot draws for Forensics & MSOP. I did sit a few investigations and filed a couple of OT grievances on behalf of staff. I did withdraw two 3rd step grievances on behalf of discharged staff who opted to utilize Veteran’s Preference. I continue to make it a point to visit a variety of work locations each month and connect with staff, but am easy to reach via email & phone if our paths do not cross.

 Communication continues to be key to our success & strength, so Members are encouraged to reach out with concerns/observations. Please see www.union404.com for all meeting minutes. I would encourage all members to reach out for accurate answers & information when they are concerned about something.

Onward & Forward!

Nick Weerts

MSOP Chief Steward


  • Executive Board – Mike Hohenstein


  • Executive Board – Jamie Schwartz


  • Executive Board – Jake Schoenecker


  • Council 5 Field Representative – Annie Jakacki

Old Business:

Shoe allowance for GMW’s – This was discussed in the safety committee, and we will continue to advocate for a shoe allowance.

Kyle Heinze checked on CD rates with our current bank, and we are getting a better rate of return in our current savings account than what they have to offer. James Kibler volunteered to check Affinity Plus rates.

There was some discussion regarding a holiday party vs. a gift card for members. Look for a survey in the future.

2023-2025 Contract Books – January is when we can put in an order for contracts. There was some discussion about using a local print shop to custom order our contracts without the pages that do not apply to our Local. Matt Stenger volunteered to check pricing.

New Business:

Pay inequities were implemented on 10/11 by MMB. They were not negotiated as part of the contract, and that is why they weren’t implemented July 1st.

We are running very low on badge reels.

Motions – James Kibler made a motion to buy 500 reels.         2nd By – Jamie Schwartz – Passed

Half alligator clip and half slide clip.

Vacant E-Board Position – Jenny Mills, Ben Zarn, Jake Schoenecker, and Thea Lilo expressed interest. The Executive board appointed Jake Schoenecker to fill the remainder of the term.

Physical Plant – Supplemental proposal needed for the drivers in order to use class seniority vs. state seniority.

Good and Welfare:

Next meeting

Next Meeting will be held at Jake’s Stadium Pizza in Mankato              Time: 4:30pm

Adjourned at – 5:07pm