10/18/12 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME: Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Andrew Jones, Jeremy Tubbs, Chuck Carlson, and John Knobbe

Management: Cindy Jungers, Kim Franek, Liz Barbo, Scott Melby, Bonnie Wold, and Gary Grimm


1. Mutualing to Doubles Management stated there is no update at this time. Management stated MMB is advising management a MoU will not be backed until a contract is negotiated. The union reiterated that a MoU is not needed, and this has been arbitrated before, as mutuals follow the contract. The local explained they would just like to see a procedure implemented so the system doesn’t get abused. The union has continually mentioned that employees may be inversed to work doubles, and volunteer to work doubles if overtime is needed, but why not allow mutual agreements to doubles. Management agreed to bring it to MMB again, as the hang up is the 30 minutes overlapping to each shift.

2. Bidding to Days Off Scott Grefe read a part of the grid on page 271 of the Forensic Supplemental for full time employees: Five (5) consecutive work days with two (2) consecutive days off. The days off must be fixed and bids will be awarded by seniority. Under the grid states: Departures from the above listed scheduling pattern/practices shall be implemented pursuant to Master Language. The local’s stance is that management is not following the contract with current 5/2 rotation job postings. Historically 5/2’s days off were awarded by seniority, and current postings are indicating fixed days off. Management is stating when the January 4th reorganization took place we departed from the previous scheduling patterns by implementing 6/2 and 4/10 rotations, therefore can post 5/2 vacancies with fixed days off.

3. Short Notice Vacation HR posted a new announcement on the MSOP SharePoint site yesterday to provide more clarification to Security Counselors and Security Counselor Leads on the new SNV procedure.


1. Reintegration Policy/Procedures Changes – Imprest Funds and Outings Liz spoke about the revisions to the policy. Previous policy had limitations on meal reimbursements within travel status. Employees will now be allotted up to $10 for meals and activities. If it is determined the $10 will not be enough for the scheduled activity, the review team will determine the appropriate amount. The revised policy will be posted on the MSOP Share Point to review, and if anyone has questions feel free to contact Liz Barbo.


Add-on Item – Permanent Reassignment Construction Coverage Recently a Permanent Reassignment Construction Coverage was posted. It indicates only current 2nd watch staff may be reassigned. The union wanted to make sure this was open to not just 6-2:30 shifts, but all shifts that are considered 2nd watch contractually. Management stated this coverage will be needed approximately 18 months, but could be longer. The local asked why this couldn’t be posted as a temporary reassignment so all watches could be considered. Management wants this to be a permanent reassignment, so no extensions need to be required in 5 months, which is under temporary reassignment conditions.

1. Vacation Slots Inside 28 Days It was previously mentioned that management would allow employees to request vacation up to 24 hours before scheduled shift. The union is asking that this information be announced to employees. Management will look into it. Action Item.

2. Roll Call Announcement Regarding Location of Posting of 40 Hour Block of Vacation Rescinds. Rescinded vacations are currently being posted on a bulletin board in the Pexton Locker Room. The union would like to see an electronic posting somewhere. With everything else going electronic it only makes sense to have this electronic as well. Management will follow up as this is an action item.

3. Roll Call Announcement Regarding Tardiness Policy Changes The union stated that members have had very positive feedback to this policy change. The union asks that an announcement be made at roll call, simply reminding employees to read the policy change and effective date. Management is happy to hear feedback has been positive on this, and feels this policy is more considerate of real life situations that may affect tardiness.

4. Third Vacation Slot on First Watch – Follow Up Bonnie stated that Management is not going to grant a 3rd vacation slot for 1st Watch. The union brought up the fact that Moose Lake allows for a 3rd slot, and runs with similar staffing numbers on 1st Watch. Bonnie said Moose Lake has the ability to lock down some areas of their campus to allow for more vacation slots.

5. Intermittent LPN – Follow Up Management indicated the 2/10 LPN is in process to follow the contract.

6. Notification of Random Number Generator Results The local asked if it would be possible for OD’s to notify employees what number they are on the SNV list after the results have been generated. It would be nice for employees to have somewhat of an idea if SNV is going to be granted. Management stated that the random number generator is only run when it is determined SNV may be granted. Each time it is determined there is SNV available the generator is ran again. If all numbers were generated right away, SC’s and SCL’s working 7-3:30 and 8-4:30 would not be included. This procedure allows employees to add their name at any time during their shift.

7. Parking Committee Jeremy mentioned some issues with parking lately with limited parking spaces close to the front of Pexton. He mentioned that some staff has been told of the possibility of discipline for not parking in the designated areas. Due to the ongoing problems with parking, he questioned whether there should be a committee formed to discuss parking issues. Management indicted they have received phone calls quite often from Old Center staff upset about MSOP staff parking in their parking stalls to the south of Old Center. As always staff is required to park in designated parking stalls. This is a safety issue with winter around the corner and the need for plows and emergency vehicles to move around campus safely.

8. Member Rights Regarding Contacting Union Representative When Contractual Rights May Have Been Violated The local wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page when it comes to an employee who needs union representation. Supervisors may not determine if an employee may contact a union representative. Management agreed they are on the same page.

9. Time at Roll Call to Speak to Members About Union Issues The local asked if it would be possible to use the roll call meeting to make announcements after the OD has finished. These would be very brief announcements to the members, so it wouldn’t affect staff getting to assigned work areas. The Management team would like to discuss this further before anything is agreed upon. Action Item.

10. Electronic Overtime Sign-Up Issues The union asked if an alert can be set up on the sign-up, so if an employee fails to fill out all the appropriate information it will require the employee to fill out the required fields. Management will follow up with IT on this. This is an action item.