10/13/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Connie Anderson, Chuck Carlson, John Collins, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Nancy Draves, Melissa Gresczyk, David Proffitt, Colleen Ryan, Tom Christensen, Michelle Chalin

Old Business:

1. Safety • Current injury numbers-11 total injuries; 4 with no lost time- 1st report of injury only • Current Security Counselors LOA or IOD status numbers • Military Leave- 5 • Medical Leave (non-work related)- 3 • Education Leave- 1 • Parental Leave-1 SC that went from .5 to Intermittent • Extended IOD Leave-2 • Light duty- 3

2. SOFS Budget / plans /OT tracking • Vacancies – 5 known true vacancies that are posted on MMB • Vacancies in bidding process-4 FT and 1-.8 positions • Vacancies not yet posted-2 FT and 1-.5 positions yet to be posted from recent movement • Sept OT Hours-2001.25 • Sept IOD Hours-464 (these #’s have not yet been run thru work comp) • Sept INV Hours-140 • Sept Sick Hours-3361.5 • Nursing OT #’s- LPN=433, RN=518 • CRP OT#’s- LPN=75, RN=25, HST=200 *Action Item:David asked that these numbers be reported as a percentage in the future. He also is open to suggestions from staff on how to reduce OT.

3. Space utilization issues • Decision on BH unit minimums - Temporary still? • B1S- 4 earlies, 1 mid, and 4 lates M-F and 4 earlies and 4 lates on Sat. and Sun • B2S- 4 earlies, 1 mid, and 3 lates M-F and 3 earlies and 3 lates on Sat. and Sun. • B2N- 6 earlies, 1 mid, and 4 lates M-F and 4 earlies and 4 lates on Sat. and Sun. *TC stated that there have been no changes to these minimums. • Lower Campus tunnel use- This remains a work in progress. Colleen and TC are working on staffing info and time studies. TC will also be checking in with the Fire Marshall and Safety Officer. Advantages to using the tunnels include the ability to move more clients at a time, having more controlled movement, and movement during inclement weather. • North move to 100, South move to 300, and S1W- MSH leadership is working on these moves in order for the admissions unit to open up. The S1W patients will not all be moving to the FNH and management is now working on where these patients should go. We are in a tight fit with patients and are in need of discharges and decreased lengths of stay. Our current average length of stay is around 8 years. Adult foster care and community based discharge are options being discussed.

4. Re Assignment Planning and date? • South Unit (14.6 FTE’s) awaiting initiation of reassignment process. On Hold • TTS Hiring’s/Movement- these positions will be announced via email Action Item:David will work with HR on these announcements.

5. New hires/Intermittents- no numbers given. • Page 31 of the contract discusses the “Multi-Source Recruitment and Selection System”. Applicants must meet minimum qualifications; it is the applicant’s responsibility to have their resume accurate and updated. John K. and Melissa will meet to discuss specific issues.

6. CRP Job Audit • In September – “This report was completed before the shutdown but is now being re-looked at. Management felt that the report was incomplete because it was not compared to anywhere outside of the facility. Dave asked Nancy to set up a meeting with whoever does this audit to explain the results.” Has there been any progress? • Nancy spoke with Central Office about this and they stated that the Anoka comparison has not yet been completed. Action Item: Melissa will follow up on this. Scott also asked that she include the rationale on why this job audit is being re-done.

7. Follow-up on follow-up of NASMHPD visit • The last visit showed 3 things that should be happening: 1. Weekly meeting- TC stated that this meeting will not be open for all to attend because it is a MSH coordination/supervisor meeting where sensitive items that all staff are not privy to are discussed. Scott asked that this item be tabled for internal discussion and re-visited. 2. Leadership on Units- has been happening after critical incidents. 3. HIMS Records- Colleen stated that this is very much in the works.

8. Action Item follow up a) Exit interview survey data- Nancy handed out copies that included data from the last 2 years. Management also talked to supervisors about the importance of handing out these surveys. b) Information relating to performanceappraisals and supervisor discussions regarding career development and advancement. *Melissa is committed to looking at these forms and how current they are.

New Business:

1. NOCS/Dayshift OT- We have already established that an employee can work an overtime shift and have a shift of vacation within the same 24 hour period. Has this information been passed to the NOCs supervisors? • There was a one-time specific issue with this that TC said was cleared up. The issue as a whole will need to be looked into and cleared up as there are discrepancies between nursing and security counselors.

2. Vacation Availability U200 has 21 vacations days available each pay period, U600 has 17 vacation days available each pay period. U700 has 24 vacations days available each pay period. U800 has 30 plus vacation days available each pay period U900 has 16 vacation days available each pay period. South Unit has 22 vacations days available each pay period North Unit has 21 vacation days available each pay period. 1 West Unit (admissions) has 14 vacation days available each pay period. BH 1 So Unit has 24 vacation days available each pay period. BH 2 So Unit has 30 plus vacation days available each pay period. BH 2 No Unit has 30 plus vacation days available each pay period. To put this data into context; What is the budgeted staffing level for each unit? And please translate the budgeted level to number of SCs. Action Item: TC will send out a memo including budgeted staff per unit. Unit vacation formulation should be unit minimum X 1.7 + .8. Unit utilization and availability of PT Security Counselors will affect vacation availability.

3. Bartlett hall NOCs minimums:Thereis a total of 5 Security Counselors to cover the 90 patients in Bartlett Hall on the night shift. As it stands, anytime between 12am and 6am that BH1S calls an ICS A-team response, the help that will arrive in any timely manner will consist of one person. • TC stated that the supervisors for these work areas were talked to regarding the ICS system and its allowance for staff support/resources. B1S (formerly Unit 300) had 0 assaults the overnight shift in the recent past. Drills and incident debriefing have shown adequate response as well. An additional RN and LPN have been added to this work area for the NOCs shift. Action Item: TC will examine the response #’s for this work area and across the entire campus.

4. Trauma Informed Care Collaborative – This will continue guided by Adam Anderson. A memo will be sent out including future meeting dates and information.

5. Security Counselor Lead – Chuck will contact Melissa to schedule a separate meeting regarding the scoring and application process.

6. IOD Packet – Inclusion of Union contacts and HR/MMB policies on IOD • Chuck will get the union information to Melissa and add this information as well as HR policies to these packets.

7. Metal Arch Supports and Steel Toe Shoes for Patients- • This policy is currently not being enforced and AFSCME feels that this is a liability issue and in need of clarification. Management will take a look at this policy.

Management Items

1. Clinical Alert Email- The following email was sent out regarding the new clinical hotline:

“Discussions with staff have revealed that there are times when they have concerns about patient care that have not been addressed through established channels of treatment consultations, discussions, and referrals. Staff have expressed their wish for an additional option to express their concerns, and in an effort to be responsive to clinical concerns, an email hotline has been established. You may email your clinical concerns regarding patient care to: [email protected] . You can expect a response within 1 business day. The clinical hotline is not a replacement for active treatment team discussion, or discussion with your supervisor, nor is it a forum for complaints. In addition, the hotline does not replace expectations for documenting observations, concerns, or any significant events in the medical record. Please respect that this is a forum for clinical concerns. Thank you.” 2. Use of Restraints/Reducing Distress and Violence David spoke about the use of restraints and the procedures that need to be used when limiting a patient’s movement. When using cuffs or otherwise limiting a patient’s movement the RN should be notified (even if it is after the fact) so that the proper chain of events is triggered i.e. the doctor will need to be contacted. Keeping staff and patients out of danger is priority as well as reducing distress and violence.

3. Bonding Bill Forensics is working on a bonding bill which would as for $55 million this next year and $35 million over the next 2 years. This money would be used to construct private rooms, single level buildings, new transition and rehab buildings, and new admissions unit allowing for a new hospital level of care.

Meeting adjourned at 2:27pm

Third Step Grievances: 3-Third Step Grievances presented