St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

July 14, 2022

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Date:                                         07/14/2022

Minutes prepared by:         Jessica Engle

Location:                                  Microsoft Teams


  • Nick Weerts, Erin Wiederich, Steaed Doehring
  • Karen Holicky, Michelle Breamer, Christopher Hagen, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Nicole Boder, Troy Sherwood, Heather Staff, Jessica Engle, Elizabeth Trandem, Paul Rodriguez



  1. Inverse Numbers – Operations & Health Services
  • Operations – For June:
    • 1st Watch: 33 inverses
    • 2nd Watch: 17 inverses
    • 3rd Watch: 23 inverses
    • Health services – For June:
      • CPS 0 inverses
      • SP 0 inverses


  1. OT Numbers – Operations & Health Services
  • Operations – For June:
    • 1st Watch: 76 hours OT
    • 2nd : 56 hours OT
    • 3rd : 91 hours OT
    • Total 3,013.75 hours OT
    • Health services – For June:
      • CPS: 16 hours OT
      • SP: 76 hours OT


  1. Vacancy Rates – St Peter overall, AFSCME only, & SCs only
  • HR - Vacancy Rates: MSOP SP: 20.4%; CPS: 27.3%; SC (for both): 18.4%; SCL (for both): 12.8% data doesn’t allow for AFSCME only but can provide for other AFSCME job classes in the future if requested.


  1. Time Book Training – NEO Class
  • HR - Advised that NEO classes are DCT wide and this would be more appropriate for DCT labor management meeting as the decision makers regarding this topic would be at that meeting.
  • Union – Nick said he will have Eric bring up at DCT labor management meeting.


  1. Local Hospital Coverage
  • Management: Advised that they are working with IT support to get laptops to each site – MNIT is working with ML and SP.
    • Testing right now at ML, not sure if testing at SP yet


  1. Vacation Allotments (Tim Lokensgard already discussed this with the union)
  • Union - Nick confirmed that he already talked to Tim but just wanted to bring it here to get it on the minutes. Nick understands and looks forward to learning more about rolling it out to others as the program evaluate numbers.
  • Management – advised they will increase vacation allotments by 1 for 2nd watch only; decision is based on 2nd Watch having the most staff and the most senior staff, and most accruals to earn. The program will continue to evaluate numbers as we move forward and are working with scheduling on implementation date


  1. Lack of Classroom Trainers
  • Union – was not able to come up with many other ideas; difficult to come up with incentives that are not monetary. Suggested maybe offering trainers to have dibs on not being part of the random draw.
  • Management – Bonnie advised putting a work group together to include Bonnie, Tim and Nick so they can collaborate and discuss ideas.
    • Union - Nick thinks work group is a good idea.


  • Concerns About Opening Bartlett
    • Union –  when will unit will be open, how is it going to be staffed, and plan to limit OT
    • Management
      • Hoping to have unit open on Wednesday, 7/20/22. Unit will have 20 clients, pending receipt of licensure; program is confident they have all that is need to receive licensing.
      • The unit will be opening in waves; first wave will be 10 clients from wait list, 2nd wave of 10 clients will be tentatively Aug 1st but may change.
      • Additional waves of will depend on how things play out with staffing and assessment on how things are going.
      • Utility Pool will cover staffing shortages and will reduce the amount of programming that can be offered to clients to mitigate OT
      • Initially trays will be premade – not ideal for kitchen staff but Michelle is working on budget and hoping that they can deliver trays centrally in the future like they currently do for Green Acres
  1. Student Loan Forgiveness Program from MoU
  • HR last meeting and again this meeting that this topic would be more appropriate for the Union to bring to Executive Leadership meeting.
    • Appears meeting minutes that were submitted for last meeting aren’t accurate – HR will update June meeting minute notes and sent back.



  • Add-on: Paul to give a brief update on Bartlett Unit opening (see above)
  • Add-on: Bonnie to clarify confusion regarding unfilled shift bonus and how many staff get to receive unfilled shift bonus
    • Only for the staff that got inversed and the staff the inversed staff finds to cover their inverse will receive the unfilled shift bonus, if the staff found to cover inverse calls someone else to cover some/all of the inverse they agreed to cover that staff only gets OT
  • Union – sought clarification that $50 weekend shift bonus applies only to voluntary OT, not an inverse
  • HR clarified differences between bonuses
    • Unfilled shift where staff is mandated to OT, use payroll code WKJ
    • Voluntary/weekend shift bonus is where staff work with their supervisor to pick up a shift, use payroll code WKE 
    • Liz to create home page reminder about bonuses



  1. Supervisor Overtime Assignments
  • Union – For Non AFSCME folks what is the process for how they are assigned the reason for inquiring is because there have been complaints/concerns that some bid staff have been bumped out or moved around to accommodate OT. Just want make sure there is not an appearance of preferential treatment of anyone and make sure process is fair and equitable.
    • Inversed staff should be let go first
    • Management will look into this and get back to Union
  1. CPS - Staff Assignment Boards
  • Management - Each CPS unit has a white board that identifies each unit and the staff assigned to the unit and various posts.
    •  Movement Coordinator’s office move is complete
      • Beginning each shift the Movement Coordinator and the OD will work together to complete the board, board will list who is working the unit and various posts.
      • This will help streamline things and eliminate on unit thinking other unit is covering cafeteria, people getting left at post and not knowing who to call to relieve them, help with staff safety as not everyone is carrying keys at all time so this is a way to account for staff
      • Purpose is to know who is on the unit and who is covering posts – only unit and staff names will be listed on the board, similar to what you seen in a hospital when you see the board to know who nurse is.


  • Union – express concern the some people may be seeking out staff; that this will advertising that staff is working alone and if they wanted to do something they would know that they are alone.
  • Management – advised that clients already know which areas are only staffed with one person. Will remind staff to have radio on them at all times. Management doesn’t think it advertises anything client don’t already know as clients already know where we have single staff and hear the unions concern and that if it’s big concern they are willing to revisit the discussion but they really don’t think clients are getting any information that they don’t already know.

Date:  Thursday, August 11, 2022

Time:  12:00 p.m.

Location: HR Conference Room in the Pedersen Building and Microsoft Teams

Agenda items: Submit proposed agenda items to the local Human Resources representative ([email protected]) no later than 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, August 9, 2022.